Horse Jobs – Artificial Breeding Technician

Horse with breeding managerAn artificial breeding technician is responsible for the artificial reproduction, which is often used when breeding horses and livestock. They frequently coordinate their efforts with a breeding manager or a broodmare manager.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a good understanding of horse anatomy, experience handling animals and a gentle touch for the mares. The ability to withstand physical labor, a strong physique, solid communication and strong organizational skills are highly beneficial to become an artificial breeding technician.

Job Description

This is a position which often works independently of breeding facilities, although larger establishments may have a dedicated position.


Scheduling insemination procedures with breeding farms
Prepare semen for insemination
Handle insemination processes
Keeping records of process and animals


Because the duties of this position are highly specialized, experience in the field and education are both highly valued in perspective employees. Chances are employers will expect some formal education to carry out this job, either in animal husbandry or veterinary science.*

In some places insemination must be carried out by a vet or a vet tech.

The Right Job For You?

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2 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Artificial Breeding Technician

  1. Pawel Schwiertz

    I have 10y paxis whit AI catlle and sheep and gots, pigs and dogs, now com time to AI horses……… meaby I can du this job:D

  2. eva anderson

    experienced AI and mare manager, 6 yrs as breeding manager 96 % fertility .
    located in Californa ,willing to re- locate .
    Eva M Anderson

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