CanAm Equine Emporium 2010

2010 CanAm Equine EmporiumThis show began as an “All Breeds Trade Event” which focused on the education and awareness of the Canadian Horse Industry, today is it simply called the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Emporium.

This event is the largest of its kind in Canada and a thrill for horse people of all levels and disciplines.

They are proud to feature over 60 different breeds, 300 trade show venders and more than 200 presenters and speakers from around the globe.



March 19 – 21

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Can-Am Equine
830 Parkinson Road, Unit 3
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 8L2
(519) 421-1189

Main Area | Auditorium | Room 1 | Room 2 | Windrider

Trade Show | Clinics | Entertainment | Windrider

Local Hotels | List of endors | Floorplan


Western Fairgrounds
Agriplex Building
865 Florence St
London, Ontario
N5W 1A1

Be sure to visit the 2010 Equestrian Events Calendar and check back for info about the 2011 CanAm Equine Emporium.

2 Comments on “CanAm Equine Emporium 2010

  1. Tammy Clayton

    Hi: My 2 daughters and I went to the Can-Am show on Friday at 10am. First of all I took the day off work to go to avoid the rush of the weekend. I was totally disappointed. We went and parked at the agri-plex, got to the old entry doors that now said exit only, and were told we had to go park across the road. Now tell me why wouldn’t you put a sign at the gateway directing people at that point before they got parked?? Not impressed to have to walk all the way back load everyone up and drive down the road further. I don’t know how you could tell who was suppose to be parked there and who wasn’t. I never saw nothing in the windows of the vehicles?? It cost me 34.50 to get in. When we got in we were totally disappointed. Your show has been getting worse every year. I even talked to a couple of exhibitors that I know, they don’t think they are going to come back next year. Your guest speakers are people that no one has even heard of. I wish I could have got my money back. It was a big waste of time and money. My 17 year old daughter even said “no need to go here next year”. I agree with her totally. I’ve talked to other horse people that went and they agreed with me too. I hope they email you as well.

  2. Alicia

    Can-Am Equine changed ownership as of December 2009. The new owners made many changes from the original 2010 planned format that is described above. Can-Am 2010 as it was seen by Ms. Clayton and her family is the result of the new owners’s improvements.

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