Funky Horse Cakes

Horse Cake

Image from Cake Lady Cakes

There is nothing horse people like better than a well-made horsey cake. It seems in many cases, the more life-like the better.

Some of Them Freak Me Out

I’m not so sure I’m on board with all of these, but some of them are really cute and it is fun to get ideas for treating a fellow horse lover on their birthday.

Most of them are put together by professional cake makers, but I suspect some of them were made by adventurous novice bakers too. Hats off to the artists who did a bang up job of turning equines into yummy desserts.

Which Is Your Favorite?

Horse Cake

Image from Michelle Cakes

Horse Cake

Horse Cake

Image from Cake Artist

Horse Cake

Image from Stuff Yer Bake

Horse Cake

Horse Cake

Image from Sugar Daze

Horse Cake

Image from Angelina Cupcake

I can’t think of many things better than dessert and horses all rolled into one.

28 Comments on “Funky Horse Cakes

  1. OnceUponAnEquine

    I think my favorite is the 10th one (Charlotte 16,). Very cute. I don’t think I could eat a slice of that 2nd one (Nicky’s 40th bday). It looks too real. I wonder if the last one’s mane and tail are made of black licorice. All are very clever and look like they were made with a lot of love.

  2. Ima Mermaid

    i love the 10th one and last one the best. i think it is made of liquorice….anyways i wish my cake looked like that maybe someday i will order a horsey specialty cake maybe for my 16 bday cuz im only 11 at the time… 😀

  3. dedjanae

    I L-O-V-E all of the cakes because i love horses but, i love the last,second to last and first. i am turning 10 sunday 7, 2010 this sunday.

  4. kanjiismygold

    I like the last one the best. most of them are cool though. some….not so much. 😛

  5. Kayla

    I’m sad.I’m watching the rose parade and there are so many people happily riding horses!!! I want a horse but my mom says if I want one I would have to sell the house first. •_•

  6. Ali

    I love the Nicky and Teresa(unicorn) cake they look so real. I also the Angelina cupcakes, the horses look so cute. I don’t like the Patty one very much at all though.

  7. bethany

    i think all the cakes are good but i really like the unicorn one , 1st one and the cute little cupcake one

  8. Kayla

    Ok I had no where else to put this so what happened to the site!? Only the breeds page looks the same!!! :(

  9. Fabio

    The home baking cake intudsry is growing rapidly, I’ve seen so many cakes recently but nothing like Kylie’s. The perfection of her cakes shows her passion! Amazing cakes and look forward to seeing more inspirational ideas. Class! X

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