Horse Pictures From Australia

Australian FlagHorses were first brought to Australia in the late 18th century during their pioneer days. The introduction of camels into the Australian lifestyle created a decreased demand for horses and many were left to go feral.

These feral horses became what are known as Brumbies, the wild horses of Australia.

Horses in Australia

Wild Horses in Australia

Image from iansand

Horses on parade in Australia

Image from bunnicula

Horse in Australia

Image from leekelleher

Horse drawn tram in Australia

Image from leekelleher

Horse in Australia

Image from Aidan Jones

Horse in Australia

Image from fifila

Horse in Australia

Image from pierre pouliquin

Horses in Australia

Image from Tundrastruck

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8 Comments on “Horse Pictures From Australia

  1. Cheval Noir

    Love Equinest and love seeing something about Australia and our horses but thought I’d let you know (if someone else hasn’t already) that our wild horses are called Brumbies not Brambies

  2. Paige

    Hi Cheval Noir,

    You’d think I’d seen The Man From Snowy River enough times to make sure I had that right! Thanks for the correction, it has been fixed. :)

  3. Jody

    I have lived in Austrailer a long time and seen and crased brumbies a mileon time’s onn my horse and seen the man fron snoey river 1 & 2 about a 100 time’s i love it .

  4. tony

    The Waler was used in the first wold war its name came from the state it came from NSW. Most of them were shot and didn’t return after the war :(. So realy we don’t have “our” horse.

  5. ...

    They have tried to selectively breed walers back using the main bloodlines from the horses they would have had then…..the aussie stock horse is similar to the waler though

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