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Hans holding moneyHorse lovers are usually suckers for an animal in need by nature, and there are plenty of horses in need.

So Many Ways To Help

Horse charities are prolific, there are so many adoption centers and horse rescue operations out there who need help. They are looking to find homes for unwanted and abused animals, volunteers to run their establishments, & donations to pay for their many expenses. I’m working to put a longer list of them together.

For now, if you prefer to donate your hard earned dollars to more established charities, there are plenty of those to choose from too.


ASPCA Equine Program screenshot

The ASPCA Equine Program works to protect horses from slaughter and auctions, and prevent equine cruelty. In fact, it was being witness to the brutal beating of a cart horse that inspired Henry Bergh to start the ASPCA in the first place.

Their equine program also offers education for horse owners about the health and well being of the equine animal.

The American Wild Horse Sanctuary

American Wild Horse Sanctuary screenshot

The American Wild Horse Sanctuary or Return to Freedom is a non-profit organization established in 1997 dedicated to preserving the wild horses of America. They provide sanctuary for nearly 200 wild horses with a goal of allowing the horses to remain as wild and free-willed as possible.

Donations go towards feeding and care of the animals as well as conservation and raised awareness of our wild horses.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Animal Legal Defense Fund screenshot

Not necessarily a charity, but a place that can definitely put your dollars to good use, the Animal Legal Defense Fund was founded in 1979 by attorneys fighting on behalf of animals everywhere. This isn’t a horse-specific organization, but it is a non-profit full of animal lovers who are putting their law degree to good use.

Donations go towards legal fees, research and education for the prevention of animal cruelty.

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource screenshot

A different type of horse charity, the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource is devoted to preserving open land for the equestrian industry.

Their donation process is called partnership, and there are different levels of partnership available for different donation amounts. Members are offered a few benefits and goodies, and have an opportunity to join the fight for equestrian spaces.

Hooved Animal Humane Society

Hooved Animal Humane Society screenshot

Another non-profit organization, the Hooved Animal Humane Society was founded in 1971 with a mission to promote the humane treatment of all hooved animals through a variety of means from education to legal action.

This is another organization who sells memberships for your donation money. They offer several different ways to help including sponsoring a horse they’ve rescued and donating an item on their wish list.

That’s Not All Folks

There are plenty more equine-related charities worthy of donations, so stay tuned for more. While you consider how much you plan to donate (or which one to adopt), be sure to check out some of the horses of the world that these noble organizations are trying to save.

16 Comments on “Donate to Horse Related Charities

  1. Jennifer Schoenstein

    I work at a rescue horse ranch. Is it possible to get my ranch’s information on this site?

  2. lindsey

    i have always loved the ASPCA. it is my destiny. if only i could help, i would put all of my effort into it. horses are the things that my heart chases after. i dream of having a horse rescue of my own, although im only 13. my first horse will come from the ASPCA, into a loving home, while everyday.. it thanks you for saving it. the ASPCA is the thing that keeps me motivated to save them. i was a witness of an abused horse whom was hit with a shovel, and it came to you. you saved it, and now its happy at a new loving home to. keep it up.
    thank- you ASPCA, for all that you do.

    1. Maritza Pang

      Hey Lindsey- I’am 13 as well. Horses are what make my life worth living:) I have put a lot of time into trying to open my Horse Rescue and with a few more donations I will be able to:D I am sure you can do it to. I love horses I wish I could spend every second of the day with them. Please if you have the time check out my website thank you:)


  3. Ric Davis

    There is a family in Fallon, NV, Cliff and Darcy Huntley, who have been rescuing horses, mules, donkeys, etc from slaughter for over 2 1/2 years and they have just about ran out of funds. Cliff is a disabled veteran and does this as therapy for himself and other veterans. They get most of their food from their church and food for the animals from donations. They are in desperate need of donations to feed the animals and themselves and hopefully build shelters for the animals. They have just recently obtained their 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization status, so your donation is tax deductible.

    My internet marketing company has put together a nice website for them – and we have been supporting them with donations, but our current financial situation has caused us to cut back on our donations. We also have been sending out emails asking for donations, but money has been very slow coming. If you can, please go to their site, sign the guestbook and make a donations. Anything you could do to help Cliff and Darcy and their animals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    I am very sorry to report that the money situation has come to the point where they are considering closing down the rescue and destroying the animals to keep them from starving to death. If you can spare just a few dollars to help them buy some hay, maybe we can keep them going for a few days more. Please go to the website – if you can donate.

  4. Julie

    Horsefeathers Therapeutic Equestrian Center is another non-profit horse related organization that survives on donations. Horsefeathers currently serves children & adults that are mentally, physically and emotionally challenged. Horsefeathers also employees rescue horses that have been homed and re-schooled for therapeutic riding.

    Donations are always need to support the horses that we work with and scholarships for our students who’s families are already burdened with the expense of caring for a disabled family member.

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  6. Tiffany Martin

    I am trying to raise money for an outreach riding program and camp for underprivledged children in Central Texas and would like to find out if I can get my info on here to help raise money. You can visit my website at This is going to be a strictly horse-based program with free/low cost riding lessons, free summer camp centered around horsemanship, free riding lessons for veterans, with a couple of eventual side activities to help fund our daily operations. Right now, we are trying to raise the money to get going from scratch.

  7. Caroline Evanoff

    Egyptian horses, camels and donkeys desperately need donations now! They are dying from starvation due to recent demonstrations. Most of these animals owners work around the Pyramids and rely on tourists for money to feed their animals- there have been no tourists for the last 3 weeks so animals are literally dropping like flies. Please if you love horses you must act. How to donate:
    Thank you
    Caroline Evanoff,
    Volunteer, ESMA

  8. Maritza Pang

    Hey there I am a non-profit organization for horse slaughter, if you have the time please go check out my website for saving slaughter horses. I will be buying them from slaughter houses (I know people have said “buying them is not saving them, but yes it is. It saves their lives and I CANNOT walk in there and say “put your hands in the air and give me your horses!” 😛 lol)and then training them with natural horsemanship and reselling them to good homes. Thank you so much and here is the Thanks again and just a heads up it is for donation collecting and selling the horses to homes I see fit.
    I do not have any horses yet (except one but she is a permanent resident) and I need more donations to start saving horses. Thank you:)


    1. angela warner

      I have been privately funding saving horses from auctions for years. I am in a position that I have a limited few horses that I need help to rehome. I have lost my large farm and am on very limited acreage. If you are willing to take donated horses to start working with I possibly have three that I would be willing to go as a donation. I do however, want a guarantee they will not be sold for meat or back on the auction ring as I have a great deal of personal time, money and emotions invested in all. Please contact me if interested.

  9. Sharon

    Hi Im now unemployed I’ve cut my heard down to 5 both veihcles quit working and i live 15 miles form town I really would like to keep the few that i have for sentimental resense I am haveing a hard time with the feed bill one just got over a snack bite and now one has been injured again the vet has been here I have no money he never asked for any God Bless him. So Im asking if anyone nows if there is someone out there to donate to an individual with a small heard that the neibor hood kids and adults love and enjoy

  10. Kat Matrician

    Spirit Acres Farm Equine rescue in Montgomery, Texas is in need of land, facility and the space to grow in order to serve all. Our small location is being crowded by human over population and we need to make a place for the horses their friends and visitors and the youth who come here for finding their focus in life. call us 936-597-5316 voice mail we do call back.

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