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Horse Pictures From Bolivia

Bolivia FlagAs with many South American countries, horses are still a strong part of Bolivian culture. They are used for everything form transportation to agriculture, and perhaps most often used within the tourist industry. Here are some pics of horse life in Bolivia.

Horse in Spanish is caballo
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Horse Pictures From The Czech Republic

Czech Republic FlagHorses are widely used in the Czech Republic and their native breed is the Old Kladruby Horse (or Starokladrubsky Kun).

This breed was initially influenced by the Old Spanish and Old Neapolitan horses, and more recently by Orlov Trotter, Friesian and Andalusian blood.

The numbers of this breed are sadly low, however there are breeding programs in place to preserve their bloodlines.
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Horse Pictures From Cambodia

Cambodia FlagThere are 30,000 working horses and ponies in Cambodia, many owned by working farmers who use them for agriculture work and transportation.

Others still earn their living carrying tourists around ruins like the magnificent Angkor Wat.

The life of a horse is not an easy one in Cambodia, regardless of where their paycheck comes from. Lucky for them the Cambodian Pony Welfare Organization is working hard to raise awareness and educate the Cambodian people about proper horse care.
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Horse Pictures From Burma

Burmese FlagThe horses in Burma are obviously used far more for business than pleasure. Whether it is for the tourist industry, work horses or transportation.

The Burmese pony is a breed local to the area. This breed is similar in confirmation to the Bhutia, Spiti and Manipuri ponies who collectively carry Mongolian and Arabian blood.

Due to a lack of strict breeding practices the lines of distinction between theses ponies have been blurred.
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