Blue Eyed Horses

Horse with blue eyes

Image from tanjaiuvhorses

There is something almost unnerving about being peered at through a blue horse eye. Strangely human, there seems to be a wisdom behind that blue gaze that can’t quite be grasped.

Although I’ll always love the soft brown eyes more commonly found in the equine species, there is just something about electric blue. Here are some lively shots of blue eyed horses (and I’ll spare everyone the ‘Ole blue eyes’ reference). πŸ˜‰

Light colored eyes tend to come from a dilution gene or a white pattern and can be found in many different breeds & colors.

Horse with blue eyes

Image from Eduardo Amorim

Horse with blue eyes

Image from jesman

Horse with blue eyes

Image from andyburnfield

Horse with blue eyes

Image from a.pitch

Horse with blue eyes

Image from Kjunstorm

Horse with blue eyes

Image from House Of Sims

Lovin’ The Blue?

There is more in store & I have a part 2 on the way. If you have any shots of horses with blue eyes leave a comment for me, I’d love to see them.

24 Comments on “Blue Eyed Horses

  1. Vanessa Green

    I would love for you to see a few pictures of my blue eyed bay paint yearling . Stunning!! Let me know and I will send you a few pictures of him. Vanessa

  2. Lucky Girl

    It was unnerving at first. I never realized we were being watched so closely by our equine friends until Jingle came into my life. She has her eye on me the entire time I am in her vicinity, as do most likely all her brown-eyed friends. Who knew?

  3. Pamela Sattler

    I had an amazing horse (he just recently died of cancer)….one big soft brown eye and one beautiful blue one. Sometime he would use that blue one to give me that “you don’t know what I am thinking but I know all about you” look.

    1. Paige

      Sorry to hear about your loss Pamela, but I’m sure that blue eye is still watching you from horsie heaven. :)

  4. Carolyn

    Mitzi is our blue-eyed paint (white & black). She is mystical, wise, shy and lovable. She worked many miles on a Colorado ranch before my granddaughter and I found her on Craigslist. We are so lucky to have her in oour lives.

  5. Bina

    Love the blue eyed horses. At first they spooked me a bit but now I’m used to them. One of my mare (dark buckskin) foaled two cremello foals with ice blue eyes. You can always tell when they are watching you. It’s just tough for them in bright day-light.

  6. Bina

    Love the blue eyed horses. At first they spooked me a bit but now I’m used to them. One of my mare (dark buckskin) foaled two cremello foals with ice blue eyes. You can always tell when they are watching you. It’s just tough for them in bright day-light. I have pictures of my newest double-diluted foal (Morning Lace or Lacy) an Akhal Teke-QH cross on (just search for Pascha Burton).

  7. Brooklyn Byers

    I have the most adorable paint with intense, holding, soft, ice blue eyes with black and white mane and, well he’s a medicine cap horse, he’s 11,but very smart. if you want to see a picture of him just tell.

  8. Robyn

    I have a new tobero gelding with 2 blue eyes. I have been told the more white a horse has the more it utilizes the sun somehow and it can effect it’s temperament. My horse is good under saddle and somewhat aggressive on the ground. While I know some of this is human handling I wonder if anyone out there knows something about this syndrome and if anything can be done to help me settle him during ground work. Thanks Robyn (in Australia)

  9. susan schaeffer


  10. Tab Kelly

    We have a beautiful black and white paint mare with a blue eye and a partial blue eye…it looks like a crescent moon in her eye. She is a medicine cap as well….I love the stories of the medicine cap horses. I can just imagine what the Indians would have thought of her! All her emotions are right in that blue eye. I can tell if she is grumpy or happy. She is the sweetest thing and smart! We have to put a dark fly mask on her in the summer so she will not go blind. She has white skin as well as the blue eyes and the vet said she can go blind easily so we like to protect our girl! If you want pictures of her we have some beauts!!

  11. Tami Beus

    I have a blued paint with 2 blue eyes and no black around them at all , he is bl/wh , he needs to be tattooed cause the sun burns his eyes, and they can get cancer I need to find someone that can help me with that, he has all ready got signs of cancer on one of his eyes, he is not very old and do not think the people that had him before me put sun screen on him or a mask, so now I am afraid he is going to get eye cancer. the tattooing is very spendy, I have very little money and really hate to see him get cancer I know that eye tattooing helps a lot .is there anyone out there that can help me come up with any ideas for getting the money to get it done?

  12. michele

    what is the breed called that originated with the blue eyes i think they are so beautiful and they seem to have more of a comical are playful personality than most other horses i have seem. a freind has one she calls misfit becouse he like to follow everywhere like a lost puppy likes to pick her pockets and then run with whatever it took kinda like its saying haha now come catch me if you can

  13. Natalie Riggins

    I have a 16 month old cremello filly with sky blue eyes. She always causes a sensation when people see her. Her sire was a palomino and her dam is palomino paint. I own the dam and the sire was my friends. She is gorgeous and the most loving babies I have ever seen. I would love to share her picture with you.

  14. Crystal

    Went to the fair in town where I live and seen a gorgeous horse with blue eyes such a sweetie also loved that horse!!!

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