American Walking Pony – Breed of the Week

Welsh Pony & Tennessee Walking Horse

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The American Walking Pony was the result of an experimental breeding program with the intention of creating a bright & refined pony with smooth saddle gaits for showing.

The foundation of the breed comes from crossing the smooth gaited Tennessee Walking Horse with the refined physique of the Welsh Pony.

The result is a handsome animal that looks great in the show ring that can compete with seven different gaits (including the merry walk which just sounds cute).

Asking For Help

Finding pictures for this breed has proven difficult. If you have pictures of an American Walking Pony that you’d be willing to share, I’d be glad to provide you credit & a link for use of the photo.

More Information

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4 Comments on “American Walking Pony – Breed of the Week

  1. corren tyler

    we are proud owners of a beautiful mare with lots of pictures and vedio please contact us for more info

      1. Corren Tyler


        I don’t personally have one for sale, but I do know of someone who might have one for sale. I can be contacted through the myspace, or my email which I put in the box. Or if you search the facebook site for my name, I’m SunrisePony on there. :)

        I’m the West Coast/Region Rep for the Breed Association.

  2. Joan Hudson Brown

    To Corren Tyler: I have been unable to contact you, Corren,
    to get pictures of your American Walking Pony mare for the
    articles in the Walking Horse Magazine and a book by Storey
    Publishing. I want a picture of our pony and your story of
    your experience with an American Walking Pony.
    Joan Hudson Brown, American Walking Pony Registry.
    P. O. Box 5282, Macon, Ga. 31208

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