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A brand new Selle Français event took place from 13th to 15th August 2011. It consisted in two days of competition dedicated to the young Selle Français female genetics. The prize-giving ceremony was full of symbols.

A new fillies competition to consolidate the SF genetical heritage
The SF fillies competition is the most recent event created to promote the Selle Français breeding. Its major objective is to promote the Selle Français female genetics. Indeed, the maternal lineages of the Selle Français breed represent one of its major assets. The male track is now well established thanks to the Journées Selle Français, which will be taking place this year from 5th to 9th October 2011, whilst the female track is currently in a transition phase. The SF fillies competition aims to support and promote the Selle Français breed through its invaluable female genetics. The primary objective is indeed to promote mares and to shorten the interval between generations. This will enable genetical progress, i.e. the best Selle Français females will start breeding at a younger age, ultimately leading to strong maternal lineages. The former female competitions that used to take place some 50 years ago are therefore being reintroduced, with the clear intention to encourage only the best fillies to breed. The purpose of this is to ensure that no good Selle Français mare should start breeding when she could already be a “granny”!

Launching this fillies competition precisely in 2011 was highly significant, as it allowed to lay the foundations for it to expand further until the much-awaited 2014 World Equestrian Games which will be taking place in Normandy, at the very heart of the Selle Français breeding. Hosting the Selle Français fillies competition during the 2014 WEG will be a unique opportunity to present the elite of the Selle Français genetics to the rest of the world.

A new Breeding competition at the heart of a sports event:
The premises in Saint-Lô, Normandy, had been specifically rearranged so as to host this new event at the very heart of the Normandy Horse Show. The former presentation arena was revamped for this occasion. Everyone in Normandy remembered this arena, as some of the most famous Selle Français great sires were presented here: Ibrahim, Nankin, Uriel, Quidam de Revel, Dollar du Mûrier, Jarnac…
The conformation test was held on the lovely alleys covered in grass. As for the locomotion and free-jumping tests, a specific presentation arena had been set up among the various exhibit stands, with a large gallery for spectators. The coming and going of the participating fillies had been organised in an optimal way, so as to ensure that riders, breeders, and owners could mix. Breeding was genuinely at the heart of the Normandy Horse Show, wearing a Selle Français attire!
The Selle Français fillies competition was made of 3 specific sections. One section gathered 3 year-old covered fillies – the keystones of this competition; another section was dedicated to 2 year-old fillies; finally, a section gathered 3 year-old fillies. Many fillies presented at this competition had been bred in Normandy, yet a lot of other French regions were represented, such as Vendée, Pays de Loire, Centre, Ile de France and Aquitaine. Some breeders had signed up quite a large number of their fillies in this competition, namely Dr Denis Hubert (“Manciais” stud-farm), Mr Stéphane Vella (“des Prés” stud-farm) who came from Vendée with the 2008 champion, and Richard Levallois (“Semilly” stud-farm). A total of 72 Selle Français fillies took part to this new competition.

Day 1: Walk, trot and canter, at the right tempo!
The conformation and locomotion tests were both taking place on Saturday 13th August, under an unpredictable weather. The objective of this first day was to present and observe the fillies in optimal conditions, and take enough time to present, assess them, and allow them to discover this new site in a climate of trust and full serenity.
To close this day, an aperitif was offered by ANSF and Cheval Normandie and proved once more that the general atmosphere was very friendly – a lot more than the wet Norman weather! Breeders, judges, riders, participating owners… all were invited to share this aperitif.

Day 2: Jumping ability, back movement, withers movement…
Thankfully the sun came back on the Sunday and with it a large number of spectators who came to see the highlight of this competition, namely the free-jumping test. The latter took place on an excellent soil and in excellent conditions, as the fillies had been very well groomed and trained by their owners, and proved very serene.
The prize-giving ceremony took place under bright sunshine, right before the afternoon’s Grand Prix. 25 fillies (the 10 best 2 year-olds, the 10 best 3 year-olds, and the 5 best covered fillies) stood in the middle of the arena, in front of the very large audience, thus creating a strong symbolic moment.

Competition Results:
In the 2 year-old category, Vanille de Brion comes 3rd. This good-looking and chic filly by Opium de Talma and Rosée de Brion by Orlando has shown good potential at the free-jumping test and a good conformation. Her dam belongs to the dam line of Etoile de Mars, who produced the dam of Atout d’Isigny (ISO 188), team silver medal at the 1998 WEG. She belongs to the EARL du Brion.
At the second place comes a filly by Luccianno and Lady de la Vallée by Si Tu Viens, named Voltige du Bisson. Her dam of dam, Clio de la Vallée (Muguet du Manoir), produced Idéal de La Vallée (ISO 145). This filly showed a beautiful trot and achieved a nice performance at free-jumping, with a very good back movement. She is owned by Mr Marc Bidet.
Finally, the 2 year-old champion is Venise du Salbey. Venise is by famous Selle Français stallion Quick Star, and Bohème de Semilly by Double Espoir. Her 2nd dam Géole (Nankin) produced famous stallion Le Plantero. Through her maternal lineage, Venise is also a cousin of Quick Study, currently competing at CSI level with American rider Lauren Hough. Venise showed excellent abilities at free-jumping and proved very diligent. She has a nice locomotion with a beautiful canter. Her current owner is the Haras du Grand Caugy.
The best grade in the free-jumping test went to Vodka de l’Esques (Nabab de Rêve × Karoleva by Apache d’Adriers), bred by Mr Laurent Jamault.
French and foreign buyers didn’t fail to notice these fillies’ qualities…

In the three year-old section, Utopia de Troteval finishes 3rd. She is by Zandor Z and Etoile de Bellevue III (ISO 121) by Muguet du Manoir. Utopia proved regular in all workshops, and has 3 beautiful gaits. She was beautifully presented by her owner Mr Julien Aubrée.
Une Lubie des Till is ranked 2nd. This filly belongs to Mrs Riembaut and achieved one of the most beautiful demonstrations of the competition in the free-jumping test, as she jumped with a lot of ease and a great mind. She is by Quite Easy and Lubie de Forcille by Arpège Pierreville.
The 3 year-old champion is Uppye de Rance, thereby proving the reliability and credibility of the selection process which was set up to promote the young Selle Français genetics. Indeed, Uppye de Rance was the 2010 National Champion at 2 years old! Her sire is Huppydam des Horts and her mare is Vesta (ISO 139) by Darco. This all-rounded filly is owned by Rolland le Fustec, and impressed with her 3 beautiful gaits, her modern conformation and her jumping ability. She was presented by the Ecuries d’Outremer.
It is worth mentioning that among the fillies ranked among the 5 first ranks in this competition, 4 had finished among the 10 best 2 year-old fillies at the 2010 Journées Selle Français, namely Uppye de Rance, Utopia de Troteval, Une Lubie des Till and Unique des Prés. As for the 2010 vice-champion Uzéa de l’Être, she sets the example and competes in the covered fillies section.

The Selle Français fillies competition also included a section for covered 3 year-old fillies. In this category, Uurga Margeotière (Oncle Pol x Jaeke Margeotière by Laeken) comes 3rd. She shows a good conformation and was covered this year by well-performing stallion Niagara d’Elle (Quick Star), bred by the Pignolet family and owned by Richard d’Ick. In her dam line, her dam of dam is Obade de l’Augeron (ISO 132), on a Trotteur Français lineage. Uurga Margeotière belongs to Mrs Chantal Raux.

Uzéa de l’Être is ranked second of this section. She is by Quool du Bois Margot (one of the 28 young SF stallions identified as “Very Promising” young stallion by the Selle Français stud-book) and Promise du Reverdy by Robin II. Her dam of dam produced a number of good offspring such as Promise du Reverdy (ISO 146). Uzéa’s assets are a good conformation and a beautiful locomotion. She is from a confirmed dam line and the first descendant of her dam. She also perfectly illustrates the Selle Français selection process, as she was the 2010 vice-champion at two years old, and starts breeding at 3 years old. She was covered this year by Sandro Boy and also did a transfer with Ensor VDH Pléville, another of the 28 “Very promising” young stallions recommended by ANSF. Her owner is the Haras de Pléville (Manche), and she was bred by Alain Thébault who will be taking Uzéa’s uterine brother to the Selle Français stallion finals this year at the Journées Selle Français, from 5th to 9th October 2011.
The champion of the 3 year-old covered fillies is Unanime Delque. She is by Quick Star and Lady Delque by Verdi. Lady Delque produced Passion Delque (ISO 120). Unanime’s dam line displays good performances in Eventing. Unanime’s assets are her nice conformation and exquisite locomotion. She belongs to Mr Renaud Delaroque.
Judges unanimously declared that the quality of fillies presented was excellent.
Selle Français sires Papillon Rouge, Double Espoir and Si Tu Viens really stood out as dam sires during this event, as each of them had two great-daughters among the 10 best fillies in the various sections. As for Quick star (Galoubet A and Stella by Nithard), he turned out to be « the » sire of this event, with two of his daughters winning their respective sections, namely Venise du Salbey et Unanime Delque. Quick Star used to be a great competitor under the saddle of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, and is a real emblem of the Selle Français horse: he is strong, intelligent and talented, and sired – amongst others – champions such as Quick Study (ex Lutin de Semilly, ISO 179), Orient Express (ISO 162), or even the missed Love Affair (ISO 163).
Our sponsors for these 3 championship sections were Semilly, Amelis Equitechnique and Happy Foaling.

Each filly was congratulated not only by the ANSF jury, but also by Mr Yves Chauvin (President of the Selle Français stud-book), Jean-Claude Heurtaux (President of Normandie Horse Show), Jean-Louis Lenoury (President of the Selle Français judges), Jean-Baptiste Thiébot (President of Cheval Normandie), Richard Levallois (representing Semilly), Yvon Chaume (representing Happy Foaling) and Michel Mesnil (representing Amelis Equitechnic).

Gifts given by the competition’s sponsors included a certificate to obtain a covering among the Haras de Semilly young stallions; the coverage, by Amelis Equi Technique, of the technical costs for a transfer on 1 mare; and finally, a Happy Foaling surveillance camera.

The event ended just before the start of the Saint-Lô CSI** Grand Prix, with a parade of the 2 best fillies of each section, along with the best foals of the Normandy regional championship. Indeed, on Friday 12th August, Cheval Normandie had selected the best Selle Français foals of Normandy. This regional foal championship was coordinated by Gilbert Leservoisier and gathered no less than 125 foals. In the male section, the Supreme champion is by Cacao Courcelle and Noblesse Godinière by Calypso d’Herbiers, bred by Daniel Degrenne. He is followed by Bipbip de la Sée (Chef Rouge and Quinette de la Pesrele by Arpège Pierreville) bred by Loïc Poidvin, and Boycot dy Guvre (Quintus x Lullaby by Diamant de Semilly) bred by SCEA d’Outremer. A successful week-end for this young couple who work as breeders and trainers, who also presented the 3 year-old champion Uppye de Rance.
In the female section, Bamba du Jade (Kalaska de Semilly and Muguette du Pont by Flipper d’Elle) bred by Nelly Lair, wins this section. She is followed by Belle de la Fosse (Igor des Fontenis x Inès de la Fosse by Lama des Landes) bred by Marc Guillard.
Let’s mention the very good results of the offspring from Cacao Courcelle, Magic d’Elle and Nervoso, who each have several offspring ranked among the 10 best foals in the various categories. The offspring of Mylord Carthago and Lamm de Fétan also distinguished themselves.

This first edition of the Selle Français fillies competition therefore allowed not only to promote the young female genetics, but also to encourage breeders to use the young generations, and to honor the future dams of our Selle Français champions.

Our objective for 2012 is to repeat this event, whilst trying to attract even more breeders from across all regions of France. We will therefore strive to set up a regional selection process for 2 and 3 year-olds, so as to ensure a representation of as many French regions as possible.

All breeders, riders, fans of all ages, professionals and amateurs are invited to join us next year in order to develop this event dedicated to our future Selle Français dams!

Associtation Nationale du Selle Francais

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