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The Frog

Today’s information is a guest post courtesy of Gary Minshall, long-time farrier and photographer extraordinaire. Be sure to check out part. 1 and you can find him & his work on facebook.

Anyone who has looked at my interview here at the Equinest knows that I was a horseshoer for alot of years. I was ask by Paige for my input about hoof care.

Meet The Frog

“The frog serves as the heart of the foot so-to-speak.”

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Solve The Saddle Mystery

Saddle Mystery
Recently I had a reader send me photos of a saddle that she wanted to learn more about. Unfortunately I couldn’t help her, but I offered to put it to my readers and see if there are any tack experts out there who can help.

So Here Goes

Here are the pics she sent over and I sadly this is all I have to offer. Here is hoping that an enthusiast sees this and has an answer. If you can solve the mystery, please leave leave it in the comments below. Thanks!
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First Impressions of Horse Riding

This fun post is curtesy of Louise Baker, a freelance writer who writes over at Zen College Life and wanted to share her first impressions of riding with us.
Picking Hooves

Image from wildeharen

Those First, Scary Impressions

My first impressions of horse riding will forever leave a lasting impact on my memory. Initially, upon seeing Zephyr (the horse I was going to ride), I was very intimidated. She was a beautiful and statuesque horse and I can still recall how warm she felt. However, facing such a large and impressive animal at the tender age of fifteen, I very much afraid of falling.

My instructor walked me through applying the saddle blanket, placing the saddle on the horse appropriately and how to adjust her girth and cinches. As I was doing this, I could not help thinking about what it would be like, high up on this magnificent animal – and that prospect was a bit frightening.
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