An Ode to Horses in The Koran

Mohammed on Horseback

Today’s horse poetry is something a little different, a simple ode to the horse as found in the Koran. I’m not totally sure about the translation and would love correction if it’s needed.

Ode to Horses

When God created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature:
I have made thee as no other.
All the treasures of the earth shall lie between thy eyes.
Thou shalt cast thy enemies between thy hooves,
but thou shalt carry my friends upon they back.
Thy saddle shall be the seat of prayers to me.
And thou fly without any wings, and conquer without any sword.

Something Different?

If it’s something less religious you are looking for you may enjoy an upbeat little poem by William Ogilvie called Four In-Hand.

2 Comments on “An Ode to Horses in The Koran

  1. jasmine

    I’ve heard this before… but I love it!(: It’s a great poem, one of my favorites. Me being a horse person, I feel like I can really fly without wings on the back of my mare(: Horse Riding is such an amazing experience! It’s something I hope I can do all my life!

  2. russell

    it’s great, but I cannot find it AT ALL in the Koran. Do you have a verse reference for it?
    or is it a poetic gloss, if so… where is it from?
    Love to know.

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