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horse with equine nutritionistEquine nutritionists are an important part of the horse spectrum and have an innate ability to understand health. This isn’t a particularly hands on career, while there is horse contact, the majority of work is in research and testing.

What You Need

Nutritionists work in many different environments and with a variety of different types of people. They can be responsible for communication with owners, manufacturers, dealers and even farmers. Anyone in this position has to enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. This is a position which benefits from an aptitude for math and computers, strong communication skills and an inquisitive nature.

A genuine love of biology, a problem solving nature and a love of the outdoors are strong characteristics in a good equine nutrition specialist.

Job Description

Nutritionists work to get animals in the finest possible physical state through a series of foods and supplements designed specifically for each individual animal.


Handling a variety of animal ailments
Observation and assessment of each case
Development of feeding & supplementation schedule
Research & development of feeds & supplements
Understanding of nutrition requirements for different types of horse
Determining proper feeding & nutrition for healing animals
Utilize complicated computer to determine nutritional needs
Communication with different parts of the industry


Candidates must have graduated from high school and a college degree is beneficial. A business degree as well as nutritionist studies will both help in this profession. To acquire a research or product management position with a large company generally requires a masters or Ph.D. in nutrition.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a equine nutrition specialist.

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Equine Science Society
The Equine Science Certificate

The Right Job For You?

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12 Comments on “Horse Jobs – Equine Nutrition Specialist

  1. Christina Garrett

    I am interested in equine nutrition, have been for years with my own horses. I have experimented with different feeds and supplements, with all ages of horses.
    Where can I look for this type of job?


  2. Megan

    My mom and me have been discussing my future. I want to be a trainer, but I have a health condition and she doesn’t think I will be able to. She would like me to do something with nutrition. I do not want to work indoors. Is this an indoor job?

    1. Oregon

      well i deffinatly think you should persue your dream and work outside because life is to short to be cooped up in the house.. i dont know what kind of condition you have that would stop you, but try your hardest to make what your interested in come true

  3. Kath Thomas

    I have just finished the first year of my MSE in Equine Science and looking forward to the next two years. I am very interested in Equine Nutrition. I live on the edge of Brighton. I would love to get some work/experience over the summer period (end of July to end of August).

  4. Lauren

    hey i was just wondering if you have to go to uni to be a horse nutrisionist if you have finished high school? im looking for a career with horses and im in grade 11 now any ideas? i would like to be a horse nutrionist.

    1. Scott Zeltt

      I am a graduate from Delaware Valley College, with a BS in Animal Husbandry. If you are looking for research type career, go to a college and major in Biology. If it is a career with animals, the take the path of Animal Science. Del Val was a very small and good school to go to. As for equine nutrition. KER(Kentucky Equine Research) is one of the best indepenant reasearch places around. One of the best feeds for horses is Triple Crown.

      Scott Racehorse- Owner, Trainer, Breeder.

  5. Shayne Villa

    I have been interested in equine nutrition for years. I was just wondering how the job market is and if there is a need for it?

  6. Shannon

    Hi i want to be a Equine Nutritionist but i dont know how i could become one , do you need uni ? and is it a full or part time job ? thanks xxxx

  7. ZZhorserider

    A stunt rider would actually be called a “vaulter”. And an equine nutritionist could be someome who makes diets for specific horses but could also be a scientist who studies horse diets and improves recommendations and such.

    Very nice =)

  8. Britt

    Am very interested in a horse related career.
    I own and care for eight horses now. I am in grade eleven and enrolled in an equine studies program through my highschool. Reading about being a horse nutritionist seems to be right in my ball park.
    Is it in high demand?
    What is the average salary?
    What schooling is required?
    Thanks, hoping for a reply,

  9. Oregon

    Im graduating at the end of this school year and i am very interested in a career in Equine Nutrition. My mom and i had a passion for horses my whole life, my mom died a year ago and i’d like to take up our dream abd pursue it, to show her what i can do and that our passion for horses will live on. I would like to start this career after i graduate soon.. but i would like to know more information about it and what i have to do.. can anyone help me?

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