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Racing DriverThis position is similar in nature to a jockey and involves many of the same duties. Like jockeys, this is a job which requires great physical strength and can be quite dangerous.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a thorough knowledge of the racing industry, a great deal of experience with horses and the ability to think quick on your feet. Racing drivers work closely with horse owners, trainers, exercise riders and a variety of barn staff to achieve their goals.

Strength of body and character, smallness of stature and the ability to work well with a variety of horses make for a great racing driver. Like the jockey this is perhaps one of the most dangerous horse jobs.

Job Description

Racing drivers are responsible for taking their mount across the finish line first, although that doesn’t happen by accident. There is a great deal of work and training involved in creating a great racing team.


Working with trainers, owners and exercisers to establish racing strategies
Taking their charges through training exercises
Spend time getting to know the strengths & weaknesses of each horse
Maintaining proper racing equipment
Provide feedback to trainers and owners about each charge
Study past performances of their charges
Research & understand footing at each track they race
Racing with their charges


This is another position where height and weight can determine your level of employment. Harness racing carries strict weight requirements and those with smaller stature are preferred as drivers. This position will rely heavily on past experience, owners will want drivers who understand horses and racing on a very deep level.

Racing drivers must be certified to drive and certification requirement and testing will vary from country to country and state to state.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a racing driver.

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US Trotting Association
Australian Harness Racing
Harness Racing New Zealand
Harness Racing Association of South Africa
British Harness Racing Club
Standardbred Canada

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