Horse Jobs – Barn Manager

horse with stable mangerAn essential member of any large barn or stable, the barn manager is responsible for planning and orchestrating the day to day life of each animal in their charge.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from management experience, a high level of organization and a supreme knowledge of horses. Attention to detail and the ability to follow through are essential as the barn manager is required to organize both horses and people.

Job Description

Barn manager is the glue that holds a barn or stable together, they oversee every aspect of horse care, from vet visits to exercise to supplies to management of barn employees. Their role is a significant one and beyond an almost expert knowledge of horses, it requires quick decision making, adaptability and leadership qualities.


Hiring & firing of barn/ stable employees
Training new employees
Overseeing barn/ stable staff
Developing & enforcing feed & cleaning schedules
Ordering supplies & feed
Maintaining equipment, supply & feed inventory
Dispensing & applying prescribed medications and treatments
Developing & enforcing exercise routines
Available for emergency after-hours
Managing disposal of waste
Arranging and overseeing vet visits, worming & shots
Overseeing farrier scheduling & visits


There is no formal education required per se, however veterinary and management schooling are beneficial, as is previous barn management experience.

The Right Job For You?

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24 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Barn Manager

  1. Megan

    When you say veterinary is beneficial, do you mean knowing the basics of how to take care of the average injuries, collics, etc. Or do you mean to get a degree and go to vet school?

    1. Karen

      To be a Barn Manager, one must have a good knowledge of the horse. There is so much responsibility to this position. One must be a quick thinker in case of an emergency. Must be determined, stable, kind, and have horse sense!

      1. Karen

        Another ad on to my previous statement; I think of horses like kids,(raised two on my own). Kids will test you, get in trouble, they are very curious, they need direction, a role model, a teacher, a leader and someone to love them, (just like a horse). :-)

  2. Paige

    Hi Megan,

    Essentially vet training would be beneficial to almost any career with horses, however practical hands-on experience is just as important. An official degree isn’t necessary for this position, but most employers would find the additional qualifications a plus. As you know horses are animals of prey who act first & ask questions later, so knowing how to remain calm & deal with the aftermath is essential.

  3. D

    I have worked for 15 years in the horse industry. and there is goverment funded groom school programs some even pay you to attend. but mostly alot of hands on experince is the best bet.
    I-C.A.N.TER in Ridgeway ontario is the groom school course i attended. and Kemptville college in Ottawa offers horse courses as well.

  4. Leo

    I’m looking for a new professional challenge.
    I am a self employed ranch owner. I have horse boarding, riding lessons, horse breeding, training and showing experience.
    Please give me more informations about the job and the location. I will be glad to provide you with more details about myself such as cv and letters of recommendation.
    I look forward to hear from you and remain.

  5. SM

    Manager of Operations Full general management responsibility for this Equestrian Center housing forty-six horses, managing two trainers and servicing approximately ninety customers. Equestrian disciplines included hunter, jumper, western, others. Managed and led seven fulltime and two part time employees. Responsible for hiring, scheduling, employee on-job performance, evaluations, and training. Returned to this operation after new owners took over and participated in the completion of remodeling and renovations at the Center. Planned and created operational program format for lessons, training, boarding, veterinary care, farrier care and all other aspects of the Center. Through creative marketing we increased the occupancy of horses to capacity within nine months of our grand opening. Created a successful hunter/jumper program.

  6. syed akhlaq haidar kazmi

    I am a veterinary graduate from pakistan.migrated to canada after serving in civil veterinary deptt and pakistan army and retired as a major.besides treating equines and other animals i served in remount depotand was responsible for management of different equine deptts.i served in brooke hospital for animals(UK) in pakistan as team incharge for eight years.full details of profile,training etc can be intimated when required

    1. Rockin PB Ranch and Arena

      Generally speaking the pay isn’t extrodinary. You are not going to get rich off this job. However, it generally comes with a multitude of perks such as:
      Free housing with no bills (water, electric etc.)
      A farm vehicle
      A phone
      etc. etc. etc. So without these common constraints, your money tends to add up. One of my instructors at my university (who has been a barn manager for years) went a purchased a brand new house w/ 3 acres, and a brand new Subaru off the lot and paid cash.

  7. Blake

    Hello…..I am everything you are looking for in your add. Ive worked around horses since I can remember life. I am the manager of one of the largest horse barns in the midwest. I didnt see where you are located and whats the salary?

  8. Tracy

    I have been working as a Horse Barn Manager for a while now. I was supervising between 2 and 5 barn employees. I worked at a barn in Footville, WI where all of the horses were rescues from bad homes and bad environments where they were abused. I would Cleaned horse stalls,Fed and watered horses,Lead horses out to pasture,Brought the horses back to the barn,Cleaned the barn,Cleaned the tack,Groomed the horses,Exercised the horses, and I was learning to lunge. I love working with horses and getting to spend time with them and being outside. I am more than qualified for the position that you are advertising for. Thank you for your time, and your consideration.

  9. Taylor

    hi, i would like to know that if you become a barn manager. could you open your own boarding stable? and if any one knows what does it take to be able to open a boarding stable?

  10. Ujjwal Handa


    I have had over six years of senior management experience, 1 year as trackwork rider and 2 years as managing partner of a Horse Race Training institute in India. Currently based in New Delhi I have a diploma in management and cert iv in OHS both from Australia.

  11. Tim

    To whom it may concern…I am 55 years old and been involved in horses most of my life, this sounds like the job for me. Not content with the job I have now as a truck driver,although I still have and maintain 3 horses of my own. I currently live in N.C.

  12. Stephanie Nidiffer

    I am a senior at the University of Tennessee at Martin graduating in May with a degree in Farm and Ranch management. I am looking for a career as a barn manager. I was an assistant manager at the farm I worked at last summer and it is something that I really love to do. I have been involved with horses my entire life and want to continue to work with them.

  13. sandra allen

    Where is this job located? My husband and I ran a equestrian center for almost three years from the ground up. We started with three boarders and filled the barn in less then a year with great boarders and horse people. Unfortunately the instructor that we brought on board and her mother decided they wanted to take our place. We were asked to leave. With very upset boarders and our lives turned upside down we are seaking a new place to manage where our former boarders can come. We can fill a barn in no time. We have done all the work together as a couple and made this center a family friendly place to be. We are seeking a new place to start.

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