Funny Horse Pictures – You Don’t See That Everyday

They say people do the strangest things, but clearly that can be said for almost any animal. Here are a few examples of horses doing things you just don’t see every day.

Kind of Messed Up…

Can’t say I agree with all (any) of them, but you have to admit, they make you do a double take.

A bear riding a galloping horse

A lion riding a galloping horse

Having a lion on your back is way worse than a monkey

A horse rearing up to kick a ball

A horse powered vehicle that transports the horse too

A horse sitting on a man's lap

The largest and smallest horses in the world together

After writing this I realize that horses people are really the weirdest animals out there. If you liked these, check out more funny horse pictures

120 Comments on “Funny Horse Pictures – You Don’t See That Everyday

  1. Joyce Cupp

    Hi im a horse lover and have worked with hores all my life and have seen some funny things but never have my camera handy….but i have lurned to keep it with me.
    some peaple say animals dont have a sence of humor i say they are rong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your sight

    1. sydney

      hi dude i never had may camera with me ether. now i have it almost every were. and my new horse i got a lot of funny pics of him now

  2. Paige


    If you catch any of those funny moments on camera, be sure to send them in, we’ll publish them and give you credit.

    I agree, animals have a better sense of humor than most people.

    1. kianna

      omg this is one of the mos colest picuters i have ever seen in my life:)!&the pictrues are pettry funny.

    1. sydney

      u shood see my horse. he will fallow u if u run on the other side of the is really funny. and u get really good pics

  3. becky

    the first 2 pics isent very funny it is crule you can see the white of the horses eyes not funny at all obsuly the horses airt enjoying it? its could animal crulty stupid ?

    1. donna

      got that right they look scared to be like that. That is so mean of the to do that to do that to them. What kind of people would do that to there horse. But what if it was not there horse they should get into truble. I now that a horse is for riding and other thing but they have there own feelings to. So I wouldn’t do that to the horses. there not made for caring lions of bears only humans. that is crulty to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sarah

        Actually, most horses do that when they’re running, most of my horses flash their eyes when they run, and if the horses didn’t like it, the animals wouldn’t be up there in the first place, the horse would have bucked them or wouldn’t have let them get close.

  4. Dan

    The first 2 pictures are horrible and rather than being funny they only prove how horrible some people are. Leaving them up under the banner of ‘funny’ makes me question you…

  5. Anonymous

    (Read the full thing please, especially the end) How dare you! The first 2 are terrible! Awful! In-humane!You can’t do that! It’s animal cruelity! I know I’m not the government, but I am very horse smart AND I know a lot a bout lions and bears and if anything ever went wrong the lion or bear can hurt the horse! Besides you can’t teach a lion or a bear to ride properly so that it’s comfortable for the horse… always thinking of humans I see! Well animal comfort is by FAR more important! Now I suggest you stop this or those horses and other animals will be unhappy for the rest of their lives!

    But If you choose to be kind to animals, you could always sell the wild animals to a santuary and either sell the horses to good homes or you can start a riding lesson buisiness. I’d go with riding buisiness, more people are going to want to learn to ride than to see animals in distress. And one more thing, you should probably research Monty Roberts, he has great horsey tips!

  6. Alyssa

    i am with you Anymous!!!!!!i love horses they should not be in that torcher!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tehya

    They are all very funny and needd a heres you sign award i say and did you see that horse with the bear on him? what about the lion one where the horse looks like he’s about to drop his underware. But I agree with Alyssa, it dose look like tocher!!!

    1. donna

      tehya is so mean she thinks it is funny. Well you are not funny. that could hurt the horse if the lion of bear does somthing roung it could not look pritty.

      1. L Kemp

        Keeping up those photos that are obviously inhumane not only to the horse but also to the bear and lion shows a warped sense of humor. Can you not see the wrong in this? Putting these under “funny pictures” promotes ill will towards animals…how about we put a human up there and put the lion, bear on your back….funny….

  8. sophie-lee meloury

    i know thats just animal crulity i dont even do that tipe of stuff with my horses and plus i would not even think of doin the that

  9. A Love for Horses - Joni Solis

    The first two photos show how uncaring humans are — to use animals just to entertain themselves and others or for pure greed/profit. I also don’t think these two photos are funny.

    Hopefully more people are learning to respect horses and other animals and treat them better.

  10. rachel

    OMG those pictures are so funny you should check out my web page and see some more funny picture giveahorsealovinghome.blogspot/

  11. Hollie

    Actually, if the first 2 horses weren’t enjoying it, they wouldn’t be moving, they would be bucking and rearing….

    And also, when we take our horses in the fields, they show the white of their eyes in excitement.

  12. Miriam

    Hey everyone,

    I am very experienced with horses, and I full agree with Hollie. If those horses did not enjoy it, they would be scared to death, and would not be moving like that. In the first pic, notice the horse is Cantering perfectly? Have you seen a scared horse canter that way?
    Also, in both the first and second pics, the ears are forward. Pay attention to the ears before the eyes come into account (if you are not standing beside the horse, you cannot tell emotion from the eyes that well).

    I think the horses are having fun. I am not saying it is safe, but stop criticizing! Also, these are pictures from around the world, not of the owner of the websites!
    (horses show the whites of their eyes when they are excited to)

    1. Ringer From The Top End

      I fully agree with Miriam.

      And to Paige(?) (I believe that is the owner of this site, from what I’ve read) you have done a great job with the website! I have to state that the ones of the lion and bear I’d probably put under ‘Interesting Photos’ rather then ‘Funny Horse Pictures’. However that is just my own opinion.

      I’d like to state to the people that believe some of the photos are cruel and that only humans should ride horses that;
      Firstly, humans are also very cruel to horses, people have stated that the weight of a bear or lion is torture but not stating what humans used to and still do to horses… To start with who states that humans riding a horse is humane?? Thousands of years ago people couldn’t get close enough to a horse to jump on its back instead we used to eat them and some places still do (hence why the still are so scared of people).
      We have now managed to grow a relationship with these beautiful animals which we are so lucky for (however some people still abuse this relationship). We have even managed to make them, help us hunt down their own kind. Humans however will always change the meaning of the word ‘humane’ for when they feel like doing something (like shooting wild horses) they state that this is now humane to do (Which I find ridiculous).

      Secondly; A horse can make up its own mind, just like in rodeo the horse would stand completely still if it was scared to death. These horses look quite happy cantering around with the bear and lion on their backs (sure they show the white of their eyes which can mean they are scared but as many people have stated this also happens when they are excited). Sure it doesn’t seem right and in the wild this wouldn’t happen but people will always do something silly to see what happens, hence how technology came along (and without it a lot of people would be lost today).

      Don’t get me wrong I love horses and I’m a ringer from the top end, so I know people can be cruel to animals. However nothing will change some people and these things will continue happening so I think everyone should stop bullying others and keep their opinions to themselves unless they have something nice to say about this wonderful site. Keep collecting these interesting photos :)

      1. Paige Post author

        Thanks for your comment Ringer. It’s very true that the ‘western world’ tends to look at animals through very different eyes than many other cultures of the world. Throughout the years humanity has inflicted almost every kind of cruelty possible on the noble horse, as they continued to (willingly) carry us on their backs.

        Anyone who really cares about animals would not bother leaving an angry comment, they would just go out and do something to stop it.

        1. Zsazsa Skcinzaey

          shut your big fat gob paige oh and by the way get your self a boy friend and PAIGE is not a real name so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bree

      I agree with you Miriam, the horse DON’T look that scared. Non the less I don’t think it’s funny.

  13. Nikki

    Um, alright those of you screaming at Paige over those pictures need to grow up. Did you even read her disclaimer at the top? That she didn’t necessarily agree with them but they certainly made you do a double take? Regaurdless of how you feel about those pics, they do make you take a second look. These are not pictures of her horses so I’m not sure why you are telling her to sell the wild animals and start a riding program? Also, those horse really don’t look very scared… horses can get used to animals like that and learn not a fear them (think of dogs for instance? kind of similar to wolves eh?) I’m not saying that what is going on in those pictures is safe, but I don’t think those horses are being tortured. Eye-white doesn’t always mean fear. You can see the white in my horse’s eyes when he sees a carrot.

  14. Bree

    these horse photos were amazing i love the last one the smallest and the biggest and i am really amazed how the little boy was able to hold the big horse under control. But i do believe this whole website is amazing and i wish u guys luck on the rest of the website

  15. shania

    These horse photos are so funny and amazing how did they get that lion and bear do that on the horses back? That is so cool how you did that and its funny when the horse is hitting the ball! The biggest horse compared to the little horse pic is so funny that horse is way small who would even ride that and the biggest horse who could ride? I don’t have a horse but i really want one really badly and so doesn’t my friend bree!

  16. Bree

    hey guys if you have a chance go on to google-image and type in funny horse picks and most of them are funny one of them is sad because there is a horse thats butt is sticking out of the car and it is about the horse who was running and struck a oncoming car and died or was killed but only pay attention tot he funny stuff
    once again TTFN

  17. keelt

    The smallest horse on the last pic, I met her and her owners, they where visiting a hospital my dad used to work at. She was SOOOO sweet!

  18. Shade

    Dear Horse Lovers and other members of the public wishing to leave a comment on this webpage,
    Two very important points here.
    One, you people need to learn how to read and spell. Even the person who pointed out the bad spelling in the first place has typed “intelligent” incorrectly. There is a disclaimer at the top regarding the first two pictures.
    Two, the last picture is obviously photo-edited. It is easy to tell by the lack of corresponding shadows and light sources.
    Please, get glasses and a dictionary.
    With kind regards,

    1. pole bender

      you dont half to be a teacher about it and the horses in the last pictre are real but the picture was not taken at one time they added the two.

  19. allison

    if the lion was really on the horses back i would want to see it in real life.

    and the pony sitting on the guy is HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

    also i cant beleive that the horse was that huge :p


  20. donna

    I love my horse so much. she loves to go for rides. she is so lucky i found her for sale now she is my lovely horse for ever. can’t be a better horse the her. if there was that would be weird. She is a great animal to have. I know you have to do a lot but is is worth it. by donna e bye bye

  21. minah

    i think horses are the most cutest thing on EARTH and i actully cant believe that you people are on here when none of you even like horses. i can tell that you dont because your talking like that!!!!!!!! i meen i love horses and ponies actully right now i wish i could ride my pony, but i cant because she is WAY WAY WAY!!!!! to wet well i got 2 go

    here are some random letters

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  22. tasha

    i loved ‘can you get this man a girlfriend’ its awsome.keep up the good work i dont care wat anybody else says.

  23. zoey

    all of these pictures are so awesome, i have a horse as well, we bought her for 800 dollars and she was being starved and only had a very thin dayrug on at night when the temperatures were down to -3!!!!!!! i called the RSPCA on the old owners

  24. Maddie

    Ummm whatever about the “hobby” thing. If you knew anything you’d know that horseback riding is one of the most demanding sports in the world, not to mention the best HOBBY! The pictures aren’t cruel, I just have some question about the lion. The bear seems ok. As for the lion I think this is a circus horse of some kind. Their eyes could be showing whites at anything- not necessarily the lion. A tamer nearby may be cracking a whip or someone in the crowd may be taking a picture, even the photographer could have alarmed the horse. I’m sure if it were inhumane in any way the photographer would have called an animal officer on it immediately.:)

  25. JESS

    well, i saw the pictures with the horse and lion and horse and bear in the news paper last year. The photographer took them in a circus in China, i think, and sent outrage everywhere by how cruel it was. A small pony carrying the full weight of a lion?! I am not saying it is the website holders falt, i mean the one with the biggest and smallest horse is sooooo cool. I just think the pony and lion/bear is really cruel.

  26. jessie

    Omg i have a horse named Red and i ride at golden gait stabble in sunshine medows. she is a mare and most people think she is horrible but SHE IS NOT and it so funny what she do in the pasture sometimes i always wish i would have had my cam cam. So if YOOOU think my mare would be horrible reply on how!!!!!

  27. jessie

    man. i saw on another website that they put on a funny pic of a horse joy and she……. she………….. DIED!!!!!!! it so SAD

  28. jessie

    if you go to golden gait stables for trail rides it is very fun all the horses are nice and sweet like my baby girl red its barn 18 of sunshinee medows and they have very cheap prices. an houer ride is 46$ per person. others have 100$ per person and thats for a lesson. denise ( girl ) has the cheapest prices and really good servic i is so happy to ride there!!!

  29. jellly

    OMG i would love to go there i search on the internet i cant wait to show my family!!!


  30. Jesus Rocks

    Whatever, (or should i lowercase that… = ) ) why are you on these sites if your gonna be mean to people? it’s very rude… And i’m gonna stand up and say NO 2 this… it’s ridiculous… and u know what? YOUR RIDICULOUS!!!!! SO STOP IT!!!! AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM COME AND CONFRONT ME!!!!

  31. Ann Neucomb


    Don’t any of you guys know where the spell check is on your computer? This has to be the biggest number of spelling mistakes that I have ever witnessed. What the F…. are you about. Ignorance reins here!


  32. Heather

    guys. ok I’ve been reading this #1 the 1st two photos are most likely a circus over seas.
    #2 am i the only one that sees the bear is chained to the horse by the nose?

    #3 the horses are trained to accept it. they may not like it but NOT ALL HORSES BUCK. then end. I have a mare who HATES to be ridden by men (because she was abused by one) but she doesn’t buck them off.

    please do not take anything I’ve said the wrong way i am not ‘attacking’ anyone. just stating my opinion like the rest.

  33. Ah

    Lady’s and Gentle men, even though i don’t like these photos either, cruelty to the animals would be if the animal was strapped down to the horse with claws baring into it’s back with no protextion. The lion and bear, had every opportunity to jump off, and the horse had every opportunity to get that animal off its back. I guess you feel the same way if a cat or dog was put on to a horses back? Please do calm down, there was no harm to the lion, bear, or horses nor were they there against their will, so there is no need to be so upset.

  34. christina

    those horse pic are so funny.I will be a horse traner wene i grow up that is how much i like horses and i even want one but i cant cause i live in Iowa in a street in a house and i dont have anofe room for one.

  35. rider76

    You people seriously are concerned about the wrong things.

    Have you not seen that lion on a horses back? Or a bear on
    a horses back? What is wrong with you people?

    What cruelty do we have to put a horse through for a humans
    humor? This is insane. I hope that one day people
    Will be treated the same and then we’ll see who’s having
    a fat laugh. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is cruelty towards animals. Its such s shame that you are so
    simple and small minded.

  36. vivian

    hahahahahahahahahaah lololololoololololloolololololololololololololo

    have a laugh:):):):):):)

  37. Alayna

    This is a cool website i have learned alot and got some laughs thank-you and i hope you will make another website full with more information. :)

  38. Pat Brand

    Non of these are funny. The horses with bears and lions on their backs are terrified – probably from China – no human right no animals rights. These are obscene. Hate them.

  39. Ginger

    im just speaking my opinion but:

    1. ur all socially interupted freaks if you thinks this is funny. its called animal abuse.go eat a pair of socks. what if we have ”spelling errors” who gives a fudge?its a computer for keyboards sakes!if you dont like it, dont read it.

    3. To Cameron:
    ur a sick lowlife and ur face is funny so HAHAHA.

    4. ya, im 12, and im not afraid to say what i wanna say.u probably dont know me in real life, so wat r u goin ta do???

    BTW cant you see the bears nose is chained to horses reins and you care about is the poor horse? i like horses,bears and lions but all of them are equal so stop fussing about the dang horse!!!


    bye! ;P

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