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More Elephant Characters of Auguste Vimar

Auguste Vimar Elephant IllustrationWhile it’s true I love horses the best, I happen to like almost anything that walks on four legs (except maybe hyenas, they just look like trouble). So last week I posted some of these amazing elephant drawings by French artist Auguste Vimar & here is part 2.

Good With a Pencil

There is no doubt that Auguste spent quite a bit of time studying elephant anatomy & his keen sense of proportion is enough to make any artist envious. Regardless of the quality of the art itself, each drawing captures both the movement & personality of each individual character.
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The Elephant Characters of Auguste Vimar

Auguste Vimar Elephant IllustrationToday I’m going to switch it up and post about something other than horses. Although they are my favorite, I’m an animal (and art) lover in general and fancy most things with fur & four legs.

By Chance

I ran across these drawings the other day and was absolutely blown away by them. Auguste was a 19th century French illustrator, most recognized for his illustrations of children’s publications. Mr. Vimar drew other animals too, but it’s clear he had a thing for elephants & I collected my favorites to share. The illustrations below are from a book titled Le Boy de Marius Bouillabès (if anyone’s interested).
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10 More Historical Places Everyone Should See

Historic PlacesIt’s interesting that some of my popular posts come from the trough category (my unusual dog post has by far seen the highest number of views) but the historical places to see was well-recieved too.

Luckliy several people left comments with suggestions, so I added some of theirs and some more of my own to create part 2. As usual I looked for the most stunning and unique shot I could find so visiting them via the Internet is a pleasant experience as well. I’m open for suggestions for part 3 (which is inevitable, really) so if you have one (or 10) of your own, leave a comment & share them.
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