Dun Horse Breeds

Dun Horse Breeds

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Many people claim that dun horses are inherently tougher than other colors. While this seems like a far out claim, it isn’t. Some of the oldest horse breeds on the planet are dun so it stands to reason that they are extremely tough animals.

Recognizing Duns

There are several other genetic combinations that can create animals with dun-like coloring. However, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that set the dun apart, they must possess at least one primitive marking – a dorsal stripe from mane to tail. Apart from that they can carry stripes on their forehead, chest, shoulders or legs – but if they don’t have a dorsal stripe they aren’t a dun.

The term ‘primitive markings’ alone lends credence to the legend of the super dun.

Norwegian Fjord Horse

Interesting Duns

On the more recent end of the spectrum there is the Henson Horse, a 20th century breed creating a versatile riding horse that was homogenous in color & character. In stark contrast is the Carpathian Pony (also called the ‘Ancient One’), the Norwegian Fjord & the famed Przewalski’s Horse – the last living wild horse breed.

Dun Breeds

Bali Pony
Canadian Rustic Pony
Carpathian Pony
Henson Horse
Hungarian Dun
Norwegian Fjord
Przewalski’s Horse
Tarpan (now extinct)
Wild Horses of the Namib

More Breed Colors

Horse breeds come in all shapes and colors and it’s been fun to look at them in the context of their coloring. Be sure to check out black, grey, chestnut, bay, appaloosa & pinto breeds too.