Excellent Horse Logos

Ferrari LogoLogos are a fun way to express the feeling and ideas behind any business, and the horse industry is no exception.

Simplicity is Best

While I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple and (for the horse industry) staying away from too much *horse* in the logo.

This article started when I found one that I really liked, then when I started doing some research I found a whole bunch of clever horse logos that were worth sharing.

Breaking The Rules

Although most of them go against my no horse rule, I like them anyway.

Esperanza Center
Making of the logo

Colorado State University Equine Sciences
Colorado State University Equine Sciences

Exhibit X Dressage Wear
Exhibit X Dressage Wear

Gray Horse Studio
Art Suites

Dressage Life
Dressage Life

High Plains Mustang Club
High Plains Mustang Club

German Schneider Dressage
German Schneider Dressage


Equine Planet
Equine Planet

Equestrian City
Ivan Raszl Design

Olympic Equestrian Logo
Beijing Olympics

I Can’t Pick A Favorite

I like them all, which is your favorite?

12 Comments on “Excellent Horse Logos

  1. David

    Thanks for including The Esperanza Center logo in this very nice collection of Excellent Horse Logos. The Esperanza logo has been given much praise and was even awarded Logo of the Day honors. Horses are remarkably beautiful animals, so it is no surprise that they have inspired many fantastic logos!

    Here is a link to another horse logo I designed that you might enjoy as well:


  2. Joni Solis

    For some reason I cannot get all the horse logo images to load in this article. I really like the article about how the horse logo for Esperanza Center came about: Logo Progression – Bozeman, Montana Non-Profit Gets A “Brand” New Look – http://manifestbozeman.com/blog/musings/miscellaneous/logo-progression-local-non-profit-gets-a-new-look/

    I like the flow of the lines in the Equi-Myo horse logo.

    I spend my days designing horse logos so I do enjoy looking at creative logos for horse business. Thank you for this post.

    1. Paige

      Hi Joni,

      Which ones gave you trouble loading? Also, I was wandering around your website, do you have a page that displays the logos you have designed? I’d love to add a link to it. :)

  3. sandi

    I’m looking for a logo for my business: Mane 2 Tail Equine Massage. I’m thinking about a horse showing mane and tail with hands on it..
    thanks sandi

  4. Karen Nall

    These logos are all very creative and very well done. Thank you for sharing. I think the Equine Sciences logo is very eye appealing, the Esperanza logo is very deep and well thought out (for the love of a horse and all). And, kudos to Exhibit X, for such a creative design. Equine Planet is also pretty neat. It’s not the prettiest, but it is a very ingenious design. Those are my faves.

  5. Maya

    YEAY! I designed the German Schneider Dressage logo on a napkin as a doodle one day while I was working for German!! I am excited that it was picked! and also I am a graduate of Equine Science of CSU so double YEY!

  6. Alan Gent


    I found the above logos very good and is it possible to have a contact address or number with the “High Plains Mustang Club”

    Kindest Regards

    Alan gent

  7. Rnchgrl

    Hello, I really like one of the logos above. When I click on the link, it tells me the page is no longer available. Can someone give me direction on either contacting the company that no longer has the page or the artist? I know, a long shot at best. Thank you in advance.

  8. Cheryl Robertson

    I love the Artsuites logo and would like to enquire how to go about contacting the owner. We are 5 girls at a private farm in Cape Town, South Africa. We ride for fun and for the love of horses, but want a logo for our little “team”. There is no financial gain for anybody. ..We all pay our own costs and run the yard as a team effort. The logo is just for fun and we may have it stitched onto our winter rain jackets or summer caps. None of us compete at all. Many thanks!

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