Horse Jobs – Barn Foreman

horse with stable foremanAn integral part of a large working stable or barn, the barn foreman implements the essential routines of day to day horse life.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from in-depth horse knowledge, general admin experience and the ability to multi-task. A key team player, the foreman’s communication skills and organization are an integral part of keeping their charges healthy and happy.

Job Description

Similar in description to barn manager, the barn foreman position is generally found at larger establishments. Their position requires less planning/ management and more hands on work. A barn foreman often reports to both the barn manager and the trainer, and is essential in carrying out their plans of action.


Hiring & firing of barn/ stable employees
Training new employees
Managing barn/ stable staff
Enforcing feed & cleaning schedules
Ordering supplies & feed
Maintaining equipment, supply & feed inventory
Applying prescribed medications and treatments
Enforcing exercise routines
Available for emergency after-hours
Managing disposal of waste
Overseeing vet visits, worming & shots
Overseeing farrier visits


This is a position which can rely more on experience than formal schooling. Generally a high school diploma is required, however any secondary education in animal husbandry is helpful.

The Right Job For You?

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8 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Barn Foreman

  1. Katherine Blenman

    I am enquiring about being a stable/barn foreman.
    I am interested in what qualifications and skills I need to become one and what the age limit to be one.



  2. Crystal Briggs

    Where are you located at I have been looking for another job working with horses. I live in Blytheville Arkansas I have worked at a horse stables in michigan off and on for 3 1/2 years I moved to Arkansas and haven’t found a stable or ranch yet that’s near here or is wanting help. Please contact me and let me know!!!!!!

  3. Kaylee

    I’m wanting to aply for a job at the stables but I’m 14, What is the age limit in NE to work at the stables?

  4. Whitney Erickson

    I have been around horses ever since I was little since my family friends had horses, and I would ride their horses all the time. When I moved to Georgia I volunteered at a barn for about a year doing- back up trail rides, cleaning the stables, feeding and watering the horses, and doing whatever since they need me to do. I would also help teach my friends house to ride horse. I miss working in a barn and being around horses.

  5. Mohammed Basheer

    I have worked in Horse stable since last 15 years as a Foremen around.I love horses lot.. So please contact me.

    1. Tammy

      Hi Mohammed,i just want to know,what is the age requirement to become a barn foreman? And do you need any certain qualifications? Thank you :)

  6. Morgan Blake

    Hello, I am 13 and interested in this job choice, how old do you have to be in South Dakota to work in a stable? Do you need a High School Deploma to do this job or can you be a Barn Boreman before you graduate?

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