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Horse iPhone AppsLately it seems like everyone has an iPhone and as they seem to become more and more popular so is the iTunes App store. That said I’ve made it my mission to find and catalogue all of the horse apps I can find.

Horse Crazy iPhone

I started with just games & apps – but quickly realized those lists would get long and cumbersome. So I’ve further separated them and will keep posting as I organize them, today it’s horse games. For each listing below I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.


Horse AppA simple, but potentially addictive game that follows simple horse chess rules or can be played in classic round logic.

Horse - carmat
Created by Carmat.

Horse Frenzy

Horse FrenzyKeep your horses in your stable and win coins to race to buy more, feed and train your animals.

Horse Frenzy - Game Circus LLC
Created by Game Circus LLC.

Horse Horse Donkey

Horse Horse DonkeyA fun horse memory game with a twist, as you match horse images you have to avoid Mr. Donkey or your time could run out before you’ve matched them all!

Horse Horse Donkey - Memory game for people who love horses - Code 4 Development LLC
Created by Code 4 Development LLC.

Horse Match HD

Horse Match HDA horsey twist on an old favorite memory. Remember where each horse is because you’ll have to match them up!

Horse Match HD - Decane
Created by Decane.

Horse Quiz Know-It-All

Horse Quiz Know-It-AllContains 125 questions about horses – a fun way to find out just how much you really know about your favorite animal. Find out if you are a horse know-it-all?

Horse Quiz Know-It-All - XThunder
Created by XThunder.


HorseshoesHorseshoes without the space & outdoor requirements. Features include a variety of game types, great graphics local & global high score boards.

HorseShoes PRO™ - The Classic Game of HorseShoes - Skyworks
Created by Skyworks.

Hungry Horse

Hungry HorseKeep your horse well fed with this fun game. Allows you to control your horse by moving your phone and catch treats along the way.

Hungry Horse - Bluewater Publishing
Created by Bluewater Publishing.

Jumpy Horse

Jumpy HorseOffers three different horses and fantastic graphics for horse lovers. You are the horse and your goal is to get that Cowboy off your back!

Jumpy Horse - Internet Reshenia LLC
Created by Internet Reshenia LLC.

Like A Horse

Like A HorseBecome the horse in this fun game for your phone. There are several different race distance options and jumps of various complexity and an online scoreboard to keep track of it all.

Like a Horse - Galapagos
Created by Galapagos.

Sky Horse – Jumper Game

Sky Horse - Jumper GameCompete with your friends against world wide high scores in this OpenFeint enables iPhone horse game. How high can you jump?

Sky Horse - Jumper game for people who love horses - Code 4 Development LLC
Created by Code 4 Development LLC.

The Horse Lover’s Ultimate Horse Quiz

The Horse Lover's Ultimate Horse QuizDeveloped by real horse people this app offers a fast-paced & educational tool for horse lovers of all ages with 225 questions of horse trivia.

The Horse Lover's Ultimate Horse Quiz - Datex Media, Inc.
Created by Datex Media, Inc..

More Apps

If you haven’t already be sure to check out the USEF & USDF EquiTest Apps and the FEI EquiTests Apps and stay tuned for more to come!

7 Comments on “Horse iPhone Games on iTunes

    1. Janet Janssen

      There is also
      Equitempo and other excellent metronome apps you can really effectively use to develop the rhythm and purity of the gaits. My riding instructor (and guru :-)), ; Trish Helmer, utilizes a metronome often in lessons. iTunes also gives you a view option of BPM (beats per minute) of the songs in your library. I do not know if it is information you supply the number or if they do, only that playlists can be sorted by that criteria. It would be very helpful in either planning a freestyle or simply creating walk, trot, and canter playlists to ride to once you know your own horses desired rhythm.

  1. Paige Post author

    Not to worry ladies, I’ve got the apps covered in future posts. There are so many I had to separate them into categories!

  2. cheesedoodle

    i also know another game called My Horse very realistic with care feeding grooming competitions and different horses

  3. Missy

    Another game, which I would recommend over ALL listed above My Horse. It’s virtual, it’s realistic-like, it’s fun, never get’s boring, it makes you work at what your doing! Could take all day to accomplish something, and its free. It’s not a derby racing game like all the horse games out there. So it’s a nice change, and I absolutely love it. I’m 20 years old, horse lover and I’m recommending it.

  4. Maddie Smith

    Hey Horse lovers!!

    The best game of horses I have EVER played is: My Horse!!!

    Please add this. It could quite easily be the BEST horse app ever, I reckon!!

  5. Kira

    My horse is a great app with surprisingly go graphics for a iPod. It contains real life horse care and the competition system is amazing. It would be nice if you included this app in the list.

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