2009 Badminton Horse Trials

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2009 Badminton Horse TrialsBadminton Horse Trials

A tough and exciting 3-day equestrian event requiring both animals and riders to show their stuff in three very different areas, cross country, dressage and show jumping.

Before the competition each horse is inspected by vets and a ground jury prior to each day of competition to ensure the animals is physically sound to continue the competition.

International horse trials are graded with stars according to their level of difficulty. Badminton Horse Trials is a four star which is the highest in terms of difficulty and it is the oldest of the 6 such events in the world.

Badminton is generally accepted as the most prestigious of the 6 and requires a vigorous qualification process that can take years to accomplish.


  • Phase One: Dressage (Thursday & Friday)
  • Phase Two: Cross Country Test (Saturday)
  • Phase Three: Jumping Test (Sunday)


May 7 – 10


Badminton House & Estate – Badminton, United Kingdom

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