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Circus PerformerPerhaps one of the more interesting (and controversial) horse jobs, a circus performer must have more than just riding skills…they have to possess a passion for entertaining a crowd.

What You Need

This job has the potential to allow for a lot of hands on time with the animals and provides an artistic outlet for those who enjoy performing. Performers range in type and act from outfit to outfit, so job specifics will vary.

This is a career that benefits from an outgoing personality, fantastic horse & training skills as well as strength of body & athletic ability.

Job Description

Being a circus performer may require working with more than just horses, circus animals range from big cats to elephants to seals. Being an animal lover is essential, as is understanding the needs and character of each animal. The actual job description is difficult to pin down and will obviously change with every circus or show as well as with every performer.


Entertaining the crowd
Providing a safe environment for the animals & people involved
Can be responsible for full care of animals in their charge or act
Ensuring the animals are well taken care
Consistent training exercises


As with the job description, the requirements for circus work are across the board. They will depend on experience, raw talent, animal handling ability as well as personality. Chances are that less tangible requirements such as experience are going to be more important than formal education. However knowledge of animals & animal health can always be a plus.


This is a highly controversial area, circuses have long been accused of animal abuse. If you are considering a career as a circus performer it should be given serious deliberation. Not to mention a great deal of research should be done into any show you want to become involved with.

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The Right Job For You?

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6 Comments on “Circus Performer – Horse Jobs

  1. Emilie Watt

    I had always dreamed of travelling with the circus. It was in my family for many years before me and I always had the bug. The only thing holding me back was…my horse. So instead, I have been a local performer of tribal dance, fire and other random such circus acts. How interesting I come across this. Not sure if this will get anywhere, but I send it out anyway!

    Thank you,

  2. Emma Fairbrother

    I’ve left my job managing and teaching at a riding school,i am 20 years old and have ben riding for 14 years. in the past i have done acrobatics and gymnastics, i have done a lot of troop work in acro and many shows. i love to make people smile.

    Maney thanks

  3. Jordan Parrich

    To whom this may concern, I have dreamed, ridden, cared for, trained, and owned horses over the past 13 years. I have always been an athletic person and love dance as well as riding. I sing, and the spotlight and I have always seemed to go hand in hand; who better to be under it with, than a horse? However, not to give the wrong impression, I’m not above hard work, and would have no problem proving myself. I do hope something comes of this… thank you, to whoever reads this.

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