A Huge List of Horse Movies

Lists of horse movies by the decade they were released.

Thanks to everyone who makes suggestions & shares their faves in the comments. We’ll be adding them all but it takes time. Keep checking back for updates!

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  1. Natalie

    My favorite movies are Spirit and Flika also you forgot 2 put the Moon stallion, its really good and you forgot The winter Stallion. i haven’t seen it but it is apparently very good. oh and champion the wonder horse!

  2. Manda

    I am looking for a movie where I belive the mother and daughter are hauling a horse trailer with a horse in it and they end up falling off a cliff/hill and the girl gets out of the truck to try to make sure the horse is ok and ends up getting injured. If anyone knows the name of this movie that would be great!

    1. Jamie

      The movie you are talking about is called Dark Horse with Mimi Rogers. It came out in 92/93. One of my all time favorite movies, I wish I could find in on DVD.

  3. mal

    hey i dont know if anybody can help me but im trying to remember a movie from when i was younger, i believe i watched it on the disney channel. i dont remember much all i remember is there is a little girl and she is walking with this horse, i believe it was injured..and she gets help from some lady at her house as shes walking through the town..

  4. Lana di Pati

    Hi, a couple of years ago I watched a horse movie, the name of which I cannot remember. It was about two girls having their horses in one stable. The two girls didn’t like each other. The horse of one of them broke his leg and the other girl (let’s call her the bad one) was quite a malicious one and said that “the horse would be processed into cookies (or something like that) like all the other horses with broken legs”. Then I do not remember the plot completely. What I only remember is that there was going to be a great race and the bad girl was late for the event, didn’t warm her horse up. The horse pulled his tendon and was unable to take part in the race.
    Well, that’s all I remember. Anybody knows what film it could be? Thanks for help.

    1. Jamie

      I’m pretty sure the movies you are talking about is called Second Chances. It’s funny because my niece and I are watching the movie right now on Netflix.

  5. Ken

    The Black Stallion is one of the greatest and my personal favorite. The story of Bucephalus before the night of the storm and fire on the ship… wonderful!

  6. Coal

    Hi i have seen a couple of films on here:
    The sliver Brumby (so sad)
    Spirit: Stallion of the cimmaron
    Young Black Stallion.
    I love them all and im soon going to watch Pit Pony, i heard its sad so im quite nervous to watch it. But i have a huge liking for horses! :)

  7. Sophie Glover

    Does anyone have The White Pony, on video, because i would really like to either transfer it onto my dvd disc and make a copy or actually have and enjoy… i ahve fond memories of this film, i dont want the american dvd because i dont think it will play in my dvd player.
    many thanks

  8. Franca

    You’re missing “Lonely Are the Brave” (1962) Kirk Douglas
    Not a horse movie in the same way as “The Black Stallion” or “Phar Lap” or “National Velvet” but the mare is a major character, central to the plot. I love this film.


    Hi Abraham
    The film that you’re looking for is called “Straight
    From the Heart” and stars Teri Polo and Andrew McCarthy. I’ve seen it twice on Channel Five and fell
    in love with a background song called Cowgirl’s Rodeo
    by Kevin Banford. It seems that a lot of people have
    been trying to get this film, more for the song than anything. Well, the film is available on Amazon but
    only for Region 1, however it is available to watch
    on YouTube. Just put in straight from the heart film
    and it comes right up.
    The song is also availabe from Amazon on Kevin Banford’s CD “King Of the Thrift Store Cowboys.”
    Hope this helps. Enjoy.

  10. Marilyn Correa

    How about the Disney movies “Tonka” and “Justin Morgan Had a Horse.” I remember watching both when I was a kid. There are many on the list I haven’t seen.

  11. Chlloe

    Hi guys Ii;ve been trying to remember the name of this movie for years now but cant come to it.
    It’s made inbetween 2000-2007 it has a really pretty teenage girl as the min charchter who keeps getting into trouble wioth school and possible law she is sent to a ranch were afer her weeks of anger she discovers a friend who she bonds with straigth away!I think maybe its her dads ranch and yeah he;s a real hard ass, thats ortty much what i remmber but it was THE BEST MOVIE!
    anyone know it?

    1. SANDRA

      It sounds like All Roads Lead Home. It has the actor who layed Ray Ramonos father in Everyone Hates Raymonnd. I think its her grandfathers place. She jumps in a river to save some puppies he tries to drown and later runs away across some railroad tracks and makes her grand father do things the they used to when her grandmother was alive. Let me know if thats the one.

  12. Glenn Jones

    Hosszu vagta or The Long Ride is a wonderful horse movie. It was one of only three that Kelly Reno made. The boy could ride!

  13. SANDRA

    You need to add All Roads Lead Home, if you haven’t seen it I can’t recommend it too highly. Its just that good! Its about a girl sent to her grandfather,because shes unmangable, but just really has a big heart, that always gets her in trouble. She turns her grandfather, his workers and his ranch back to the the loving place it was before her grandmother died.

  14. kayleigh

    I was hoping to find the name of the movie I saw on tv years ago, a dad bought a jumper horse for his daughter and named it a after the aspirin company he worked for. It was a great movie but I just can not think of the name.

    1. Gayle Bryan

      The name of this Disney movie is “The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit”. Great movie.

  15. Maggie

    Hi everyone, awesome collection. I am looking for a movie I saw around 1977. It was about a horse and a young boy who was unable to speak. I believe the boy was unable to speak due to something tragic but he develops a relationship with the horse. One day, boy and horse had an accident and the horse is almost lost when the boys speaks to the horse and the horse get up from some type os sinking ground. Ring any bells? Memory is very fussy but I believe the horse was white.

    1. "the White Stalllion"

      the White stalllion” is the film you are describing made in the 1950’s England. Both orse and oby have platinum hair.(not to be cnfused wtih French movie “White Mane”)

  16. George

    I’m looking for the title of an old movie that has a scene in which a servant is blindfolded and others are trying to teach him to run and jump as they try to figure out how to teach a blind horse to jump, I think. Instead of waiting and shouting out, “Jump,” they eventually wound up telling the servant something like, “Come on…come on…get read…jump.” The movie is likely from the 1940’s or 1950’s.

  17. Jessica

    Hey, I’m looking for a horse movie. It has a White Stallion. I can only remember some parts of the movie and the VHS box but not the name. The box is a pinky/purple color with a profile of a white horse. A vivid scene I have is where a couple of ranchers ride to a nearby ranch where the owner (woman I think) is checking her horses and she tells her hand not to rope the colt and he does so anyway breaking the colt’s neck. The only other part I remember is that in the end of the movie they (ranchers ect.) are attempting to catch the white stallion and he jumps off a cliff to his death if I’m not mistaken. I last whatched this movie about fifteen years ago or so when I was 8 so I might be mixing up something but if it rings any bells that would be awesome. Thks

  18. Roy B

    Hi, Does anyone know or recall the documentary (from around 2000 I’d guess) which featured a very attractive English work-rider who was based at Santa Anita and was dating a man who was far older than her. If anyone can help please mail me at: roy@roytheboy.net Many thanks

  19. lealoo123

    i found one film seabuscuit another young black stallion and the horse whispere and another hidilago and thats it i realy like all of theas films hope it helped you 😀

  20. Kristi

    What is the movie with a girl a named Sunny. She wants to be a cowgirl. Her mother’s friend tries to propose to her but declines. She really like Sunny’s coach, former husband of Dallas, a snobbish horse trainer. Dallas has a daughter older than Sunny and prettier.

    Please help me

  21. willeke

    i’m looking for a movie
    it’s about a girl well i don’t know if it came by a incident or that she was born soobut she couldn’s walk. and a black horse that couldn”t walk either and they both helped en lurned to walk again?? i’m sorry for my bad english :(

  22. Jamie

    I dont think I saw this one mentioned but it was an awesome movie! It was made in 1985 – starring Melissa Gilbert and Richard Farnsworth.
    Charlie is a 16-year-old orphan struggling to raise her two younger brothers when she endeavors to train a wild horse she names Sylvester and turn him into an Olympic jumping champion.
    This is one of my all time favorites!

  23. Brittany

    Hi, I have been trying to find this horse movie for a long time. I watched it several years ago. it came on tv. it was about a troublesome teenage boy who was sent to stay with his aunt and uncle(I think, it was definitely relatives) on a horse farm. he’s a real city boy and has a hard time adjusting. he has a younger cousin/family member that lives on the farm. i remember he gets his cell phone taken away and he meets a girlfriend. i don’t remember much, but I remember really enjoying it. Hope someone can help. :)

  24. Polly

    Many years ago my grandmother told me about a horse that the trainer had taught to really run faster when the song “Tra-ra-ra-boom-te-a” was played. She love telling the story about that particular race horse. I’m thinking that she may have been thinking of a movie from the 1930’s. Can someone help me. Thank You.

  25. Harry

    I remember a film about a horse with and Irish trainer or similair to that and it was really inspirational but I can’t remember the name. Any ideas??

  26. milly

    does anyone remember a film roughly about a girl, her father and her sister and she wants to enter her horse in some kind of crosscountry race! all I can remember is the sister breaks her nose in a car accident and in the end the girl wins the race even though her horse gets really tired… PLEASE HELP its really bugging mee!!!!!

  27. T Woods

    I use to watch this film when I was young (around 1990) over and over again but I have no idea what it’s called! PLEASE HELP!!!

    It was so long ago I don’t remember much, which has made my search even more painful. All I remember is that it was about this little girl who was having trouble getting over her mother’s death and she somehow wins this grey pony. She brings it to her apartment without her father knowing and she actually drags it up the stairs and into this tiny apartment, and I think it grabs something out of the fridge at some point. Then she is fighting with her dad who obviously says she needs to get rid of it, and some neighbor offers for her to keep the horse in some an empty floor he has in his building or something for a short whil; what happens after this is all quite jumbled up in my memory. I’m not even entirely sure this movie was in english… may have been a foreign film.

    Any clues as to what movie this might be would be much appreciated!!!

  28. Sherdil...

    I couldn’t find the swedish movie “Sherdil” (1999), in the list http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120822/.

    “Sanna is a young girl who wishes nothing else then a very own horse. One day on her way to school she ends up in a stable where three Arabian horses is being held in quarantine. The horses are a gift from a foreign country to the Swedish government, which has decided to have them slaughtered. Sanna decides to save the black Arab stallion Sherdil and takes it to an abandon crofter’s holding. Soon are not only her parents and friends looking for her, but the police and the military”

  29. Abdullah

    “Danse avec Lui” 2006. I heard of the movie, too bad I couldn’t watch it as I don’t know french and couldn’t find one with subtitles or a voice-over.

  30. ben

    I watched a movie a couple years ago that had a horse and the story was told from the horses mind. the horse had had a english accent or something not american at least. does anyone know the name?

  31. Anne Sophie

    I also want to add:
    Racing stripes.
    Great horse movie. Very cute.
    It’s about a zebra who wants to become a race horse. It races horses but never wins but its determination is the key to the Derby Cub and Stripes wins this Cup.

  32. Jessica

    Does anyone recall a movie where a gray horse comes out of the water, i believe the first scene is of him running along the beach..A boy and possibly his sister find him and bathe him in a house/apartment bathtub. I forget what happens but in the end I think the horse goes back to the water. Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

  33. Laura Toth

    I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the movie. It’s about a young girl who races a thought to be unrideable horse. there’s one scene where she is sitting outside a school house and she lets a bird go whose wing was broken, but she fixed it. the girl doesn’t talk much. There is a scene when someone needs the doctor and she races the horse into town to get him.
    eventually they race in a some obscure race to win money for, I think the school or her family or something?
    That’s all I can remember. can anyone help me. I thought it was disney movie, but I don’t know.

  34. Sharryne

    I am trying to remember a movie that I saw in the 80s. there is a woman whohas a ranch. I think she takes in a wayward boy and there is a young girl. Near the begining of the movie , there is a youg drunk man. He is quite hansome. The woman gives him work on the ranch and they all become quite close. There is some rivalry with some others I’m not sure with who, but in the end the girl ends up winning a race. I remember her saying something to her rival and hits herself on the backside with her whip.It was about 3 to 4 hours long, shown over a couple or maybe 3 nights on T.V I live in Australia. Can somebody help please. P.S love your website!

  35. deniz

    bir film arıyorum atın adı gümüş bişey di taö hatırlamıyorum yılkıların hayatını anlatıyordu.atlar kendi aralarında konuşuyorlardı.adı gümüşle başlayan atın bir de rakibi bir at vardı adını anımsayamıyorum ateşli falan bişeydi

  36. Katy

    movie made in the 80’s about a boy and his sister who are searching for their father after their camp is attacked by indians. Their horse’s name is Red, they are stalked by a grizzly and a lone indian while in the wilderness…can’t remember the name of movie. ANYONE??

  37. Josephine

    Hi there,

    There are alot of mini series that I would love to get hold of.

    Star Runner, which is about a trotter.
    Trainer – a BBC mini series about a race horse trainer.
    Snowy River – the mini series.

  38. Kerry

    Hi, Trying to find the name of a film, It bwas based around the story of girl in a wheelchair, whose parents hired a psychologist to try and help her. They took her to a ranch and gave her chores including looking after a skewbald horse. The horse escapes girl goes to rescuev it and finds horse (think being attacked by mountain lion) ranch hand finds her and takes her back by making a harness and letting her ride the horse back. Would be very gratefull if anyone can name the film.

  39. charles

    I need help. I have been searching for this movie for years.. It is about a white/gray horse that the owner is giving up on, but a young boy/man takes on training the horse to become a race horse. The scene i remember the most is the boy/young man in the desert/sand training the horse.. i believe the movie was made in 60’s give or take i’m not too sure i seen the movie over 20 years ago, just memories of that scene in the sand/desert.can any 1 help me? my email is chasc75@hotmail.com

  40. Shelby

    Im looking for a movie i saw when i was younger..im 18…one was about a race horse that wasnt good at racing and there was a girl and her dad was a jocky but died in a racing accident. the horses owner was mad after a the horses lost a race and he was yelling at his stable hand telling him he sell the horse for a bag of pop corn cuz that was all it was worth and the girl happened to be walking by the stables and over heard them and she gave them a bag of popcorn for the horse. and i think the girl can talk to horses and they end up putting yellow headphones on the horse when racing. thats all i can remember but its bugging me that i cant remember the name.

    1. Shelby

      Sorry i finally found it..its called Ready to Run and i as 8 years old when i seen it the 1st night they shoed it on disney

  41. cassidy


  42. don burke

    i am looking for an old 40’s or early 50’s film about an ex horsetrainer who gets another shot, and is involved with his owner’s daughter, but does not end up her in the end. a bit of film noir, and could even be late 30’s. the ending is him with his injured horse after the big race, and his ex girlfriend showing up. would be much obliged if you could find the title. can’t really remember the actor(s).

    1. don burke

      no, this has a male actor in it that i think i recongnized. i know there is a film out there called Boots Malone with Bill Holden. I haven’t seen it and it could be it. But, i believe the lead was someone we would know. I guess i should get boots malone?!

  43. Ona

    I saw this horse movie on lmn..it was about a woman and her daughter and the husband leaves her in a hotel with a horse. She ends up riding the horse in the end of the movie and winning. The horse is blind and does dressage. I can’t find the name for the life of me and all I can remember is the horse’s name began with”T” andy suggestions? I’m trying to reccomend it to a fellow horse lover.

  44. cindy Bowman

    To Ona I think the movie you are talking about may be “The Long Shot” its about a woman who has to take care of her daughter after her husband leaves her alone at a hotel with no money no place to live

  45. emily

    hi i have loads of movies to share with you guys:
    black beauty,
    black stallion,
    black stallion returns,
    black stallion original sound track
    horse whisper,
    racing stripes,
    the little unicorn,
    the last unicorn,
    derby stallion,
    the saddle club,
    flicka 2,
    my friend flicka,
    ride a wild pony,
    fly away home

  46. *Liz*

    So this site is awesome I’ve been looking for the name of two movies for like a year now and one of those was Everything That Rises… Thanks for posting that one :-)

    the other I can’t remember the name of it is about a family that lives on a ranch and they have a teenage son and daughter who go out riding after the son argues about doing homework or something and something spooks the horses at the creek the are racing to get to and the son whose name I want to say is Simon is thrown and hits his head on the rocks and the rest of the movie is about trying to cope with his death… the mom takes it hardest the dad blames himself for the fight and the sister because of agreeing to race… I can picture the movie with actors and all but can’t remember any of their names or that of the movie… If some could please help me out that would be very appreciated :-)

  47. Sarah

    I am looking for a movie I saw on TV in the 90’s about a racehorse with a female jockey who sang to him.

  48. Samantha

    I have been trying to find “The Rouge Stallion” for a couple years now! I remember watching it over and over when I was little, but couldn’t remember the name of it to save my life! I just seen it on the list of 90s movies, thanks so much for compiling that list!!!!

  49. Jennifer

    I am tryin to think a horse movie that i seen before. but can’t think of the name. it is about a girl with a horse that races and they use headphones on the horse to race then at one of the races they weren’t aloud to use the headphones so one of her friends or something when to the loudspeaker to play the song. plz if u know the movie i am talking about let me know. tryin to see if i can get the movie to watch it.

    1. Lora


      The movie you are looking for is called: “Ready to Run” 2000.


      Jennifer says:
      February 14, 2011 at 8:00 am

      I am tryin to think a horse movie that i seen before. but can’t think of the name. it is about a girl with a horse that races and they use headphones on the horse to race then at one of the races they weren’t aloud to use the headphones so one of her friends or something when to the loudspeaker to play the song. plz if u know the movie i am talking about let me know. tryin to see if i can get the movie to watch it.

      1. borntoridesarafina

        i believe you r talking about ready to run the horses name is thunderjam the black horse

  50. Seeta

    I am looking for a movie about a little boy and his horse – I think the title of the movie had the word “champion” in it. Help

  51. Jade

    there is a movie you guys might like to watch its called ruffian a filly race horse it a true story wont tell you what happens just watch it.

    oh and im looking for a flim dont know what its called its about free foals one is black and he excapes in to the wild the other one is bay and he/she goes to a stunt school when she/he train to do stunts i carnt remember the other horse though hope someone can help me coz i did like the horse movie

  52. Julian


    Welcome to the worst film genre since theatre on tape.

    Enjoy our crappy films :)
    Ordered by decade for your convenience.

  53. Desirae

    Im looking for a horse movie about a little girl who couldnt walk. her parents wont let her ride but her brother teaches her behind their back. i saw it once as a kid and could never find it again.if anyone knows what im talking about please let me know

  54. Ashton

    You’ve missed ‘Horses and Champions’ (1994). Was a favourite when I was little. Can anyone help me with where I can buy it or watch it online?

    1. borntoridesarafina

      ashton you can watch it on netflix if you do not have it they are doing a free one month trial i just watched it on there a few weeks ago

  55. Harley

    If anyone can help me i am looking for a horse movie about a young chestnut colt who grows up in some place and he grows to fight this big black stallion and the colt sets the other horses free from the stallions control?

  56. Olivia

    Does anyone know the horse movie with the quote “as long as the horse is okay it doesnt matter what happens to me?”
    It also has a scene of a girl on her horse galloping away from the police, and she jumps over a polive truck. I am desperate to find the title of the movie.

  57. Amanda

    hey, there’s this movie i cant remember what its called but i seen it when i was little. it has a white horsein it and the horse has a baby and i remember the mom horse saving the baby horse from some animal i think a Cougar and i know the mother horse dies and i think there was kids and they barried the horse and put rocks on its grave, it a sad movie but its stuck in my head and i cant remember what its called its going to drive me nuts lol so if this sounds at all like anything you know could you let me know?

  58. Aimee

    Hello. Im looking for a movie Im not sure even exists at this point…

    I remember vague parts, but it was a story about a black horse that meets the life of a man in prison?

  59. Brea

    Does anyone know the name of this movie? It starts out with someone telling a story about a wild stallion that nobody could catch and at the end of the movie the horse is being chased by some cowboys and he jumps of a cliff. Please help I have been lookin for this mOvie forever.

    1. Jemma

      I believe you mean the Australian film, The Silver Brumby – starring Russell Crowe among other notable Aussie actors. The movie was based on the great children’s book serious, the Silver Brumby Series

  60. M

    Trying to find out title of an older movie about a brother and sister team of acrobats on horseback who perform in a circus. The brother attempts a trick without the protective bungie roap and breaks his back. Has been a while since i have seen it so i remember very little but do remember enjoying it. Movie was possibly black and white…
    Thanks :)

  61. HorseLuver

    There are three I can think of that are not on your List: All Roads Lead Home, Medicine Hat Stallion, and Flicka 2. They were all made in the 21st ceentury I think.

    1. Jemma

      Phar Lap
      Black Beauty
      The Black Stallion

      Maybe Seabiscuit, if you like Hollywood dribble that ruins what was an incredible book and real life tale

      :) Phar Lap is awesome

  62. Adam khan

    There was a movie in which a girls was a daughter of a jockey and she wants to be jockey too,and from nearby she found a zebra and prepared that zebra to run in race course.
    I really forgotten the name of that movie.If u could help me with this it will be nice.

    1. Courtney

      That is Racing Strips. Her mum died in a race i think annd so did the racehorse so the dad forbids his daughter to ride but she takes the zebra and enters him in a race =)

  63. Tay

    whats the movie called… ita about this girl who has this leg problem or something and she moves with her mother and her neighbors own a ranch and i think she learns to ride or something… idk… i remember seeing it a long time ago and i really liked it!!

  64. Kelsie

    hi i was wondering if anyone can help:

    im trying to remember the name but i cant =[ its a movie or tv show about a girl that mom dies when she was coming home from school so she goes to live with her like aunt and uncle in montana (i think) and like she befriends a horse and likes to take pictures and stuff its a great watch i just cant remember it at all =[ if anyone can help please e-mail me at

    just title it “i know what its called”
    thanks so much =]

  65. Courtney

    I don’t know if anyone could help me out, but I remember watching a movie about a young boy has to leave his town, and must leave his horse behind. Before doing so, he kisses the horse on the nose and tells it that he will be back. When he returns some years later, he finds a herd of horses and when he uses a special whistle one horse perks it’s head up and he knows that is the horse he left behind as a boy. That seems to be all I can remember, and I would really like to watch that movie again.

    1. Courtney

      Heyy, it sounds a bit like Black Beauty.. When the young boy kisses Beauty on the neck and say’s he’ll find him again and eventually, although he doesn’t realise it, he end’s up owning Black Beauty again.

  66. Kirsten

    Hi there

    I have a question: I don’t think this movie was actually a horse movie, but it featured horses. A guy gets marooned on an island or something, and meets this tribe of horses that would only say one word: Yahoo!

    This was a movie i watched as a child so don’t remember any other details. I hope someone out there knows this – it’s really bothering me!

  67. Bennie

    I am looking for the name of a TV series that was on South African TV either in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Its about a boy and he had a black horse. I think the boy’s name was Emile and I think it was a French production – not sure though. Hope someone can help me.

  68. kara

    I’m looking for a horse movie I had seen as a child. I had never seen the whole movie. And only remember the ending of it. Where these two children were both wanting the same white stallion or mare (can’t remember what type of horse it was). But they begin to call the horse by their names they had chosen for it as it stood inbetween them. I beleive the girl had won over the horse and agreed to share the horse with the boy. They had become friends in the end of the movie. I beleive the children both had english accents in the movie. I really wanna see this movie again and show it to my own kids. Cause they both love horses as much as I do.

  69. Courtney

    Hello, i remember watching a film quite a while ago, not sure if anyone knows the name but i’ve looked up most of the names that are on here but none have been right.
    It’s about a girl that’s out riding her horse with her friend when a lorry comes round the corner, her horse rears to the lorry throwing her out of the way but her friend and her horse are hit by the truck. The girl that survived want’s to stop riding and the horse doesn’t trust anyone.
    If anyone could give any suggestion’s as to what it may be named i’d be really grateful

  70. angel

    What animated horse movie is this? The beginning involves two kids, a boy and a girl, on a long path in the country and there’s a crow. Other parts of the movie involve the kids paying a fortune teller, a molten metal factory (or something hot and liquid-like) where the kids and a black horse are fighting bad a bad guy. The horse is throughout most of the movie. It’s an old film in color. Anyone know which movie I’m talking about?

  71. Gil Kennedy

    hi everyone! i hope someone here will be able to help me!
    I am looking for a movie I saw when kid!
    it’s about a circus and this guy who probably is the owner and he is a horse trainer! it have a scene that he accept a bet and he will walk with this horse for couple hours i guess,cant remember all…crossing a tiny yard
    and as the music start slowly[Bolero from Ravel] the horse with him mounted start to walk very slow! the magic of the scene is so great that you can even see the horse walking
    Thanks for helping!

  72. martin

    does anyone remember the name of the film with the black mustang that the young boy manages to ride in the end?its also got the old bloke with his rottweiller that gets killed!i use to watch it when i was a kid,but cant remember what it was called.i thought it was called (mustang),but i cant find it anywhere

  73. conor

    hi, i’m lookin for 2 old black and white films, the frist one is about a trotting mare that goes blind but still races and wins before she retires.the second one is about 2 horses, one called the postman (i think) who is saposed to b a campion is hidden on the far side of the track away from someone who had the choice of all the horses in the yard but when they were lookin at the other horses they spotted him and went over to look at him were the old man seen another little horse that nobody thinks much of, the old man picks the little horse and everybody laughs at him, but not when the little horse becomes the champion. i think both of the films were made in the usa.

  74. Jen-Jen

    For those of you who want the movie “Smoky”, you can get a DVD copy from a website called lovingtheclassics.com I ordered it and it is a very good quality. They specialize old in movies that have fallen into public domain.

  75. Jessica

    I remember watching a movie when i was younger and i am hoping that someone can helpme with the title because i would really like to watch it again. Basically all i can rememeber is that a child was sick in the beginging and the father was sent by the mother to use there last git of money to buy meds. the father ends up spending it on alchol and is killed. the guy who killed the father actuall comes around to help the widow becaus ehe is in debt to her in a way…some how a horse comes into the picture…..then at the very end the horse gets sing and the widow rubs mustard all over the horse. I know it sounds odd but please help

  76. Kaylee

    Hello, I loved this movie but don’t remimber what it’s called!! It’s about this teenager who gets her horse taken away so she runs away and finds this young cowboy and old man who train her so she can jump bareback on a horse and into water and the men buy her a grey horse that she practices on

  77. katie

    i remember when i was little a movie about a young girl who i think is in ireland or something but she finds a unicorn in the woods i cannot think off the name for the life of me

  78. sherrie martin

    Thanks to everyone who has named horse movies helped me to remember these movies from my childhood and have found most of them on amazon for sale 1 movie not down is run appaloosa run sherrie (australia)

  79. CLARE

    Ok i know it sounds stupid but i swear i saw this one horse movie it had 2 men and they went to the sales and braught a filly from what i can remember dark brown and then i remember them being drunk on the drive him and crash the car and float. the filly gets away and grows wild im not sure if this was a movie or somethign else but fi someone could help id love you to death

  80. Peggy Divers

    Looking for the title of a movie from the 1950s, I think, about a group of boys who get a stranger to bet $2 on a horse race for them. When their horse wins, the man who made the bet for them has an apparent heart attack while waiting in line to claim the winnings and the ticket falls on the ground. Don’t remember any more about the story line or even the ending. Anyone remember this movie? title? actors?

  81. Amy

    i think no ones put ruffian 2007 down on the list..i thought it was a great movie made me cry alot, and SHERDIL is also a great movie, moondance alexander 2007, dreamer,the long shot 2003, horse crazy…i cant think of anymore…i really want to find more horse movies but i think ive watched them all. lol

  82. ilker


    I’m looking for a old horse movie. I watched it when i was about 7 so i dont remember very well. Its a movie about a horse and a small boy, they’re living in a small town. The boy loses his mother. And also his horse dies too. It was black and white. I will be glad is somebody helps me.

  83. fammy

    i was wondering if someone could help me.i remember watching a movie as a kid.it had two kids(a boy and a girl) who go looking for a blue horse.i remember a scene where they meet a guy selling wooden toy horses and i think there were two crooks too.ive tried looking for that movie..if someone remembers the name

  84. Kat

    I have been looking for a really good movie that i watched a while back and i cannot remember the name of it for the life of me. i can only remember a few distinct characteristics of the movie. There was a little girl that had to wear braces on her legs and she lives on a farm with her family. and her brother i think has her ride on of the horses and she loves it, i think she might have fallen off at one point and the dad got mad at himn but i cant rememner. its based in the old west i believe and the girl is probably aroun 5 to 7 years old. The cover is also a picture of the little girl adn her brother on a horse i tihnk. i cant remember. its such a good movie though. please help!!! thanks!

  85. kel lulla

    hi, i have been trying to find a movie i cant think of the name. it is where the race horse wins by his front teeth. that are bucked teeth!

  86. Anna

    a twelve year old girl who has a accident falling off a horse can’t remember the name i think it starts with J plz help!

  87. Lara

    I am looking for a movie I saw partially when I was young. I can’t remember much of it, but I do remember that the man left a bucket (or something ) of horse sperm on the top of the girls car, and she rides of with it. I also think it involved a mare who couldn’t run. If anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated.

  88. kelly

    the movie ive always loved is horse whisperer about a young girl who,s mum works for a magazine and her dad lives on a horse ranch when she goes out riding with her friend judith and badly ends up in horrific acident and looks for this whisperer called tom booker who eventually breaks pilgrim back to health

  89. zoe smith

    hi i lookin for a film, cant remember the name of the film but its about a girl who raises a gray horse called storm and she and her horse have a great bond,, they enter a race and storm gets horsenapped but she finds him and wins the race.

    please can anyone help?

  90. Elizabeth

    I remember watching a movie when I was younger about a horse named “Black” but don’t remember what it’s called. It’s not too old, and I know it’s not Black Beauty, Black Stallion Returns, etc. In the movie there’s an older man who helps a teenage boy train the horse. If anyone can help me, that would be amazing!

    1. Gayle Bryan

      It’s called the “Black Stallion”. Mickey Rooney is the old man. He used to be a TB jockey. The Black was what the boy called the horse. The boy’s real name was Alex or Alec something. The stallion belonged to an Arab tribe, where at the end, he was returned to.

  91. Arwen

    I’m looking for a movie about a teenage girl that is sent to live with an uncle and aunt (or was a friend of her mom), they live on a ranch (i think) and their son who is the same age as the girl has a bicycle. The girl makes friends with a horse and at the end of the movie she gets to keep the horse. I remember the son complaining why he couldn’t have a horse and his parents said its because he chose to have a bicycle. I remember watching this movie on television and it was probably made in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!!

  92. Julie

    There’s one movie I remember seeing years ago. The only part of the movie I remember is there’s a scene where there is a horse in a trailer. A guy, I believe its a girls father, tries to let the horse out of the trailer & the horse freaks out & runs him over. Anyone have any idea what i’m talking about or the name?

  93. horse lover brodie hawkins

    youg black stallion
    thicrer then water

  94. melanie

    i cant seem to remmber the name but its about this horse(drawn not for real)well at the begining he is born and the movie shows parts of his grows and then he grows up and his as fast as ever he has a friend eagle,then he one day sees a campsite checks it out and the men in that campsite sees that his a beutiful horse and they plan to capture him then when they are comeing he sends all the horses to go except his mother didnt want to leave him soo for saving her he gets captured and taken to this militery or watever place there they try to break him as in horse break not like break break,well enyway they try to break him but they dont get to then the boss rides him and breaks him all that time that horse wasnt being fed or drunk enything but when the boss break him they fed him and everything then while his eating he sees that they captured this indian and tie him up to this pole.Well the endian escaped with the horse but then the horse get captured bye this endian,the endian had this other horse that was a girl he took a fancy to her,well the horse makes friends with the endian and the endian let him go he tries to make the girl horse go free with him but she doesnt want to but then she does and well i dont really remmber the rest but i hope someone can tell me the name of the movie soo i can look it up on netflix :)

  95. Teri

    I am looking for an older movie… I saw it on 16mm back in the 80’s.I can’t remember much except I believe the horse saves the little girl’s life. I remember lots of fog and the girl crying out the horse’s name… but I can’t remember what the name was. Can anyone help me?

  96. samster

    these hores movies are great man
    ive been trying to figure out what that one is to because i watched it along time ago and it was an amazing movie if you fund out what its called email me samstersultan@hotmail.com

  97. Trish

    I am looking for a movie I saw about twelve years ago or more; it was about a boy who was injured (I forget if it was while riding or in a car accident) and paralyzed from the waist down. His father (or was it uncle?) forbade him to have anything to do with horses anymore, but other adults (I think a grandfather? and maybe his mother or aunt?) on the ranch where he lived helped him to do it anyway. They created a special saddle for him that he could be strapped into so he could ride without falling, and he eventually got into a competition. I think he used this competition to prove to his (father? uncle?) that he could still ride. Anyone know what it is called?

  98. secretraiat,yes i'm dead and accses to a comuter

    hey you guys forgot about me and my friend seabucuit!
    yes i am dead,so is my friend,but please support my owner/master penny tweety a favor.( and support seabiscuit to) so put those movies up there and forget this ever happend
    i know you’re all wondering how i can type.
    its magic!!!!!!!!

  99. Kaysie

    Hey I’m looking for a movie about a girl from Chicago who bike rides, her mom sends her to work/live at a ranch somewhere, where she meets this Indian boy, she learns how to ride. I cant think of it, its been so long since I’ve seen it. If anyone knows what movie I’m talking about or might know, please tell me I loved that movie!!! Thank you

  100. Connie Lewis

    One movie I havn.t seen you list is “Miracle of the white Stallions” , about the American Army rescuing a group of Lipizon horses during the 2nd. world war I think it is a true story!

  101. Brian Lansburgh

    Well, I just went through the whole site (whew!) I was amazed that after all the comments about all those pictures, no one mentioned “The Littlest Outlaw” It’s got some pretty good horse stuff, including a great escape from the bull ring by a picador’s horse jumped over a huge gate by a young boy. Not a bad picture. Disney.

  102. Shannen

    What film is it that a girl, her mother and her horse travel for miles to see a horse specialist, her and her mum have a fight haft way. im sure it is ‘the horse whisperer’ just checking to make sure

    1. borntoridesarafina

      shannen if the movie your talking about at the beginning the girl and her friend get in an accident and she is on crutches and comes back from the docter before they go and the fight is about the girl riding this horse again then yes its the horse whisperer one of my faviorite movies altogh it is sad

  103. Rissa

    Ruffian, Secretariat, Moondance Alexander, Second Chances, Leap of Faith, and this isnt a movie, but a TV show called Heartland!!!

    1. borntoridesarafina

      really u have watches second chances and heartland i love that movieeee and tv show have you ever seen the long shot its an excellent moviee

  104. luv ya

    i love horsiessssssss :) i have 5 cards and 3 models because i am so cool :) are any of you as cool as me??? if you are please get in touch i would love to talk ..

    1. borntoridesarafina

      lol yes? i have everything horse and have 2 real ones when i was born my family had already had horses we had so many but the past few years have been really bad so we had sold some horses and my horse had past away 5 years ago i was 9 he was great but the was also another horse so mean and wild not even broke to ride i was the only one he liked i was 7 he treated me so nice i even rode even though i wasnt supposed to becuase he wasnt ridable idk me and should have never been split but he was should to somone we know but ive been talking to my parents to see if i can get him back his name was mike he was a palomino i can go on and on about horses the only reason to live :)

  105. Amber Cresswell

    Im trying to remember the name of this horse movie i watched, it was about a brown racehorse which this young boy rides and they learn and this jockey uses him for racing and when hes doing a race he falls and breaks his leg or something and the little boy feeds him ice lollys and stuff, its the best movie ive ever seen and i cant remember the name :(

    1. borntoridesarafina

      amber this may not help but there is a movie called dreamer it fits your description but its a little girl Dakota fanning but this race horse stumbles on the race track and was going to be put down buy the owner of the horse but the owners one employee had brought his duaghter to work that day and shee pleaded that her dad should take the horse so he made a deal that he take the horse and have of his pay so he takes care of this horse and the little girl every night would take red popcicles out to her and she would start the top for her then when she ate it she would stick the stick in the ground in front of her stall evry night hope it helps

  106. Maria

    I’m looking for a movie that goes kind of like this:
    Okay so in the beginning a horse is running and steps in a hole, later everyone in town knows and that’s kind of the beginning,
    the bits and pieces are (oh and by the way, women are frowned upon ridding and they wear dresses, like old times): This girl likes to ride, and trains horses and works for the family as a servant, the family is rich. One day a red curly haired girl arrives and she’s a relative, she’s really mean steals from them and frames it on the girl. The boy who feeds the horses also steals things like letters, that have a secret about her, saying she is actually part of the family and that she’s rich. she burns the paper because saying to herself she want nothing to change. The man of the dies (much later, telling her also about the letter and her real mom)and when a guy comes, she (of course) falls in love with him. she is sent out to buy some cigars and to get a horses shoes done, that’s when she meets the guy, and drops her basket of apples and has a little dark spot on her face when the guy takes out a handkerchief and cleans her cheek, later leaving and meeting him again in her house and gives back the handkerchief. In the end she is about to enter a race and a guy says she should leave when the guy that she likes says “why are you afraid you’ll lose to a girl?” the guys horse (the one that told her to leave)later on bucks at the water and throws him in the stream, she is almost to the finish line and racing against someone, wins the race, and everyone’s happy, later she’s in the barn when the guy she likes says “I couldn’t congratulate you, since you were surrounded by everyone.” He than gives her a guy and they have an intense kiss, which she pulls away and runs off, in the end he is leaving and saying good bye, when he stops to say goodbye to her and asks why she wont marry him. She says she has nothing to give him and he says all that you can give me is your heart. She turns away and watches him leave, makes up her mind and runs after him, his horse stops, gets off, and runs to her and they kiss.

  107. Gayle Bryan

    I tried to read most of the posts but there are just too many. Has anyone ever seen the movie “Danny”? It’s a great movie about a young girl who truly loves horses but her single mom has no money vs. a spoiled rich girl who gets everything she wants. This is a must see.

  108. tatum

    i saw this movie when i was maybe 8 im 18 now, its about a girl who i think lives in the city and has to move to the country with family and shes hates living in the country but she finds a wild horse and tames it and she begings to like living in the country. can anyone help me out on what this movies called. i think it was on disney channel.

  109. borntoridesarafina

    hello i have found some fantastic orse movies but i still feel like there are horse movies that i am forgetting such as a few disney ones i love the ones that most people forget about like HORSE SCENSE SECOND CHANCES HORSE CRAZY THE LONG SHOT AND DREAMER i have loved them movies scence as long as i can remember but last year i had read a book called PAINT THE WIND does anyone know if there is a movie that goes along with that book
    but not only that can anyone give me more sugjestions

  110. sarafinaborntoride

    does anyone know what the movie is called where this little girl wheres braces on her legs becuase she is crippled and her family has horses but her mother and father do not allow her to ride, but her older brother decides to teach her how to ride behind there backs id really appreciate the help :)

  111. mel

    The White Stallion (Mickey Rooney), Return of the Black Stallion, The Silver Stallion (Australian, i think goes under a different name out there, with Russell Crowe, plus the animated series of the story), The Man from Snowy River (Australian,. based on a true story/legend), Return to Snowy River (Disney bought the rights to make money since the first was very well-liked), All Hat (Canadian), Moondance Alexander, The Wild Stallion, Second Chances, In Pursuit of Honour, Primo Baby, Champion, Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken, Dreamer (Dakota Fanning), The Last Unicorn, The Derby Stallion, Hot To Trot, Into the West….

  112. Steve

    I am trying to find the name of a book I had to read in 9th grade about a native american boy who rode wild horses to a stand still. It was a pretty good book. I know my description is pretty vague, but does anyone know what i am talking about?

  113. Teala

    hey everyone, theres a lot of posts on here. but i also am looking for a movie… not even sure if the plot was based around a horse. but when i was a child there was a movie my grandma had and it was about a young boy who had siblings and they lived in a small town and there was this strange horse that kept going by the kids house and the boy always got scared of it and would have to run into the outhouse and hide, and one time the kid got scared when seeing it at night and fell into a pit of mud and his mom and grandpa had to pull him out… if you know the name please email me at teala.shaw@gmail.com

    thanks so much!!

  114. Steve

    I’m trying to remember the name of a movie that has a white horse in it, probably from 60’s or 70’s. I remember this wild white horse attacking or being attacked by another horse. And I’m thinking the main character was a teenage boy. I don’t think its the movie White Mane. I pretty sure its an American movie not positive. Can anyone help?

  115. Stephanie

    Ok I am looking for a cartoon movie I dont remember alot about it I watched it as a kid and I have been wanting to watch it for years. It was made in before 1999 for sure it had alot of rainbow colors and the part that I remember is the horse or unicorn but I think that it was a horse I think that it was white was walking across a bridge and it gets into an elevator I think that there was kids in the movie and I think that they did not want to get caught please help because its driving me nuts. And its not on yalls list.

  116. muieen

    i have seen a small video clip about a film a horse tamed by a small boy in a beach.that boy is tryng so to tame this horse and he scared to gp beside that horse.he nprmaly give something to eat and trying to tame it.after that that horse follows him and he running fastly.then horse also folowing him.then he running to water and horse also coming to water.then he normaly geting on to horse and riding the horse.and he living with horse.so please anybody knows this fillm please tel me.i couldnt find itried soo.

  117. Sarah 5

    Hey…. Hope some 1 knows what I’m going on about…. When I was younger I had 1 movie that I used to watch all the time, can’t remember much about…. There was a chick & I’m sure her name was nelly, growing up she acted like a horse… She grows up gets a job & still has the acting like horse side to her… Sorry I can’t remember more :-(

  118. Kurt

    Looking for a western comedy movie. It was about a young cowboy who would accidentally shoot his horse all the time. It was so funny. Please help me find this movie

  119. Danielle

    Looking for a Disney movie. Not sure if it was mentioned but about a racehorse. The horse has to listen to headphones to race good. The bad guy makes it so the horse can’t listen while on the racetrack so the girl puts the music over the sound system and he wins.

  120. Nicola

    Wondering if you could help trying to find a film I always used to watch with my nan as a little girl..from what I can remember it was about a horse who worked down a mine and a little got attached to the horse and one day the mine collapsed and the horse died but it’s foal survived and the little boy got to keep it.. The story was something along them lines.

  121. Jason

    I need to know the title of a film from the late 80′s to early 90′s. Its about a guy who lives in California he gets in trouble and his dad sends him to a ranch to help a lady save her ranch he discovers wild horses on her ranch and helps them save her ranch. ANYBODY WHO CAN HELP PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP?

  122. CG

    I’m looking for this movie that involved two young boys. One black and the other white. I’m not sure if they were neighbors or if the black kids family were sharecroppers, but they would always meet up and feed this horse an apple. They became separated from each other and that young age but reuinted later in life. One didnt recognize the other until he mentioned about feeding the horse that apple or oats. It’s a really old movie that dealt with racial lines, but they were connected because of the love of the horse.


  123. Dean

    Does anyone know the name of a black and white race horse movie. I remember it’s about a young woman whose father dies but his spirit comes back to her in the form of a horse. His goal is to win some kind of race, which he does. Kind of Mr Ed-ish??

  124. david fletcher

    looking for a film man rides black motorbike and it talks to him bit like knight rider ???

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