Abtenauer – Horse Breed of The Week

Abtenauer Horse

Image from: Equine Board

Another very rare member of the equine family is the Abtenauer, the smallest variation of the Noriker horse. Mountain horses through and through, this breed is a beautifully built light draft known for their easy flowing trot.

Abtenauer Horse

Image from lammertal

A Lovely Light Draft

Perfectly suited to their mountain habitat, the Abtenauer possesses short strong legs and a low center of gravity which give them an amazing sense of balance.

Isolated Herds

Their bloodlines are relatively pure because they are bred in the isolated valley of Abtenau.

Mares and their foals spend their summers roaming Alpine meadows, fed salt once a week to keep them from becoming too wild.

Find Out More

There isn’t much out there about this breed in English. If anyone has any info they’d like to share or know of websites with more information please leave a comment below or send me a note.

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  1. harlie schultz

    Hi I am a big fan of horses and i was just wondering,can youput in a picture of this horse above without peapl?If you cant i will totally under stand.

    your friend harlie


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