Fresh Air Fund

Fresh Air FundRecently I learned about the Fresh Air Fund which is a charity program that matches inner-city kids with host families in the suburbs & small town communities.

This is a program that provides kids a chance to enjoy some good old fashioned dirty fun. Learning how to care for horses, helping to plant a garden and falling asleep next to a campfire are things many kids never have the opportunity to try.

Horse crazy kids are generally pretty good ones & really giving a child the opportunity to become horse crazy is, well, priceless.

Fresh Air Fund

Whatever You Can Do

They are looking for donations as well as families interested in hosting a child for up to a two week visit. I thought I’d post about it to see if any of my readers might be interested in getting involved. What a cool chance to help a kid enjoy simply being a kid (and take a week or two off to be a kid again yourself).

If you’d rather donate, until June 30th one of their donors has offered to match every dollar raised – yes, I’m a little late posting, but thought it was worth a go.

So, go take a look around their website to learn what they are all about and if it interests you, I’d love to hear your about your experience (pictures too, please). 😀

A quick video about one of the kids in their program

We Do What We Can

If the most you can do is repost this and share it with your social media friends, that’s a great start. It’s a good cause and worth checking out. Please do let me know if you become a host, I’d love to share your experience with other readers.

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