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Stallion ManagerA stallion manager is generally a position found in larger breeding establishments and they often work closely with a breeding manager who oversees the operation.

What You Need

Managing stallions is a very hands-on and physically demanding position, requiring a person who is strong in both body and mind. Anyone interested in this position should have experience handling studs. This is a position which benefits from a firm understanding of teamwork, the ability to think/ act quickly and a thorough knowledge of the equine animal.

The ability to make quick decisions, handle great physical demands and a sheer love of the animal are traits of a successful stallion manager.

Job Description

Generally only needed in large breeding facilities, the stallion manager has a very dedicated job. Although the duties with reference to the animals may vary, the position could encompass general care or be more specific to the breeding process.


General care of breeding stallions
Coordination & scheduling of live breeding schedules
Handling stallions for live breeding
Semen collection for artificial insemination
Working with owners to streamline processes
Communication with different parts of the facility


Although invariably in this case experience is the best teacher, the more specific the job generally the more education may be required. Some employers may require certification from vocational schools, others may need to see a bachelors degree. While still others will rely heavily on past experience to screen candidates.

Careers in equine – equine stud hand from Lantra SSC on Vimeo.

The Right Job For You?

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  1. Alisha

    Hi I’d love to do this job but was wondering if you do more paper work or more hands on stuff with the stallions?

  2. karianne

    hey i am very interested with type of job but where would i find a stud farm near me to have experance with stallions? i live in south wales.

    thank you :)

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