Animals That Look Like Horses – Nilgai


Image from ~Shanth

The Nilgai or Boselaphus tragocamelus looks kind of like a horse, but isn’t one.

What Are They?

They are antelopes most commonly found in northern India and eastern Pakistan.

Brought to Texas as zoo animals, there now exists wild herds in Alabama and Texas.

Physical Characteristics

The nilgai stand around 4-5 feet tall, about 6-7 feet long and weigh around 120-240 kg.
Long narrow head, thin legs and robust body.


These animals live in grass and woodlands and prefer to live in short brush and avoid denser forests. They eat grass, leaves, buds and fruits.


Image from Paul and Jill


Image from grande illusion

Interesting Facts

  • Can have life span of 21 years
  • Protected against hunting in India because they are believed to be of bovine origin
  • Main predators are tigers and lions
  • Can survive days without water

Not So Equine?

Ok, so maybe these animals don’t look quite like horses, they are among the more similar-looking hoofed mammals.

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