Horse Pictures From Mexico

Mexican FlagThe Mexican people are proud of their horsemanship and although there are no breeds native to Mexico the Mecican criollo horse is a great source of pride.

In the 1970’s several horsemen attempted to create a native breed using Andalusian, Quarter Horse and specific criollo bloodlines. The result is the Azteca horse, a flashy, strong, quick and balanced mount, perfect for all forms of cattle work.

Horse in Spanish is: caballo

Horse in Mexico

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Horses in Mexico

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Horses in Mexico

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Horses in Mexico

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Horses on the beach in Mexico

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Horses in Mexico City

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Horse in Mexico

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Horse in Mexico

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Horse in Mexico

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Horse in Mexico

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Horses in Mexico

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Horse in Mexico

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  1. Victoria Lee

    Azteca – The National Horse of Mexico
    After several years of experimentation and research, a new breed of horse was created in Mexico in 1972 called the Azteca from Andalusians crossed with Quarter Horses and Criollo mares.

    The worldwide Registry for Azteca horses is maintained by Asociacion Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca (AMCCRA or The Azteca Horse Association of Mexico). This is the only organization approved by the developers of the breed and by the Government of Mexico to register Azteca horses and to legally use the name “Azteca”. There are about 2000 Azteca horses currently living in North and South America, and Spain which have been approved by the International Azteca Horse Association. The AMCCRA and the Government of Mexico are continuing these efforts to refine the Azteca and to define the main contributions of each of the three founding breeds to the phenotype. It has acquired so much recognition that it has earned the title of the National Horse of Mexico.

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