Horse Image of the Week

Black & white ponies

Why We Like It

There is something quite unexpected & cute about this image. While most of it is the yin & yang effect, but some of it is the casual & relaxed behavior of the subjects. We think they are feral ponies, but aren’t quite sure where they are in the world. They look rugged, fuzzy & we just want to scratch behind their ears!

Hard to Decide

As always it’s difficult to select a fave, every horse & pony is beautiful. The trick is getting those pretty ponies looking good on film and believe us that is one magical trick! We can’t seem to take our own so we are ecstatic that other people can manage what we can’t – keep snapping away horse lovers!

Show Us Yours!

This is also an opportunity to reach out to our audience, who we know have some images of their own. While we’ve got tons of images to share, we want to share yours too. If you have an image you’d like us to feature on Fridays, let us know – we’d love to see it.