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Horse WriterAlong with horse artist, this is probably one of the dreamier horse jobs out there. The nature of the job requires that horse writers have a great deal of flexibility and independence. While a love of horses is a strong element in this type of work, it isn’t all you need to be successful.

What You Need

Obviously to be a great horse writer or author you need to be able to write. Whether you are a science fiction fiction writer or a more serious scientific research and journal publisher, you need to have an affinity for words. Beyond a way with words, writers must also possess strong editing and image selection skills as well as the ability to market themselves and their writing.

A love of words, a strong background in your chosen niche and the ability to write anywhere you are are common elements of successful horse writers and authors.

Job Description

The description for this job can almost fit into three words…write about horses. While the type or flavor of the writing may change (as may the software you use), writers write and that is their job. Horse writers may be hired to do anything from daily horse blogging, to marketing materials to ghost writing novels. In many ways those with writing experience may be more valuable to clients than those with horse experience.

Responsibilities Include

Creating horse copy for various forms of application
Research and education in a chosen or client’s discipline
Creating well-written and edited finished product
Image selection or photography


Requirements for horse writer will vary immensely from job to job. Some writers prefer to remain autonomous and work on contract, while others prefer a salary position within a company. Contract writers are probably more likely to be hired on merit alone based on past accomplishments or the quality of previously published items. While those hired into a company may require a degree or credentials in anything from to English to journalism.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a horse artist.

*Link opens in a new window
Horse Writers & Photographers Association
British Equestrian Writers’ Association
Horse authors interviewed on The Equinest

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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