Horse & Equine Organizations

Horse & Equine OrganizationsThere is an endless supply of different horse & equine organizations out there. Sorting & listing them is an enormous task and one we’re really glad others have already accomplished. No sense in reinventing the wheel.

Listing Lists

At the risk of sounding redundant, this is a list of horse organization lists – there are so many out there already that everyone should be able to find what they are looking for. We’ve covered all of the basics & expect that this list will continue to grow over time. Be sure to leave your own list or a any great ones you know of in the comments!


Breyer Model Horse Registry Breed Associations
Equisearch Breed Associations A-F | Breed Associations G-L | Breed Associations M-R | Breed Associations S-Z
Horse Channel Horse Breed Associations
Horse World Data Breed Registries
Texas Horseman’s Directory National Breed Associations & Registries


For Equestrians International Dressage Organizations
Horse Show Central Horse Associations by (English speaking) County
Horse World Data International Organizations
Stud Farms Equine Associations Worldwide

Regional & Local

Equiculture Welfare Agencies in Australia
Equisearch US State Horse Councils
Horse Lovers Store Equine Associations & Federations in Canada
Horse World Data Regional Organizations | Public & Private Agencies

Equine Welfare

Equisearch Equine Welfare Organizations
Equine Welfare Alliance Welfare Associations
Horse Welfare Horse Welfare Organizations
North American Equine Equine Welfare Organizations

Niche & Discipline Specific

Drill Fever Equestrian Drill Team Associations
Equisearch Dressage Associations | Reining Associations | Eventing Associations | Polo & Polocrosse Associations | Hunter Jumper Associations | Driving Associations | Endurance Associations | Farriers Associations
Polo Center Equine Polo Associations & Federations Worldwide

General Association & Organization Lists

Cherokee County Saddle Club Equine Organizations
Cowboys Quebec Equestrian Associations & Federations
EquineNow Equine Associations
Horse and Hound Equestrian Associations
Horse Page Equine Organizations
Horse Stall Horse Organizations
Petstation Horse Registries & Associations
Pony Club Equine Organizations
Wikipedia Equestrian Organizations

What Are We Missing?

We’d love to hear of anything we’re missing, so be sure to leave it in the comments below. If you liked this list, you may also enjoy a great list of horse museums too.