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Jockey ValetThe position of jockey valet is similar in many ways to a groom, they are to aid and assist in every aspect of preparing both horse and jockey for a race.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from attention to detail, the ability to work well and make decisions under pressure – not to mention a sheer love of racing in general. This is a physically demanding position with responsibilities that will change daily.

A teamwork attitude, a firm knowledge of horseflesh and the ability to think on the fly are all strong qualities in successful jockey valets.

Job Description

Responsible for preparing both jockey and horse for racing.


Grooms & saddles horse
Inserts proper weight in saddle pockets
Responsible for mount and rider racing numbers
Prepares appropriate silks for each jockey
Assists jockey in getting dressed for each race
After race untacks and grooms horse
Clean and organize equipment for storing


Valets are generally employed by racing stables and provided as a service to the jockeys. Most racing stables will require a high school diploma and probably (more importantly) experience with horses in the racing industry.

The Right Job For You?

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  1. Valentyn Los

    I have worked as a showumping groom and been breaking young horses for 17 years I have always been a huge fan of horse racing due to the increasing bad work atmosphere in showjumping i,m tryning to make a career change

  2. Asif Maqsood

    Respected Sir,
    My fist name is Asif Maqsood and I’m 29 years old. I’m looking for a stable
    job any where in the world. I have been riding and working with horses
    for over 08 years in lahore club Paksitan with my nick name (azam hussain).I’m great with horses,I’m a very hard worker,if you r looking a new stable hand or exercise rider. I would do anything what you’d want me to do, like riding, grooming,feeding, cleaningtack, or whatever. So please consider this offer and call or Email to me.


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