Ever Wanted to Draw a Horse?

Fun Horse BasicsI’m of the opinion that what it takes to draw a horse is hours of practice. A whole horse drawing is the sum of it’s parts, and horses have a lot of parts. In many ways, depth of detail makes or breaks equine art.

Laying The Groundwork

And while it is fair to say that art is subjective, that is no excuse for lack of practice or attention to detail…you get what you pay for.

Laying a good foundation by understanding basic horse anatomy is a good place to start, and there are plenty of resources online when learning to draw the equine form. Here are some of the best I found:

Horse sketch

The Toad Hollow Studio

As if sketching the body isn’t enough, how about learning how to draw a horses head. The Toad Hollow Studio gives an in-depth lesson on drawing and shading.

This website is breaks the process down in to several parts, and each one is full of helpful information, not just about the drawing but preparation, and tools as well.

  • Basics
  • Supplies
  • Printable tools
  • The lesson in 3 parts

Horse sketch

Fantasy Art Resource Project

A strange place for such an amazing horse drawing resource but Fantasy Art Resource Project had the best tutorial I found anywhere. It is well thought out and definitely worth checking out as you sharpen your pencil.

The lessons are designed to teach the artist a bit about the animal prior to the actual drawing lesson.

  • Lesson 1 – Anatomy
  • Lesson 2 – Breeds
  • Lesson 3 – Movement
  • Lesson 4 – Drawing the Horse

Need Inspiration?

Inspiration Overload

Now that you have some tools and a little inspiration, pick a breed and start drawing.

28 Comments on “Ever Wanted to Draw a Horse?

      1. Ik horses

        Mrs. Gorman. Amazing art teacher. Google it. (the few equine painting I did with her are AMAZING!)

  1. Paige

    Hi Kirstie,

    If you click on the blue link under each picture it will take you to more detailed tutorials with step by step instructions. :)

  2. Haylie

    hi there please could you put some pictures of horses layed down that help you to draw a horse layed down

    thank you


    1. Hannah

      drawing a horse is very easy!!!!! i am 11 and i can draw a horse better than anyone!!! it will come to u!!

  3. Y-eastoni

    cool i love to draw and horses are fab so i think this is great also if you want to draw horses try to use the base shapes and then work on that doing layer by layer!!!!

  4. Chloe

    Hey guys I am an equine artist I would be happy to create tutorials for any of yall who would like them my youtube acount is PocosLadyCutter05

  5. Emz

    this web site helped alot,because it explaines about the basics u need to know when drawing a horse. im 13 and mad about horses I want one soooo bad! =D.

    also If u think u can do better than this website Y dont u make ur own site???

    1. virginia white

      dear friends and young ladies horses are gorgeous animals i know because we have about 20 that we have aquired over the last few years they are mostly mares we have three geldings and one stallion he turned 38 last month and we do not raise horses and i do know that we don’t need them all but i refuse to sell any of them to be eaten by humans or be slaughtered for any thing and i love to draw horses i am not perfect at it i try because i can see my flub up on any of them my self but i haved had to teach my self could’t afford lessons just used art books we bought and things off of the web art doings so i will not say i can draw any better than anyone else but i will say that i can see thier mistakes and if you just keep working at it and love horses the drawings will get better more and more as you go.keep up the good work all of you girls…

  6. Niki

    sigh…. i cant do this… no matter how much i try, i draw it and think it looks good… then when someone else sees it, i dont think they like it… sigh… these pics look MUCH better than mine… ive given up showing people my pics now

  7. tanushree

    I am having a drawing competition of making a animal. So I will make this horse and I know it will look very……..nice. and I will win the first prize.

  8. tanushree

    I am having a drawing competition of making a animal. So I will make this horse and I know it will look very……..nice. and I will win the first prize. Oh! no I forgot to tell my class I AM FROM CLASS

  9. Fi

    There’s no such thing as a good result without putting lots of time and effort into your craft. This page is an ideal “index” to enable you to get where you want/need to be. No excuse for bad manners-learn from our masters-the HORSE!!

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