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Hot Walker

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A hot walker doesn’t necessarily sound like an important job, but it is. Race horses work very hard and cooling them properly after a race or a workout is essential. In smaller stables this duty is often carried out by grooms, however at large facilities there is a dedicated position for hot walkers

What You Need

This is a position that benefits from a solid ability to handle highly strung horses on the ground, a deep knowledge of horses and a head for teamwork. A Hotwalker may also be responsible for various stable duties such as grooming, medicating, etc. Racing barns work long hours and each member must contribute as a unit to accomplish their goals.

Strength of character, physical strength and the ability to think quick on your feet are characteristics of a good hot walker.

Job Description

Responsible for removing tack post-workout or race and keeping the animals moving until they are fully cooled out and ready to be put away. Often this position includes basic grooming duties as well.


Removing tack & equipment
Keeping their charge moving until they are fully cooled out
Can be responsible for bathing, grooming & blanketing their charge
Can be responsible for feeding & watering once horse is ready


This position doesn’t require any formal education (although larger facilities may require a high school diploma for employment). Experience is generally the best teacher in this case and most track managers will be looking for someone who knows race horses and has worked with them in the past.


From everything we read the best way to apply for this position is to visit your local race tracks. Speaking with personnel, whether it is trainers, security staff or riders will give you an idea if anyone is looking for additional help.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. Paige Wester

    Hi, I am looking for a full time position as a groom or as a hotwalker at a race track. If you or know somebody who is hiring please let me know.

    Thank you,


  2. Jerry G. Kaczmarek

    Hi I am presently unemployed. I have years of hot-walking and grooming ability. Race horses are my specialty. I have worked for many trainers throughout the years. Thank You. Feel free to contact me.

  3. rashelle zaugg

    Hello i am very experienced with race horses if theres anyone looking for a great eye in the bloodstock arena call me at 530 7767907

  4. LA

    What is the average pay of a hot walker? Groomer?
    can a groomer be w/out license? What kind of pay do reg.-daily groomers make on an average (at race tracks)?

  5. melani cuevas

    looking for hot walker position at Philadelphia parx racetrack. Have much experience with horses and have worked there years ago when it was Keystone Race track as a hot walker. Owned many horses thru out the years. Please return any information at my email address.
    Melani Cuevas

  6. Lisa Kronyak

    looking for a hot walker or grooming position worked Meadowlands, Keystone, Belmont and A/C

  7. Michael Johnson

    Looking for a job on race track in Miami I have experience with horse I have worked for dutrow in ny looking to work in Miami D Luke can somebody help me out

    Thank you .. Michael Johnson

  8. Johnny Mercado

    To all trainers from the New York city racetracks such as Saratoga Belmont and aqueduct I just had a dream come true working the job I would love to have fall short because of a little bad situation with housing and weather. I’m very much in great condition to take care of horses I also have experience I worked in the past with trainer Marsha assistant to Linda rice wonderful opportunity I just wish I could continue. I could be licenced as soon I get hired same day also my number is 9179378431 and email address is johnnymercado82@gmail.com thanks to all trainers

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