Even Big Kids Like to Color Horses

Horse loving kids of all ages like to color sometimes. Now that we have the internet, we don’t even have to get off the couch to find pretty horses to color in.

I did a little of your homework for you and found some of the best sites out there that offer blank outlines just begging for a little crayon action.

*Click on the images, and the full-sized version will pop up in a new window.

Stacey Mayer

Stacy MayerStacy Mayer is one talented little lady. She has done lots of horse art and posted them in black and white for horse-lovers everywhere to add the finishing touch.

She has got drawings of everything from carousels to unicorns to sea horses, her art is fantastic and the variety makes it even better. Many of them are shown in color to inspire the artist before they attack them with markers, crayons or paint.

This is by far the most creative site of the bunch & probably one of my all time favorite line drawing sites ever.

The Equinest

Horse to colorThe artist I had featured here no longer maintains her site & since then I’ve added a few equestrian coloring pages of my own so I thought I’d share them instead. πŸ˜‰

In an old fashioned style, these line drawings tell a cheeky story about two riders. The man gets a little too fresh & his horse takes it upon himself to draw the proverbial line. A cute story told with fantastic art & the buck doesn’t stop there, I’ve featured other horse line art as well (psst, there is more to come still).

Horse Coloring Pages

Horse to colorHorse coloring pages offers many drawings I remember from a coloring book I had in my childhood, and I’m not embarassed to admit I still have it…and it’s never been completed.

Printing some of these out may become a trip down memory lane, plus they are detailed and realistic, which makes them more fun (whether you use traditional colors…or pink).

There are also a couple of drawings, like the one pictured here which is really well done. Be sure to show them support by visiting them and coloring their drawings. If we do hopefully they will draw us some more to add our own touches to.

Horse Lovers Coloring Pages

Unicorn to colorGeared more towards children, the Horse lovers coloring pages has a mix of different options with some cool drawings thrown in there too. This site offers some with a cartoon style, there is good detail and the lines are thick to make staying in them a breeze for those with less crayon control.

There are a few bogies in there, pictures that almost look like photographs, and other random horses that aren’t worth coloring. So really this site is like the horse coloring lottery, pick a link and see if you get a good one.


There are always more horses to color.

35 Comments on “Even Big Kids Like to Color Horses

  1. Chelsa

    I’m 12 Years old and im not a big fain of coloring in pics but
    these pics are so cool that i cant stop coloring them.
    Yhank you for these pics thay are great.

    1. cassandra

      hi i think you are sososoososos good at drawing thanks im doing horses for school

      i love horses

      thank you for theses

  2. Paige

    Hi ArcticShadow,

    The horse pictures do not belong to me, I found them on a number of different websites. You should definitely link to those websites when you use them.

    If you click on each image it will take you to the source, link to the source of each one when you post the images on your website.

    If you have one or two you’d like to share, I’d happily post them on theequinest for you – and give you credit for your artwork, of course. :)

  3. mirinda_magic96

    i love the coulering pages there so cool i colour them every day i even printed lots of so my whole class can colour them!

  4. Hannah

    i print most of the colouring pictures out to draw them myself my favourite one is the horse standing next to the fence it makes a lovely picture, i have found quite a few other pictures too like one of a colt with markings and a horse n jockey jumpingits great to colour and draw them too

    thanks for the great pics


  5. Jody

    I love all the pick’s but my most favourite is the one next to the fence and the Clide Stale.
    I ust to have 4 horse’s myself
    The onyl thing i can draw is a horse.

  6. kristen

    hi i am a fourteen year old and i absolutly love your pics i cant stop coloring wow and when i think about it i almost hate coloring.:]

  7. Emily

    Hey theequinest,

    I absolutly love your pics to choose from. (So many choices!) I am super glade that an awesome site like yours makes the best pics to color. Your drawing skills must be very good. My most favorite animal is a horse! I think your pics are neat, Thanks a bunch!!
    Thank You,

  8. jessie

    i love horses and this site is soooo cool i love coloring these pictures. i to heve a site called sites/google.com/gogreenkidsclub/ if you go on it please leave a reply

  9. Chloe Cornfoot

    I am crazy about horses and ponies and i love your sight and i am 10 years old

    thank you for your sight :-)

  10. emilia

    i love this website because im crazy about horses and i got 1 myself.
    the top one looks likes my friends horses my horse is friends with my friends horse.

  11. nichole

    i absolutely love horses my most favs iis the black ones u know i have 2 horses my self a PAINT and a white horse i love them both very much !!!!! and i really like drawing horses im really good at it !!!!!! Thanks for ur website its givin me some great ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. demi

    i love horses i have got a folder of horsepics one for my pony and the other for just randoms really thanks for the pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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