Equine Affaire 2010 – California

Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire returns to the West Coast to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 2010. Featuring a number of unique clinics, seminars & demonstrations by well-known professionals in the industry.


Feb 4-7 2010


Pomona Fairplex
1101 W Mckinley Ave
Pomona, CA? 91768
(909) 623-3111



Craig Cameron – General Horsemanship
Stacy Westfall – Reining & General Horsemanship
Tommy Garland – Training & General Horsemanship
Ken McNabb – Discovering the Horseman Within
Barbara Schulte – Cutting & General Training
Richard Winters – Colt Starting
Jan Ebeling – Dressage
Nick Karazissis – Hunters & Jumpers
Hardy Zantke – Driving
Mark Shaffer – Training & General Horsemanship
Sharon Camarillo – Barrel Racing
Larry Whitesell – Easy Gaited Horses
Daniel Stewart – Ride Right
Scot Hansen – Trail Riding & Mounted Police Training

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Equine Affaire in California
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9 Comments on “Equine Affaire 2010 – California

  1. Pamela Simone

    I was curious what day Stacey Westfall would be there and what she will be doing? Is she giving a seminar or a demonstration? And is there an extra cost involved or just the ticket purchase? Please let me know as soon as possible so that I may plan my trip to Pomona.

    Thank You,


  2. Kathy Tedford

    We will be having an English Western open horse show on June 5th 2010. Can we please post a link to our website on Equine Affaire’s website? Can we post a flyer?

  3. Lynn

    I was wondering what time Equine Affaire opens Friday, Feb. 5th in Pomona, CA. I couldn’t find a time anywhere on any website. Thank you!

  4. Warren Wilson

    The Official Publication of Equine Affaire, California Horsetrader, will have its columnists, Ray Ariss (“Hey Ray!”) and Dana Hokana (“Dear Dana”), in their booth Saturday. Also, free DAILY raffles for either (1) Dana’s DVD series “Total Control” or (2) a private horse-and-rider evaluation by Ray himself are a must-do at the Horsetrader booth, Bulding 7, #748.

  5. Liz

    The even in California was just awful this year! My family has looked forward and enjoyed several days at this even for the past several years and we won’t be going again. The weather was terrible, granted, but if they knew that the outside arenas were not usable and those programs were cancelled they should have lowered the admission price. It cost our family $56 to walk through 3 very cramped pavilions for a couple of hours….you couldn’t get a seat in the only arena open since anyone who wanted to see the extreme cowboy race that evening ( 4 hours away) had already staked out their seats. The “Youth Pavilion” this year was a joke …a small corner of the building where they had trailers for sale…a few tables to make a stick pony or paint. At least the Breed Pavilion was still there. They probably wanted to save money on the buildings, but cramping any vendors together made for a very poor experience.

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