Horse Artist – Iwona Jankowski

Unperturbed NightEquine art never ceases to inspires and motivates horse lovers, myself included. So I wanted to profile some of the amazing artists out there who use horses as their subject.

Lucky for me, there is a lot of it out there and it means I’ll be spending countless hours looking through all of it.

The Artist

Iwona Jankowski’s horse art captures the strength and power of the horse while at the same time celebrating them with a colorful abstract touch.

“There is a beauty in every aspect of my life and I have a need to share it with others.”

Inspired by her sculpture teacher in Art School, Iwona learned how to effectively make her images worth a thousand words.

“I hope my art will bring some people escape, peace and provide relaxation from today’s daily lackluster world.”

That said, feast your eyes on some of her pieces & her words about each one.

The Horses of Iwona Jankowski

Calm Hearts

Awaiting Race

“This art shows a portrait of a horse that is coming from chaotic, crazy, unfamiliar abstract background and searching for attention. You can see in his trustful eyes, he wants to connect with people and is always as a vivid shadow that wants to be close, to follow and to please, and blindly he doesn’t expect anything in return – just hope for love and simple friendship to survive through the chaos.”

Awaiting Race

Calm Hearts

“Horses stand peacefully through a restless night. They can feel each others breath and hear their calmed heart bits. I believe this is the time of magic when they connect to each other and communicate in the silent language we people cannot understand – this is the horses’ soul connection. It’s so precious and breathtaking; they are afraid to break it, to lie down and fall to sleep…”

Another Challenge

Another Challenge

“This art shows a scene from Polo game. The horse and the player are in the middle of the game; their bodies are close and act as one perfect “player”. They need to understand and connect to each other. Every game is a challenge, especially for a horse when he needs to feel every smallest move, predict every reaction of his rider. He enjoys the contact, believes in the game. The horses needs to use all his skills and body powers to perform, to be the best he can be, to forget about limitations and pain – and, I know he always will…”

Crossing Souls

Crossing Souls

“An eye, as old people say, is a window to a soul. Body language is very important in communicating but eyes will tell you everything. When you look in a horse’s eye, you can see a curiosity, love, loyalty, trust or fear; however, when you look really deep, you will see a beautiful soul in a colorful world, hoping and dreaming of freedom… “

Unperturbed Night

Unperturbed Night

“Horses stand peacefully, close to each other through a restless night. Now, they connect with each other and communicate. They tell stories and legends about their feelings, their lives and the mysterious word around them. They are not noisy talkers or perhaps they don’t want to disturb the quiet, peaceful and precious time they have, so, they just whisper to each other in the language that only horses understand.”

Be sure to read a little more about Iwona and check out her sexy flowers collection too, really some beautiful work.

Are You An Artist Too?

I’m on a mission to hunt down talented equine artists and show off their work. If you are an artist or if you know one that would like to display some of their work on The Equinest, please drop me a note.

11 Comments on “Horse Artist – Iwona Jankowski

  1. Dannie

    This Is Absolutly Stunning Artwork! Ive Never Thought Of Looking At Horses In This Way. I Think I May Use A Simular Idea For My Final Peice Next Year :)

  2. Tara

    The art work is amazing the texture all the colours its just breth taking i can’t believe that paintings this good are even real

  3. James

    This art work, is seriously stuning, its like oh so amazing just the colours and texture’s used id say omg…the painting’s are real arn’t they?

  4. laurel faranda

    beautiful horses, you are amazing. i am so inspired by your artwork and the way you view animals and your colors

  5. Rosemary

    Iwona, you are the most talented artist with your art works of the horse. I am in awe of your work and talent as thousands others are as well. I love my piece of art of yours and enjoy it every day. You are truly an inspiration in your view of the horse on canvas!!!! If you need more inspiration pls come to my place and meet my heart horse, Cheyenne and my other geldings as well.

  6. Robert Berryman

    I never tire of looking at Iwona’s magnificent art, the way captures the true essence of these amazing creatures. She is probably the most gifted artist I’ve seen in a very long time.

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