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Delia Pacheco

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Where I am
Janesville, Wisconsin

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
Born a Baroness in Berlin Germany, came to America in 1950 as a young girl with her twin sister and mom. Both Parents where artistic, my father a talented artist and Photographer, owned two studios in Germany, my mom an aerialist and once with R.B.B.B. Circus, stage and radio where her callings.

Sunmaid Box

Image from Sunmaid

I grew up in California, worked for Fiberboard Paper Prod. and then became the image on the Sunmaid Raisin Box launched 1970, although I wanted to get into their art department as an artist, I became a subject.

I also worked for Shaklee Products designing labels, brochures and ads for the company in the early 60’s. I then freelanced Modeling, illustrating and designing logos for several years.

1978 I got into breeding Arabian horses, I also started to paint images of them, this caught the eye of several California breeders and trainers who invited me to show my work and consequently built a nice cliental.

In 1983 we moved because GM was shutting down, relocating to Missouri, we had a wonderful small Horse Ranch where I reestablished my breeding program and art business. Involved with the Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association I became part of the organization and the Newsletter, doing illustrations for the letter and Programs.

The Storm

1988 KC GM closed, we got relocated again, this time to Wisconsin. I sold most of my horses and concentrated on painting them and not breeding them. We did not buy a Ranch, I just could not go through another move with all my horses…I brought three with me, two my muses Ibn and Chutya, (her daughter Chuting Star was then sold here in WI.)

Although I have limited art education and am mostly self taught, I have tried to establish a recognizable style, which still is evolving. Using various mediums over the years I find I’m comfortable and enjoy painting mainly with acrylics.

When did you first start drawing horses?
Back in Germany in the early 40’s when I was a little girl, and have never stopped.

Together Again

What is your favorite breed?
Arabians! but love the Spanish breeds also…oh, and then there is the Friesian! well I must say, I really favor all breeds.

Who are your main influences?
Alfred De Dreux, George Ford Morris, Gladys Brown Edwards, Sam Savitt and Rich Rudish, the last three I had the pleasure of knowing.

Do you (or did you) have an animal that is the muse behind your work?
Absolutely, my Muse “Ibn Astraney” was and is, even though he passed last year at the age of 29, my muse. He had the old style Arabian head, large expressive eyes and a personality that made you think of him as a puppy dog.

I also used his first wife ChutYanna in many of my paintings…both died within 6 months to the day of each other…I miss them dearly!

Delia & Ibn

Do you have any secret rituals you do to help you get in the zone for your art?
Actually I do!

I pray before I begin…and when I get stuck, I turn my art upside-down including the reference photo, and paint it finished…it works every time.

Is there a particular place that brings you inspiration?
Not a place, but a day filled with sunshine…when the sun shines on anything, including the horse, I see the reflections, the colors, and the warmth that I feel allows me to paint with the light that I enjoy.

You donate the profits from your work, who do you donate to and why?
SignatureI will tell you straight up, “this is MY thing” and I have no qualms in claiming it! It does not bother me one bit what people say or think about this, cause it means that much to me!

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1990 my life changed, I realized that God spared me and I wanted to show that there was a purpose for my life…after all, God gave me life and He gave me talent, all this to portray my love for animals, in particular the horse. To Glorify and thank Him I signed my artwork name Delia<>< (with the ichthy's logo at the end of my name) I then decided to donate all the money I make creating, and give to my favorite organizations...Mainly to Intouch Ministry and for specific Missionaries in Slovakia who Minister to Gypsies.

These Missionaries that work for an organization called, The Word for the World this organization translates the Bibles into many languages and dialects.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on art in general?
I think it is easier for someone to search out a particular horse breed, setting, medium and artist, you have instant choices and can compare at your leisure.

I find this an awesome way to connect with people and fulfill their wishes, not only in the Equine world but all types of art and artists…the unfortunate side is that there are people who are greedy and steal artwork for their monetary benefit, leaving us artists to fight the copyright infringing.

Several friends of mine and I started a group called EAPL our members on their own time, help find these infringements and possible prosecutions, if not just warning the uneducated infringer of their wrong doing.

Gallop Home

One of my clients – Gallop Home

Has it had an effect on yours?
Yes it has, the fact that I mention that I am a Christian and the use of my sale profits, has brought me my biggest clients that I have….and they also where faith based….and I’m pleased to have many non-Christian clients….you see there is something for everyone!

Which one is your personal favorite piece?
Foal and Butterfly.

I can honestly tell you I can’t remember painting it, and at one time the painting disappeared for two years, later it was found behind another one of my framed painting, very bizarre.

Foal and Butterfly

Would you ever sell it?
If the offer was right, of course!

What else are you passionate about?
I love researching Genealogy, I’m from Germany and came here after the war, having lost both my parents at an early age, it dawned on me after my cancer, that my genealogy DNA has survived from the beginning of time and I wanted to know who my ancestors where…and who am I?

Just having a few inherited items, jewelry, photos and a chart, I found the internet helpful in finding my past. I was lucky since my American paternal grandmother was a direct descended to the clockmakers Ives from Connecticut….my paternal German side was well known and I was able to find things in Museums, street names and etchings of my philanthropist ancestors.

My mothers side I am still researching and have gotten many things from my 97 year old Aunt in Germany….you can also see this one at my squidoo lenses.

Gypsy By A Waterfall - Miniature

Working on anything new?
I just finished painting another Mural with another artist friend Larry Schultz, this was for a fundraiser for the Madison Mounted Police Patrol, it was built and put together by my husband and myself, I then painted most of the individual squares over the original Mural design by Larry Schultz.

These squares where bought for a donation and the donors horse image was painted on top…most everyday I try to do one miniature painting, just finished several new ones…also just finished illustrating a small Equine book project, written by a 12 year old girl named Alexandra Gritta.

My “once in a while…painting a day” blog is still in the works, trying to fulfill my project, which right now is about my childhood transition from Germany to America

I have so many things in my head, and so many paintings I would like to do, but time is short…we must realize to take everyday as a gift… I always try to accomplish at least one thing a day, be it a painting or building a webpage.

More to Come

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  1. Paige

    How fun that the Sun Maid girl is a horse artist. I can see your love of Arabian horses in your artwork, they are beautiful subjects.

    Thanks for sharing with everyone and please keep us posted about future works. :)

  2. A Love for Horses - Joni Solis

    >a day filled with sunshine…when the sun shines on anything, including the horse, I see the reflections, the colors, and the warmth that I feel allows me to paint with the light that I enjoy.

    So the sun-maid loves the sun — then they picked the right person to be part of their brand. Sunlight is so delightful and inspires many artist, myself included.

    Love all the horse art posted for this article — can feel the love in them.

  3. delia

    Check out my latest donating art project for a young girl named Alexandra Gritta,

    her first published book “Mystery at Silver Key Stables” for the Charity Book Series®
    will result in sales proceeds to SAVE horses…so “Buy a Book _ Save a Horse”

  4. Laura Irvine

    I’ll never look at a box of raisins the same way again. Now I will always think of horses. Thank you!

  5. Karol Sandgren

    Great site. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your effort!

  6. Siegfried

    Hey,hey Delia, going on one of my browsing trips in Google I have met you twice: I do remember Sun Maid raisins from the time when I was working for Garmisch Recreation Center but at that time your image was not on their boxes. Speaking of horses I love the Lipizzaner. They are such a majestic appearance.
    I hope that I’ll be able to write a mail before you will read this note. Best wishes for you Siegfried

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