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GeneticistEquine Geneticist is a job working with horses that doesn’t offer as much handling of the animal as it does science and research.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from the critical thinking, strict attention to detail and a deep understanding of the scientific method. Although the job doesn’t offer a great deal of hands on with horses, it is still one that is best suited to a horse lover.

An affinity for problem solving and the ability to think and work independently are important elements of a successful horse geneticist.

Job Description

Essentially geneticists study genetic heredity in horses and the transmission of individual characteristics. This could be for anything from prevention of disease to the genetics of equine color. Those in the field generally work in one of two areas, research or teaching.


Research geneticists are often employed by a university, medical school or pharmaceutical company. Their research can focus on variations of existing breeds, transmission of inherited disease, color genetics or genetic segregation.

Prepare & conduct laboratory studies
Prepare reports on their research


Teaching genetics requires a great deal more contact with people and the ability to teach and convey a difficult subject.

Prepare lesson plans
Conduct classes & give lectures
Supervise students in laboratory work
Serve on Professional committees
Write articles & prepare papers


This is one of the horse jobs that requires a great deal of education and qualifications. A bachelor of science degree in chemistry, physics or mathematics leading up to a master’s or doctorate in genetics.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a horse geneticist

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Genetics Society of America
Genetics Society
Center for Genetics & Society

The Right Job For You?

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      I found this the other day, I don’t know how accurate it is. I read that Equine Geneticist just starting out typically make around $30,000. And with more experience can make up to $100,000.

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