Horse Pictures From Austria

Austrian FlagHorses are still used as beasts of burden in Austria, many of them still earn their dinner as carriage horses, tourist mounts or show horses.

However, being home to the famous Lippizaner horses, Austria has made a name for themselves in the world of horses.

Horse in German is pferd.

Austrian Scenery & Horses

Horse in Austria

Image from Sanne Roemen

Horse in Austria

Image from Tsmyther

Horse in Austria

Image from Hyperbolation

Horse in Austria

Image from Panina.anna

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One Comment on “Horse Pictures From Austria

  1. Derek Austria

    What great pictures. reminds me of when i was last out in Austria and called in on a riding stable, between Kaprun and Zell am See. It was one of the better riding stables that I have seen with the horses having the ability to be indoors or outdoors in their stable.

    From the pictures you can see how well cared they are.

    It was also possible to go on the frozen lake at Zell am See in the winter months, that would be a ride with a difference!

    very best wishes

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