Horse Pictures From Chile

Chilean FlagThe terrain in Chile is as varied and beautiful as the people themselves. Encompassing everything from the mystery of Easter Island to the icy beauty of Patagonia.

In many parts of this vast country horses are used more for work than play by tradition as well as necessity and luckily this is a place that some of them still roam free.

Horse in Spanish is caballo.

Horses Accompanied By Breathtaking Chilean Scenery

Horses grazing on Easter Island

Image from vtveen

Wild Horses

Image from Javier Diaz

People riding horses in Patagonia

A horse standing outside a chapel

Image from Ryan Greenburg

A close up of a horses eye

Image from Madasor

Men riding horses down a paved street

Image from Madasor

Mounted man driving a heard of horses

Man and horse plowing a field

Image from Track24

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