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Horse Pictures From Botswana

Botswana FlagIt’s obvious from the pictures that life isn’t easy for all of the horses in Botswana. They are animals of prey in a place where there is prey large enough to be a danger to them.

However there is a Botswana Horse Society dedicated to organized horse riding. Many of the local horses are used for mounted safaris and tourist attraction during the day and often transportation to and from work as well.
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Horse Pictures From Bhutan

Bhutan FlagBhutan is an interesting horse area, the animals are used in large part for work and agriculture.

In the late 1960’s & 70’s the Austrian government sent several small herds of Haflinger horses to Bhutan to work on a Swiss farm. However the Haflinger was found to be unsuitable for the local people, they were too large and not surefooted enough for the terrain.

More recently, in 2000 a small heard of Spiti horses were imported to begin a trial breeding program. The Spiti has similar characteristics to local animals and it is hoped they will be better suited to the needs of the locals.
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Horse Pictures From Andorra

Andorra FlagAndorra is located on the border of Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains. This gives them the luxury of access to some pretty amazing bloodlines and the Pyrenees produce hardy animals.

The horses in this area are clearly strong and able mountain horses used for both work and leisure. The jet black Ariegeois pony is native to the Pyrenees and small herds of fairly untouched bloodlines still exist in and around Andorra today.
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