Horse Reunions – Find Your Long Lost Horse

* Anyone who is looking to find their lost horse should visit the Horse Reunions website directly to find their long lost mount. While I think it’s a great service, The Equinest is not affiliated with them and comments left on this post (while I appreciate them) will not reach Horse Reunions.

Horse Reunions

I was reading one of my favorite snarky blogs, Fugly Horse of the Day and she has been working on a site that facilitates horse reunions. In simple terms, they reunite people with horses they used to own and love.

A Handy Concept

The idea is this: there are so many horses out there being abused, starved and slaughtered, chances are some of them have someone out there who cares about what happens to them.

Even better, you can add your horse(s) to their database so if they should ever end up in dire straits there will be bread crumbs back in your direction.

What a fantastic idea for horse people. If there is a chance you can make a difference in the life of a horse you once loved, wouldn’t you take it?

All for A Good Cause

This new concept is sponsored by Northwest Equine Stewardship Center which is a rescue operation who could sure use a few extra dollars (or a small facility in Monroe, WA) this holiday season.

I’ve already signed up and now I’m off to look for a few horses from my past…really hope I don’t find any in trouble.

198 Comments on “Horse Reunions – Find Your Long Lost Horse

  1. Karen Barr

    My problem is just the opposite. My daughter purchased an Arabian Gelding(I’m positive he’s purebred since I’ve owned quite a few and shown in halter classes)He has fantastic conformation and a lovely masculine head. If I was to guess at bloodlines I’d say Khemosabi. Turns out he hated everyone equally.After a trailer accident he fractured a Cannon bone. He was in really serious condition following the accident.I knew by looking at him that he was very special. I wasn’t riding because of 2 knee replacements.Before the acc. he tried to toss my daughter every time she mounted. She was frustrated and going broke so I purchased him and waited for him to heal. There’s sooo much more to this story I just can’t put it down here. He’s 15’2 and bay/black. Menshaar is the name he came with. He knows level 1 dressage and has a kiler hacking gait.Also has been shown in halter. He hated me as much as my daughter.I could only walk about 50 feet when I got him and he wasn’t walking well either. It took me over 2 years to gain his trust enough to let me mount him. There’s hardly a person that passes him that doesn’t comment on what a striking horse he is. I can’t help wondering what went very wrong with his life. Most weeks he enlightens me with more fantastic movements he knows. I sure would like to try and find out what went wrong in his life. Obviously some one put a lot of time into during his youth. Dentist says he should be around 12 years old this year. Are there any web sites where you can post info. and pics?

  2. Diane Finch

    I am trying to trace a 14:2hh bay mare called Gemma. I sold her to a lady called Anne who lived in Queniborough in Leicestershire, she subsequently sold Gemma to a lady called Jane who changed her name to Emma as she already had a “Gemma”. After buying Gemma (Emma) the livery yard where she was kept was sold and Gemma moved to a new home. I owned Gemma as a four year old and loved her dearly, I would love to know where she is and how she is. If anyone has any information about her please contact me

  3. Juliette Parsons

    I am trying to find out what happend to Sundown from when I was a little girl. She was a Welsh Mountain 12. 2 cream and white body, and black and white mane and tail. Her last known whereabouts were in the Furness area in south Cumbria. she was born in about 1969. Hope someone can help.

  4. Becca

    Well, I have a horse named Misty. Her registered name is “Mairs Giorgio”. She is now 21 years old, and I don’t know anything at all about her past. So you see I do own her, but I really want to find out her past. I have looked on the American Morgan Horse Association website, and I have found nothing at all that would give me information on her past life. So please help.

  5. megan newsome

    hiya i sold my 13.0 show hunter pony ozzy (kouros royal jester) a few months back , i lost my mobile phone and lost the number for him,

  6. Aspen

    I owned a welsh pony/quarter horse mare named Daisy. She is a bright bay, with a very small and faint star and about 14.1 hh. I think she would be 11 years old now. I bought her as a 4 year old and sold her when she was 8. All I know is that she was sold to a hunter jumper barn in Wisconsin, but I’m not sure if she has been sold since then. If anyone has any information about Daisy please let me know!

  7. Scott

    I’m trying to locate a Quarter Horse gelding I had to sell a few years back. His name is Lenas Desert Son. He is a 1999 bay gelding Sired by Lenas Sonny Boy He goes by Dezzi.
    Dezzi is and always will be my soul and best friend. I was FORCED to sell him and I need him back. I miss him EVERYDAY.
    I sold him to a young man in Indiana. If ANYBODY has ANY information on him PLEASE,PLEASE let me know I need my soul back. I will travel WHEREVER I need to to get him.
    I have checked with the AQHA and his papers are still in my name.
    Any help would be greatly aperciated.

    1. Brittany

      I have the same problem as you. I asked AQHA if they could locate a horse that I was forced to sell also. I sold her to my uncle and after he promised not to sell her, he took her to a sale. I asked them if they could locate her and they said the papers are still in my name. I just wish I could find her. I called her Doodle but her name was Lindas Wimpy Do.

      1. Becca

        I am looking for the owner of a horse I had owned as a teenager. Quarter hotse mare named taco. I bought her from a lady in VT where I am from. She had gotten her from an auction in M.A she was not registered. She was auctioned off at the heritage farm in M.A. If you are looking for info on taco please contact me.

  8. Becca

    hey guys. i sold my paint mare “cheyenne” not to long ago. i REALLY want to try to buy her back, she is around 14.3HH, born in 2000. PLEASE help me!

  9. Stephanie parkes

    I am trying to find a horse I once owned. She is called lottie, her show name was honeybrook lottery. She is a 16hh bay mare about 12 years old now. I sold her to someone in Wiltshire but one day I contacted them to see how they were getting on with her and she mentioned they sold her and she is now in London. I asked more questions but they asked me to leave them alone! Now I don’t know if they were lying to me about her being ok. She had quite a temper but was a great showjumper. I used to compete her Bsja until she had a kick to her hock which is why I then sold her on. I need to know what has happens to her, good or bad! Please can you help me! I think about her all the time and I wish they would have just given me her back!

    1. Sarah Hopton

      I am searching for Lottie too! I had her as a youngster and sold her to a girl called Charlotte who I believe sold her onto you Stephanie. I would love to know where she is and if she is well. I regret the day I ever sold her and only wish I could turn back time! Any info on her would be wonderful.

  10. Lisa Reid

    I am looking to find my horse that I sold about 10-11 years ago to a girl called Tracey in Ashford Co Wicklow and know she sold him on shortly after to a woman who moved to Switzerland of Finland.
    I absolutely loved him and really regret selling him but would love to know where he is and how hes doing.Hes details below:
    I had named him Bailey.
    He was a Dunn Colour half bred connemara.Height was 15.2. He had a really quiet nature and was a great jumper.
    He had a jet black mane and tail, two black socks in front and 2 white fetlocks behind.He had small white star on his forehead.

    I would appreciate any information.
    Kindest regards,

  11. Elizabeth Hethcox

    Uhm yess i sold both my horses to This man and woman that lives in Alabaster, Al. They said they own a lumber company i think but i sold my Palaminto quarter (Gelding) about 14.5 hands high and I sold my Paint saddle(mare) about 16 hands, i sold them together with a grap CMT trailor for all $6,000 we live in selma alabama. Im 14 yrs old please help me!

  12. Dawnyel Ring

    hi i lost a mustang that was given to me by a horse trainer vince thomas… had him for 3 or 4 years… his name is vicente… he is a gelding.. about 9 or 10 yrs old… has an ice brand under main … a red with white star, stripe,and snip…i had to have the guy that gave him to me hold on to him…and he got in a legal battle with the orignal owner… he won and got his horse …he gave me a horse knowing he wasnt his…i learned alot with that horse … i started training him… i green broke him… i have pictures of him …im in squaw valley ca … i dont know exactly where he was taken i know its around here not too far… i want to find my horse … lossing him hert me like a thousend brickes …i dont have the love for horses like i once did … i was born around horses … its crushed me hard… so PLEASE help i really need my horse back …thank you for your time

  13. Sally Anne Penfold

    I am searching for an Anne Tovey from Wiltshire. I bought my 15hands skewbald(red/white) partbred arab mare ‘Cass’ from her over 20 years ago. Cass is doing very well despite being an elderly lady now and I would love to send Anne some pictures or invite her to come and see Cass. Please can anyone help to find her as I’ve been looking for her awhile to no avail.
    I apreciate any help you can provide!

  14. Andra

    Im looking at my childhood horse. His name is Apogejs(Alamo,Aphazija). Born in January,1997. He is around 175cm. He was sold to Sweeden in 2001 or 2002 from Latvia,KCMAS.Please,maybe someone have some information:)

  15. Mandy

    Hello there! :)

    Im looking for my cousins horse that i fell in love with and couldnt buy her!! :'( I no she got sold and went to Bertin Stables. But now i hear she got sold from them and i have no way of finding out from them. Her name was Twilight but got changed to Kandola when she was at bertins. Mare about 7 years old (around there) is a dun or buckskin colour. she looks kinda dappled gray ish. she probley doesnt have a lot of riding experience (since when i was with her she wasnt rideable). has a scar on her nose and hind right. some pink on her nose. shes about 15 hands (might be taller now). and has some flee bitten (brown little spots on face) PLEASE HELP I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!! i am in love with this horse and she means the world to me so please help!! even if its a little!!!!!

  16. Brittany Hurst

    Im looking for my 4yr old american quarter horse she was in kankakee illinios the last time i knew. she is jet black, blaze, 3 white sock and has a scar on her left rear. she doesnt take the bit she rides with a side pull. please help me find her.

  17. Paige Post author

    Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on this post. Unfortunately I’m not affiliated with Horse Reunions and have no way of helping people find their animals.

    To sign up or search for your long lost horse you should visit Horse Reunions directly and hopefully they can help.

    Good luck!

  18. John Campbell

    My girlfriends mare passed away in October of this year and she wanted to reacquire her mares only offspring only to find out that the woman who owned him from the Eaton, Ohio area had traded him two weeks before. There was a courtesy clause in the original agreement that my girlfriend had first chance at buying him if this woman ever wanted to move him. The person who acquired him from around New Lebanon, Ohio then either traded or sold him to someone in the Indianapolis area, somewhere off Post Rd. I think. “Chester” is a 7 year old bay appendix gelding with a faint or small snip on his nose and a right rear coronet. I simply want to buy him back for her or have the chance to in the future. I am offering a reward for information leading to my finding him.

  19. christine

    my name is christine. Im looking for my equine soul mate. He is a painted copper and white stallion (might have been gelded).His name was Tigger.He stood at least 16 hands.He would be about 7 or 8 years old by now. I was about 14 when i started to work with him. He belonged tothe lady that lived down the road from my mother. This horse was my best friend, the only friend i had for a long time. He was sold to some women that i know were not very nice to him. Last i heard he was going to Indiana. If anyone thinks they might have found him, please i just want to know that he is happy and healthy. If you would like to contact me my e mail is thank you everyone :)

  20. Anna

    Hi, I’m looking for my old Quarter Pony named Jasper. He was about 14.1 hh, bay with a star. He should be about 20 now. Last I heard of him was about 10 years ago when we sold him to a lady named Carlene Ham in Massachusetts. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated!

    (the horse reunion website doesn’t work, or else I’d be posting there)

  21. Lauren

    hi, im looking for a chestnut horse with a small white star and a splash of white on the left side of her neck. i’m not sure of her gender but i call it a her. i never owned her but i went on vacation and saw her in a field and we fell in love. I had a dream about her that made it seem like she is dead. please help me find her. i names her Beauty since she looked like a chestnut version of Black Beauty. she may or may not respond to this name. her mane and tail is the same color as her body. her has dark hooves and lived with 2 bay horses with a stripe on their faces, a brown horse with dapples, and a chestnut paint/pinto. i need to know she is okay. i went back wand she wasn’t there a year later.

  22. shekeila

    hi im wondering if anyone has any info on my pony that i sold shes called SPICE and she is:
    *about 13.2hh
    *about 14years old
    *sold from bridelwood in north wales and went to blackpool
    *a man and woman baught her for there daughter to do BSJA
    *she is verry fizzy and rears but had neva bucked with me
    *shes a blue rone but changes colour through the seasons and goes dappeld on the bum
    *she can jump really high and verry wizzy also she never walks and she has a clicky leg

    PLEASE contact me on 07929999286 i will be so greatful! many thanks!

  23. Caroline

    Hi. I am 14 and I live in New York. I’ve been searching for a grey mare named Shy, who was a school horse at a barn I rode at in Orange county. She was a beautiful Thoroughbred/Quarter horse cross. (I think!) Her show name was Shy of Perfection, but I have no clue if she was registered or of her bloodlines. When I first rode her she was 4 and I was ten, and we were an excellent pair up until she was sold. I just want to know what happened to her! I’m sorry if reading this was a total waste of your time, but if you can help me find her I’d be at a loss for words. More info on Shy:
    about 15 hh to 15.2
    her personality was shy at first, hence her name, at least towards me but we soon became very good friends!
    she was green, but safe
    probably hunter/jumper type
    very forward
    had dapples when i knew her but i’m unsure if she still has them
    Thank you so much for reading and I hope you email me and help find her my email is Thanks!

  24. Jessica

    Looking for a 22 yr old grey Arabian gelding that I sold in 1999. I originally sold him to a woman named Gena (I removed the last name to protect privacy, but am hoping this might jog someone’s memory) in Spokane County who then resold him shortly after. I was not able to keep track of him and would LOVE to know what happened to him. He was registered, but the new owner does not appear to have re registered him. His full name was SG Lepinc – I called him Prince for short. Prince stood about 15.1 hands and was grey, although overtime has probably lightened a lot in color. His mane and forelock are black with a little white in the base of the mane. His tail had black at the top with some white underneath. He has two black hooves and two white/clear hooves. He loves to have his withers rubbed, used to rest his head on my shoulder and lick my hands. His canter was amazingly smooth and he had a great soft western trot. Sometimes he would cough at the canter due to some allergies. Loved this horse and really want to know what happened to him. Any info can be sent to

  25. Jessica Mobley

    Trying to find a quarter horse gelding by the name of POCO. I sold him around 2002 or 2003 not 100 % sure. He was a very large chestnut gelding. we live in Indiana and sold him to someone who was in indiana. I am really trying to find him, if you think you may know something about this horse please contact me. Thank you very much

    1. Samantha Bishop

      For 3 summers I rode a horse named Poco, in West Virginia during a girl scout camp. But he didn’t live in West Virginia completely, his owner, Samantha Taylor lived in Zanesville, OH. She would take all her horses down to her ranch in West Virginia for the summer then back up to Ohio for the fall and winter seasons. I’m still in contact with her every now and then. And Poco was my favorite horse out of all of her horses, and when I found out she sold him I wasn’t very happy but couldn’t do anything about it… I have no clue where he is now but I’m sure Sam would know. You could try finding her on Facebook and asking her…. But again I don’t know if it’s the same Poco or not. Sam’s a very sweet lady and plus asking never hurts :) But Poco is a pretty rare name lol good luck I hope this helped you :) and if you find out anything let me know please :)

      Thanks!! Good luck!!

    2. Samantha. Sander

      Hi jessica we live in indiana. If you have not found your horse..maybe we might have him??? We bought a big stocky chestnut quarter horse from someone who knew nothing about him. He has 3 white socks and a blaze on his face. He also has a little mole right on his nose. I have been trying to find out more info on him but have no idea about him. He is a big horse. Id say almost 16 hands not quite.we are actually moving and if he is your horse i would love to sell him back to you. I have plenty of pictures. :) my email is

  26. pauline

    Hi i am looking for a cob i used to have i know he was only youge when we had him i think about 3-4 years old as preveous owner lied about his age. he is a gelding about 14.2 -15hh now he is a brown and white and is known by the name jasper. he was brought from cockinton in torquay a few years ago and then i lost contact he did have behaveral problems like biting, kicking, rearing and barging at people. he has been to many trainers that could not help him. he is about 10-12 years old now i think and i would like love to have him back i had no problems with him and love him very much, i no he had about 6 homes in 3 years and its not far on him. if anyone knows of Jasper please let me no as i miss him so much and want him back or just to no his ok. thank u





    1. Zori Olson


      I found you! lol

      I could feel someone was looking for Cupid’s deemed kodiak..

      Sorry. I’m a massage, yoga and reiki therapist as well as an intuitve..

      I have Mr. Conclusive in Green Bay Wisconsin. But sorry he is gelded

      I believe the person your boyfriend sold him too left him in a barn by himself for five or so years and did nothing with him.. she was going to give him away as a stallion so an adoption agency scooped him up because he’s so beautiful..

      and he is happily running through the trees and pastures with a few pasture mates and I see him daily!

      if you want to call me just email me..

      I am curious about what his history is like under saddle and training..did you barrel race him? he is an amazing athlete but damn i’ve never seen a horse get so angry about things! he won’t let me mount him without a block and we’ve had quit the stubborn argument about training and respect.. didn’t know what his training history was like or what type of personality worked with him. I think it would help me and my trainer work through some of his emotional issues he had..
      When I first got him putting him in an enclosed space was like a freight train.. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared of a horse in my life..

      But oooo is he happy now! we go on long hikes.. I pick him barrels of grass.. do all sorts of native american and perrelli training with him.. He is beautiful! and i love him soo much. I lost my pregnancy two years back and wow has this horse helped me.

      well thought I would get into contact with the person who was thinking about him.. feel free to visit him if you’d like!


      1. BETH STRAIN


    2. Lisa Heller

      I have a stallion offspring from Cupid’s Conclusive that is up for sale. Cupid was bred to Hustlers MS Twist. His name is Mocha and I have not registered him. He is 6 years old, current on his shots and needs a home that can train him and love him as I do not have the time for 2 horses. Please feel free to call me @ 414-915-4627. We are located in the Milwaukee area. Thank you.

      1. zori

        aawww, I’d love to see him, I have Cupids conclusive in the green bay area! hhhmm I have a friend bugging me about seeing her in milwaukee, maybe I need to take a trip, I can’t afford another horse, but I think it would be so neat to meet your horse before you sell him, I have some people in my area that are good owners that love kodiak and his coloring, you could maybe post some pictures on the green bay craigslist for good home only, I would recomend gelding him if your not using him as a gelding, your studs sir had a pretty rough life as a stud with some bad owners who didn’t train him properly and left him to be mentally and emotionally abused in a barn, he took two years to get all the animal human abuse out of his system and he still acts out sometimes, please be careful with who you sell your horse too! I don’t want to rescue two horses :)

        1. zori

          of course not beth though!!! she has been wonderful with helping me and kodi get back in shape!!! great horse person and original owner of kodi

        2. Sarah

          I found this site by happen chance and I am Cody’s 2nd owner. Cody was very well kept and had free range of pasture. He was not KEPT in a barn for 5 yrs!!!! Because the horse market got flooded shortly after we got into breeding, we decided to sell our horses. Cody was actually the last to leave cause no one wanted a stallion and I did not want to geld him because of his beauty and great temperment. So I decided to let him go to someone I thought would take good care of him. We never had a problem with him as a matter of fact he didnt have a mean bone in his body (even when breeding). I loved him and it was a very sad day for me when we had to let him go. So please stop saying he wasnt takin care of because he was!
          Just to give you some background: We mainly bought him for breeding and I only rode him a few times. When we bought him his training was not finished and when she rode him he actually bucked her off.
          Im glad he found a great home and thats what I wanted for him. If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them.

          1. beth strain

            Sara, honey if you remember it was raining when you showed up to see him and when I went to get up on him my foot slipped in the stir up and my other foot kicked him in his rump, he jumped and ran to the barn where I jumped off to keep us from crashing. He never bucked… just ran… couldn’t blame him…. I kicked him!… We didn’t work him first so that you could see him cold and at his worst… I don’t believe in leading people to believe they are buying something they are not… and you have to admit he calmed right down, and rode fine the rest of the time… And please don’t be hard on Zori, she only knows what she was told… I for one am glad that you made the decision you did because he looks great and is healthy… that is what I wanted for him!

  28. Tiffany

    I am looking for a long lost friend. In 1999 a Pinto mare named Paprika’s Mark, American Saddlebred, foaled a Palomino colt. Think he was named Paprika’s Dreamcatcher. I called him Dreamcatcher. I last knew of him being on a ranch in College Station, Tx around 2000-2001. I want to know where he and/or Paprika are and how they are doing. Also two Arabian mares. One named Shama and a mare foaled by her named Shama’s Kaylee. Both Grays.

    1. Jennifer


      Did you find Paprika’s Mark and/or her colt? The colt was by my stallion Gold on Q, a cremello. They had a first foal I named Remember Me. I called Paprika *Marea* and sold her to the Raphael’s/ Carousel Acres. I brought the mare to TX in foal when she was 4. Bought her at age 2 and also owned her dam, Impromptu. I showed Marea Pinto halter in WA state which is where we come from. Would love to know what happened to her. If you know, would appreciate you filling me in. Thanks and best wishes.

      1. linda franzetti

        i own Paprikas Mark and she is alive and well. i showed her in 2007 and 2008 to a reserve champion hi point win in country pleasure driving in the state. I purchased her in deplorable condition in 2006. you can contact me i leave near houston in hockley,texas. Her nickname is “Reek.” She is a very sweet mare and has a big heart. there is alot more information to tell. send me an email or call me 832 257 6642. Linda.

        1. Tiffany

          I’m so glad Paprika a.k.a Reek is in great hands! When I knew her she was a beautiful and sweet mare. Wish y’all the very best!

  29. robin

    I am looking for two quarter horses the his name clue.Isold him to girl that bord him in beverceek ohio he his a soarl his just turn 6 years old.she sold hin a week or so go I just what to know how he his doing.and I am looking for a horse name boomer his rigster name his pine shine he his a plomano just what to know how they are doing.

  30. Kayla Tribon

    Hello, if anyone can help me I would be more than thankful. I’m looking for horse named Riot. He’s brown and white and has one blue eye and one brown eye. I knew him up till he was 4 years old when he was sold., I wasn’t his owner but I spent all of my free time with him. He was sold 7 years ago when I was 17 to a young man in California who planned to use him in the rodeo as he was a cutting horse. I’ve been looking for him for so long, and I don’t know what else to do to find him. He is so precious to me still to this day and if anyone knows of him or even of another way I could possibly find him, I would be so very grateful.

  31. Helen

    I’m looking for my horse named Charmer she was sold in Riverside County, CA. I miss her so much and want to see her. She was born in 1993 and I only hope she’s still alive. She has been on my mind for awhile now. I love this horse with all my heart and I can’t stop crying about her.

  32. chloe freesia

    Hi. trying to find my old pony WALLY, show name on passport BEAUS BLUE EYED BOY. chestnut gelding. three white socks. and one leg wiv white patch on it. white face. has a frezemark on his left shoulder. he is round 27/28. two people brought him of me for there children. he can be naughty catching in. was sold bout 4/5 year ago. possibly longer then that

    would love some information on his were abouts now. good or bad information i dont mind just wonna no how his is


  33. Lauren Caporimo

    Hello, Somebody please help me. I am looking for a quater horse name Oatie. His show name is honey Bunches of Oats. The last place I remember seeing him was in Clearview Farm in Bridgehampton Ny. Does anybody know where I can look to see if he is alive and where he is?

  34. Jen

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone has any information on a 15 h solid bay TB mare that I used to own. Her registered name is “Bridled Dreams” she would be about 20 or so now. Just want to see what she’s up to! Thanks!\


  35. Laura

    Hi I sold my Grey 138 pony in Cavan in Ireland a few years ago I would love to know where he is now. His registered name was Little Tommy Tucker. I got a phone call few years ago again saying he was in Norway. any help let me know.

  36. Joy

    Looking for a Bay gelding (no white),I used to own. 16H.QH Reg. name Kosiosko Kid. Also went by “Sonny”. Born in 1990, and was sold as a 3 yr old to Michigan. I had the chance to buy him back when he was around 6-7, but didn’t have the cash. That owner sold him to a dealer and I couldn’t find him. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  37. kaye shepherd


  38. Samantha

    I am really to the point of just losing my mind… My story is this….

    I had a great arabian that I loved and he was my best friend for ten years. Born on the property, Him and I as we got older grew close. He was my shoulder I could lean on and I was his too. Took care of him when he was ill, and he helped me out of some bad situations where I could’ve been hurt includeing chaseing a dog away on some land. He always came back to me.

    Back in 04 my mother leased him to a “friend” who eventually injured him. See this horse was proud cut *Due to a situation as a youngin where the vet knew NOTHING about gelding* and my so called friend put him in a pen with another horse who was proud cut… The size difference was this, The other horse was 16.3 hands full blooded QH. My horse, 14.2 hand arabian mix. my horse lost, ripped all the tendons and legaments in his hind leg. I let him go for a year and rest. By the time he was getting healthy he was a BABYSITTER for another horse who was a youngin. I couldn’t take my horse out without some one complaining. so I stayed with him in the pen and enjoyed his company as I traiened the other horse I had. well turns out my “Father” thought that he was just another mouth to feed and as a cruel and inhumane LESSOn to teach me as 17 years old he sold my horse. Behind my back. Just one day he was pretty much to go to this new family FAR AWAY! So I gave my horse a hug and told him to behave and told him I’d never stop searching. And I haven’t! It’s been 6 years… I count the days and I even celebrate his Birthday every year. I don’t know where to go from here! I heard he’s in california now, But I don’t know what to do. Where to go. Or what. :(
    Any advice? I wont give up any time soon!

    1. Desaray

      Hey there, I’m not sure if this is the same horse. I have a Arabian gelding that I took in that has serious scar tissue on his front leg and a little on one of his back legs. He’s about 15 years old and was found in the desert. Do you have any pictures that you could send? He’s 14.1 hands and a very dark bay almost black, but it’s winter so he could lighten up :-) I’m looking for history on him.

  39. Liz Laverick

    Hi, im searching for a 14.2hh piebald cob named Sammy (Aosta Sammy.) I sold him in 2005 to a woman called Lyne. I know she may have sold him onto a dealer but i have no other information. Sammy is a gentle loving pony and i miss him dearly, it would mean alot to know that he is safe and well. His markings are unusual. I owned him from 1998 and he was rising 3 yrs, so hes around 17 years old now!

  40. Kathy

    I am searching for an appaloosa gelding that is about 15yo now, 15h, lesser spotted with a heart on his left cheek. He was sold to a girl named Racheal from Bel Aire, Md. His registered name is “He’s Naked” and at the time he was alergic to himself and would have soars on his shoulders and front legs plus around his eyes would look extra pink. He was broke to ride and a very good horse. He was also 33% blind.
    Would like to know if he is still alive or if she sent him to auction. We would have bought him back if she was not happy and would like to have him back now if still alive. I have a picture of him if anyone knows how to put it on here.

  41. Kathy

    I am also looking for the previous owners of a horse I have now that was saved from the kill pen at the Camelot Auction, NJ on Dec 29, 2009. He has some facial scars, front left gaskin scars and a lump on the right rear ankle. He is bay in color with a blaze, left nostril ripped up about 3 inches and never sewed. I love him, he is a great horse, was broke some when I got him, but he has been shown in open halter at our circuit and won every class so far. Last year I showed him twice and he ended up reserve-champion. I want to know what breed he is because he is built like a qh, what to know what happened to him to cause the scars and if qh, could possibly get the papers. I have a photo of him too if anyone is interested.


    I’M looking for a TB GREY RACEHORSE Get Me A Mil, he is about 20+ now, last time I owned him he was in Prescott, AZ. He is a big Grey gelding who I just want to know he has a good home. I would love to see him again but if that’s not possible, just knowing he had a good life would suffice. My father sold him and I didn’t get to day good-bye to him
    If anyone knows about him it would be greatly appreciated,

    Susan Schooler

  43. Jodi Lass


    I have been looking for my first & forever friend who I had to give up 19 years ago due to my father’s illness. My horse was named Amanda & I had showed her as “Charisma”. She was in th Coconut Creek, FL. area when I had to give her up. She was a red thoroughbred, 15.3 hands, white star, 1 left hind white sock. Amanda was around 6 at the time when we were separated. I know she may or may not be alive, but I think about her everyday of my life. I would love nothing more to see her one last time. She was my best friend who helped me get through tough times in my childhood life. I always felt that the connection you have with your horses, most people can’t understand unless you have had one. But, I always believed that she thought I just gave her up. I hope that someone can me out with any kind of info. She was also a registered mare.

    Thank You & Good Luck to Everyone!!
    Jodi Lass

  44. Sami

    Hi, I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for a horse named Macs Black Tamarack (Tammy or “Maxi”), a dark bay almost black Pinto mare. She was solid bay, with no markings other than two white socks on both left feet and a thick blaze down her face. She was 14.2hh and could easily be mistaken as a Quarter Pony as she was slightly stocky. She had a gorgeous head and made everyone stop and stare. She was sold in August 2009 from Hemphills Inc. in North Vassalboro, Maine. I contacted them and they said that she had in fact been sold, but they couldn’t give out contact information for the owners. This horse was my best friend, I’ve never had a connection with any other horse like I did with her, I absolutely love her. If anybody has any idea where she is, PLEASE let me know, I have never given up looking for her.

  45. rebekah

    i lost a 12.2 pony called brad in 2008 he is a chestnut pony with a flaxen mane and tail he ran away one nite when the gate was left open and i really miss him he is somewhere in connaught in ireland and if u cum across him please contact me please there will be an award i hope he is alive and well

  46. rebekah

    by the way brad was terrified of jumps and had a faint white star he was a companion pony and was very stubborn and bucks if any one found him please email me and leave a contact number and if your so kind youll let me see my darling pony brad ps.i miss him so much

  47. Tiffany Derr

    I’m looking for 2 old horses of mine. They were from Lake County, FL, one was a bay QH mare named Whispey, about 15.2 hands. I’m also looking for ‘Honest Guy’ – Hunter as we called him. He was a 16.1 HH Thoroughbred gelding, 4 white socks, and had a distinguishing lump under his jaw. He was beautiful and the people who sold him have not wanted to tell me ANYTHING and I’m not sure why. They were the ‘Walkers’ and they said they had their trainer sell him to someone and I heard it may have been out of state to someone, maybe VA? He was being shown in the A circuit if I remember correctly, hunter/jumpers, oh, and he was deathly afraid of cows lol I can be reached at thank you SO much!

  48. Abbie

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a 17hh chestnut gelding called Sylvester. He has a white blaze on his face and 4 white stockings up to his knees. He’s not my horse but I love him a lot and would really like to know where he is now. He used to be an eventer until he had an accident with his leg which ment he couldn’t participate anymore. He then moved to Stepney Bank Stables in Newcastle for a few years, and that’s where I met him. He recently had another problem with his leg which caused him to leave Stepney Bank Stables a couple of days ago. Whether he has been sold yet I’m not sure, but he will definatly not be returning to Stepney. If anyone has any information about where he is now or how he is would be much appreciated.

  49. Julie

    I’m looking for my boyfriends horse he sold a few years ago. He doesn’t remember the person’s name who bought him. last he heard he was back in lake county somewhere. He’s a appaloosa/QH named Sonny but his registered name is “Son of Nugget”. Any information would be great as i’m trying to find him as a suprize.
    Every pasture we pass he alway’s looks to see if Sonny’s in it.

  50. Julie

    Also my daughter is looking for a horse, she use to take care of him on a horse farm in Astatula,after she graduated in 1991. “SW Gram”(goober) is the horse’s name. She would also love to find this him she had a great love for this horse.

  51. Taylor

    I’m looking for my old horse, his name is Ace, show name Newsflash, sold him to a lady in Oakville area, i belive he is 13 or 14 years old now. hes a flashy black horse with white socks and stripe on his he also has a distinct white spot on his belly. hes a pollish warm blood. he is passported and showed ‘A’ Circuit

  52. ROBIN

    I am looking for two quarter horses one his name No Skip Kidastrophic his barn name his clue he will turnung 7 and a plomino name pine shine his barn name his boomer he should be about 12 now or little older I sold clue in bevercreek to lady then she sold him and don’t know here he his I like to make sure they are both ok I miss them both if anyone can help thinks robin

  53. Chandra

    I am looking for an American Paint Gelding named A K Two Show Concho he was trained in barrel racing and orginally from Oklahoma, he has a 4T brand on his hip, brown and white body with black and white mane, and a star and snip. Sold him to a lady I rode with in Sterling, IL I have heard that they hit hard times, I am hoping to find my Concho man. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  54. Suzanne

    I’ve been looking for the 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Welch gelding pony I was forced to sell 20 years ago in Florida. He’s a 14.2 hh bay that went by the name Shekrin. The people who purchased him resold him and didn’t keep any records. It’s my understanding that he went to a girl on the west coast of Florida to run endurance. I don’t feel, at his age, that there’s much time left if any and I would love to know what happened to him. Going through something so tramatic at 13 yrs old has left a lifetime of regret. I desperately want to know where he ended up. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

  55. Rhiannon

    Hi, I use to be employeed at a racehorse barn by the name of Eagle Point Farm in Virginia. There was a racehorse there his registered name was Sparring Partner but his barn name was Spanky. He was taken off the track and sold in 2009. His birth date is 3/24/2004 I believe, he is a blood bay thoroughbred gelding by Partner’s Hero out of Blushing Mary (Arazi). I have gone through the registry and cannot trace where he has been sold to. If anyone may have any information please email me ASAP at I would love to see Spanky again :)

  56. emily williams

    i am looking for a section A stallion possibly now a gelding who we sold at clwyd sales about 6 years ago his stud mae is merleve ianto and his dam in bennwyn adelina whoom we own and would like to fine her foal

    anything would help


  57. Alya newman

    I had this a short time but I had to sell him as i fell pregnant and i so want to find him i miss him so much

    Competition name(s)
    Date of Birth 24-Mar-2000
    Gender Gelding
    Colour Grey
    Sire Name Linamix (FR)
    Dam Name Cattermole (USA)
    Breed Thoroughbred
    Submitted by Weatherbys
    Studbook/Section Thoroughbred
    Birth Country United Kingdom

  58. kenzie lindo

    I am looking for my quarter horse gelding. Sorrel, white stripe and snip, one white foot on the front.
    His name is Zips Original Chip.
    He was born in 1998 and I bought him when I was 13, had to sell him last year because I moved to arizona. If you have info on him please contact me. I am looking to possibly buy him back. Thanks,

  59. Aimee

    Hi I am looking for any past history on my 15 year old 14.2/3 TB x NF Bay Mare Squires Angel, she is a show-jumping pony and I brought her almost a year ago.
    She came from Exmoor and before that i think from somewhere in Devon, I really want to know where she was born as she doesn’t seem to have her proper passport, only a BSJA one and thats another mystery since she was registered and i have won quite a few comps but it seems she never got a clear round affiliated!
    She is a darkish bay with two back socks with ermine marks, a faint star and a band of white around the top of her tail where (we think) a tail bandage was put on too tightly when she was younger.
    I would really like to know because she seems to know everything I try like shoulder-in, turns on the forehand and flying changes. Thanks!

    1. Aimee

      I think she had the stable name ‘Charley’ which is a bit odd since she’s a mare but she is now called Angel

  60. Nora

    I owned a Khemosabi grandson from yearling to about the age of seven. His name is Khommokozzi (or OZ for short). He became severely lame in the left shoulder at the age of two. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to give him back to his trainer at the age of six. I discovered that he went to an extremely good home, so I stopped worrying. About three years ago, I communicated with the people who had owned him. They had purchased him for their daughter, and when she went to school, he became a pasture puppy, so they sold him to the therapeutic riding camp of a Baptist church in Maryland. I went out to the farm, but the gentleman who takes care of the horses (or owns the horses) was not there, and neither was my former horse. I have tried calling, leaving message, pleading with them to let me know what happened to him, but all of my requests have gone unheeded. I don’t know what to do next, but Oz is 21 years old this year, severely lame, and I am deathly worried about him because of the resurrection of recent horse slaughter rules. I’d love to find him. If he is in good, loving hands, I am fine with that. If he is in bad conditions, I want him back. If anyone can help, I would so much appreciate it. He is bay with a black mane and tail, White stripe and will be favoring his left shoulder/leg.

  61. Whitney

    HELP! I sold my TB gelding 8 years ago. He should be 15-20 years old now. 4 white socks, a blaze and tattoo under his upper lip! His registered name is “only a prank” but he goes by Wheels. I sold him in California and if anyone has him now I would be interested in purchasing him back!!!!!

  62. Joel

    Looking for 14.2/3 Arab X Welsh Cob Mare. Fine type, very fast & Might be a little nervous. Not my horse but used to ride her. Went by the name of Megan. Sold at the sales by all accounts? Jumps very high!

    Also looking for 16.1/2 Skewbald Cob X
    Around 13years old. Name of Charlie. Would pop a jump of 3ft6 ++ Sold by dealer.


  63. Liz Laverick

    Hi, im searching for a 14.2hh piebald cob named Sammy (Aosta Sammy.) I sold him in 2005 to a woman called Lyne. I know she may have sold him onto a dealer but i have no other information. Sammy is a gentle loving pony and i miss him dearly, it would mean alot to know that he is safe and well. His markings are unusual. I owned him from 1998 and he was rising 3 yrs, so hes around 17 years old now! Notingham area, England! Thanks

  64. Kait

    This is a shot in the dark here. I am looking for a 1998 geilding with papered name of ACE TAKES ALL. He was about 15.3, dark bay, thick mane and tail. Last I heard he was in Texas as a cow horse. Just wondering what has become of him.

  65. Katie

    I am trying to find my Overo Paint gelding named PR Midnight Bubba (Bubba for short). He is a registered paint, but can’t figure out how to look him up and see where he’s at right now. Does anyone know where I could go to look up his registered name and find out who owns him now and where he is at? I miss him so much and hope he is ok.

    1. heather

      How old would he be? I was giving a red and white paint horse and no information for him.

  66. Brittany

    I’m trying to find our old Quarter Horse stallion. He’s a very gentle, sweet boy. Was saddle broke at the time he was sold. The man who bought him didn’t take very good care of him (unknown to me) and he was picked up by animal control who contacted me, saying he weighed 600 lbs. When sold he weighed at least 1200 lbs. The man who bought him claims that he put weight back on him and sold him at an auction since he “didn’t have the time for him”. Anyways, he was sold unregistered in the south Florida area. He stands around 16hh, completely black with a small white snip on his upper lip. Very flashy and attention getting when in good condition (which I hope he is, wherever he is). Easy going but exciteable around mares. A real easy keeper with weight (which is why it’s so frustrating that he was found so thin). I just want to know where he is and that he’s OK. Any suggestions on finding him would be greatly appreciated.

  67. Colleen

    Hello, i’ve been going from barn to auction to barn in hopes to find out where my bay horse Killian is from. He’s about 8/9 years old very very sweet a jumper must have had injections in his front leg. Also has a troubled hind end he’s very well trained at WTC ridden english. Got him off the truck said to be in a field for two years had a long mane and everything. is what he looks like and this is a mark on his forehead which is very different

  68. Nicolina

    Hi i dont know how this works but i got a horse when i was 6 he was a race horse sampson and his race name was lively russain he is a Thoroughbred a beauty he is brown and black markings he was my best friend so many years i would love to find him just to see him know if he is still alive happy and doing well he should be about 20 i would love help on finding him if its possible

  69. Krista

    Winchester, VA

    Hi I’m looking for my red paint overo gelding that I sadly had to part with a few years back due to money troubles. I was told by the lady (Linda Testerman) were I keep him at that she had found him a home. A friend of hers with an 8 yr old that had grow to big for her pony. I would love to know how he is doing. I really miss him and just want to know he is doing ok in his new home.

  70. Bonnew Smith

    My daughter and I need to find out if a horse we owned is healthy and happy. His name is Saint Gabriel.He is 15’3 hands, beautiful chestnut coat, with a sorel mane and tail.He had to be sold,but my daughter and I never got to give him a hug goodbye after 2 years of loving him, tending to his every need. He was the most amazing show horse and took my daughter through the Trillium Circut. We don’t want to interfer with his new family , we only want to know he is well and happy. Yes I miss him very much, he made my daughter so happy and we had a wonderful, loving bond with him. Please is anyone knows of him, can you get back to me and let me know so my daughter will be at peace as well and my husband and myself. Thank you…..

    1. Bonnew Smith

      Saint Gabriel is in Ontario Canada and we believe possibly around Toronto area or further north.

  71. Bonnie Smith

    In referance to Saint Gabriel, he is located in Ontario Canada, possibly around Toronto, or further north.

  72. Nikkee Gallagher

    I am looking for a dark bay 14.2hh gelding called Monty (Montana) he had 2 white socks on his hind legs and a white star, he had a lovely nature, did headbutt though! Was a strong ride and hacked better alone rather than in company. He is probably early twenties now. I had to sell him due to time commitments in 2004 nod still miss him. He went to a yard in Raby on the Wirral and I’m sure has been sold on again, I would love to know how he is and what he has been up to if anyone can help??

  73. Kaitlyn

    Looking for Monty. A Light bay Shetland pony who is around 14 yrs old. He has a wide blaze and was last seen by me in Bernardsville NJ. They said they sold him to Ringoes as a pony ride pony. Please help!

  74. shayla joy

    hello my name is Shayla Joy and i have been riding at Meadows of Mendon stables for a long time now but i left for awhile and the horse that i fell in love with was sold. i would really like to find her. her name is Gracie , she would be 11 or 12 years old now she was sold around 2008 or 2009, she is a black and white Standardbred Perchron. me and my mother would love to find her if you would want us to pay or we could work something out okkkk thank you

  75. baby-ace104

    hi I’m looking for a 15 hand horse his name is ace heis a ten year old qauter horse he has an H On his left hind. i would like to know the persons number. he was my bestest friend oh what the heck he was my ONLY friend. my parents we’re going tobuy them but couldn’t afford him imiss him if you know him let me know please.

  76. Kelsie

    Looking for a horse in Washington state named Krome Dynamo or any relatives. He is a chestnut with 3 white socks no sock on front right and a blaze. Blonde mane.

  77. Erin

    Hello I am looking for my old show horse… I have been trying in vain to locate him for years. I raised this horse from a foal and only sold him because of my divorce and I checked with AQHA and he is still in my name so they cannot help but here are his stats.

    Reg Name: QC SUPER SUNDAY (AQHA) sire: Quinarius Hitman
    Height: 16.2-3 h
    Color: Very rich sorrell with a flaxen mane and tail, two high hind socks, one small front white sock and a huge and distinct blaze.
    DOB: Feb 6th(?) 2003

    He was consigned by myself to Brooks edge Farms in Ferndale, NY. I know that the lady that purchased him moved. I want to know if he is ok and if hes not being used we would love to have him back home. Please email me if you have any info! I love this guy soooo much :(

  78. Brittany

    I am trying to find an old horse I used to ride, before she was sold.
    Her name is Topaz.
    She was around 11h, cream coloured and had wall eye.
    I used to ride Topaz at a farm just past Darsbury..
    she has a white blaze down her face.

  79. molly potter

    Looking for a 7-12 year old paintaloosa gelding with blue eyes. Has some trust issues, and is difficult to ride. I want him back. I loved him soooo much. I hate to think what might happen to him since he has trust and training problems. I’ll take him home and make him a pasture ornament. I owe him that much. Please help me find him!!! Some of his past names have been “Outlaw” and “Arapahoe”.

  80. Anonymous

    I know my chances of finding this horse are very slim… but I SERIOUSLY want to know where to find him, and if he is for sale. His AQHA regestered name is Therapys Promise, and when I knew him, his barn name was Keni. He’s a seal bay, with 3 socks. 2 on the front, and his right hind. He has a small star right in the middle of his forehead. Here is a video of him in Showmanship:
    My friend Liv Marchand used to own him, but passed away recently :(
    He was sold to a woman in Connecticut, and was sold again- but I don’t know where to. If you have any information on Keni please contact me. I have pictures if you need them.

    1. anonymous

      Hi..I owned Keni not to long ago and was actually trying to find him myself. Was wondering if you have had any luck on finding him? Please feel free to email me. Thanks

  81. heather

    I was givin a overpriced paint gelding about sixty days ago. I know nothing of his background. The vet said he is around five years old and is in great health. I have pictures. If anyone can help. Me find Amy info.

  82. Sophie

    Hi im looking for a horse i sold about 4 years ago, he is a bay 15.3-16 hh quarter horse he has a star and 1 hind sock. his name was cecil but it could have been changed, he was not registered and i was told he was sold to someone in long island new york. if anyone knows anything about him let me know! email is

  83. Ashley Bird

    My Grandfather used to own racehorses a few years ago and he sold one due to lack of competitive spirit in the horse. (Sold in April ’08) Her name was Annie Oak Tree and she was a Quarter Horse. She had small white markings on her face and she was/is VERY friendly! (She has a little bit of spook but that is normal for a racehorse!) She about 6 years old (I am not positive but I will check into that!) and she ALWAYS comes to a whistle… I’ve never seen that in another horse! She is very important to me so if anyone knows where she is please email me at – thank yoiu so much!

  84. Elaine edgson

    Hi I’m looking for a 14.3hh palomino gelding, Connemara cross thoroughbred, last name know of Murphy as they (owners who purchased from myself), changed his name from Bobbie. I owned him in Lincoln but he was sold to a family in Derbyshire I think. The girls name was Rachel. He was sold in 1997 if I remember correctly. I would love to hear how he is as I have moved several times and lost the contact details for his last known owners. He will be about 21 now and was the most wonderful pony. Grateful of any details. My email is

  85. Lily O Mahoney

    Hi, im looking for a 15.1-15.2 bay mare with four white feet and a blaze. Her name is Delialah, she was sold in the year of 2010 to a woman called Emily and she sold her to someone from wicklow i think. I would love to know how shes getting on and find anything i can about her because i miss her dearly.If anyone knows anythign please contact me! Thanks

  86. Katrina

    Hi, I’m looking for information on a 1996 dark seal bay Thoroughbred gelding named Dorset Woods, last known barn name Dorset. He is about 16 hands, and I don’t think he had any markings. I worked with this horse a few years ago, and I’ve never forgotten him. He was my favorite in the barn, he had the quirkiest personality! He was a gentleman both in the barn and under saddle. He competed as an eventer. I was just thinking about him (again!) the other day and I wondered what ever happened to him, I know at one point his owner was trying to sell him. If anyone knows anything about a horse that meets his description I’d love to hear.

  87. Lindsay

    Hi, I am looking for a horse called Max, I used to own him round about 1997. Max is a bay gelding, 16.2h and is a thoroughbred cross with white socks, has a white star and stripe on his face, he is also number marked on his back but I cannot remember his numbers. Max makes a loud noise from his throat when exercising due to a problem with his trachea. I live in the Great Yarmouth/Norwich area of Norfolk, and sold him to a lady in the same area but she sold him on about 1998. The vet thought Max was approx. 13 when I had him so he may not even be alive. I was about 13 when I had him and I am almost 28, I think about him all the time and regret selling him, if someone knows or used to know him, I am desperate to find out where he is, or what happened to him, please email me

  88. Amanda

    i am searching for a paint/quarter horse called “italy” or “little italy. i bought him at 6 months old and he would be 13 now. he is very distinct as he has a bullseye blaze or a blaze with a spot in the middle. the blaze went over half of one eye and pretty close to the other. Im pretty sure he had two long socks in the back and had a scar from jumping a fence on the back undeside of one of his legs. he is about 15 hands, very sweet and gentle. he was on a farm in xenia ohio and lived there for years while i moved and when i could finally get him, i was told he was gone. i would like to know his where abouts and would purchase him back if possible.

  89. Melissa

    This is a long shot, but I am desperate to find my boy.. He is a gelded Tennessee Walker about 10-15 years old. He was sold from Fremont NE to a ranch near Omaha NE in early 2009. He was not technically mine, but I had planned on buying him from Herb Rieken in Fremont. This horse was my best friend for four years and I didn’t get to say good-bye. I just want to know that he is ok, happy, healthy.. His name is Jake. I have pictures of him. If you think you might have even a tiny lead please contact me. I have been searching for him for three years and have only come to dead ends. I’m willing to pay to find him.

  90. Brandy

    I am looking for information on my two mares. One is about 21 years old, a chestnut and white tobiano, she is western pleasue broke and may have been a broodmare, I don’t know if she was/is registered, I bought her from a dealer. I have had her since Feb 2007, she was purchased from the New Holland Auction in 2006. She is 14.2h.h. and I live in Maryland.
    My other mare is approximately 9years old a chestnut and white tovero/tobiano? she has little freckles (spots) on her hindquarters. She was purchased at a Maryland auction May 2010, she looked like she had a foal recently pulled. May of 2011 she gave birth to a cute tobiano colt. I have pics if anyone thinks they may know my girls.

  91. georgia

    okay , i think this is a long shot but when i was younger i used to ride a horse called murphy he was a bay gelding with 3 stockings , a thick blaze , he was 15”2 and used to live at witham villa riding center in brouton astley a few years back until he left.i have a picture and i never owned him but i promised him that one day i would find him , i hope to god hes still alive but i dont even no! if anyone has any information about this horse or think they might please contact me. i havent forgotten him all these years and the last time i saw him was probably when i was 11 …. im 17 now…. i know this is a long long long shot but if anyone thinks they can help please email me

  92. Ashley

    I am in the process of purchaseing an amazingly beautiful palimino gelding he is a prently a QH but we don’t know for sure he is 6 yr old he goes by the name of Tanner. Sadly tanner ended up being a rescue horse he has trust issues and has behaver problems but I love him and he will never let him go hes coming to me as under weight I’m trying to locate his previous owners before he was uncared for or Evan his breeders he has a very thin blaze that’s not straight it curves down toward his nose and has a snip he does have socks if you think you have info on him you can text me at 3608201831 or email me at

  93. Gabby

    2 summers ago I went to visit family in Michigan (I live in California) and my grandpa bought a horse for me to ride. He didn’t know if I could handle her, saying she was a very hot horse. And she was! But she was also the best horse I ever rode, and I love her so much! After I left at the end of summer, I knew he was going to sell her (he buys horses, trains them, then sells them for a living) so I begged him not to, I’d have her shipped to California and she’d stay at my boarding stable. He said no, why? Because shipping “costs too much” but I could afford it if he just kept her for 6 more months! Yet, he sold her 2 months after I left to a man. I don’t know his name. They live in the Thumb of Michigan. Here’s what I know about my sweet baby: Her name was Riunite (like the wine), Mare, 15.2hh, Quarab, Chestnut, white sock on left hind foot (thats how I would spot her out in the herd), a black scar across her nose with no hair where somebody had a halter on too tight (I believe she has those black scars on the sides of her head and under her chin too), 17 years young, Star, Stripe, and a long but thin pink snip. BTW, she could not go on trail rides because she would literally walk the trail sideways and she was very prancy on trail, too. I do NOT know if she’s registered, if she is, I don’t know her real name (only the barn name Riunite). I do not know who my grandpa sold her to, either. I just need to find her, I love and miss her soooo much! I have pictures of her, too. Thank you!

  94. Maggie Farrell

    I shared a horse named Beau but the woman i was sharing with called him Dusty. He was head shy and she was.. “afraid” of him. I loved him with all of heart and he loved me the same, i was the only person he trusted. I knew he would be mine forever, But without warning the woman sold him, on creigslist, to someone in Pennsylvannia. I didnt get to say goodbye. I cry my self to sleep almost every night missing him and wishing i could have said goodbye and he would know that it wast my choice and i still love him, and im crying right now thinking about him. I have to see him one more time, or get him back. All i know is that he is somewhere outside of pittsburg PA. Please, Please please help!

    1. Maggie Farrell

      He is a rosy gray color, approx. 15’2 hands and we purchased him from “Lil bits farms” in smithtown NewYork if that helps.

  95. Kayley

    I am trying to trace a much loved horse I used to own. Her name is Flo, she is a polo pony at approx 15.3 hands at about 12 years of age. Dark bay ,Had to be returned to dealers as she had bad arthuritis ( but was sold to us not knowing) the dealers were spinning wood states in west Sussex, we had a very bad experience with them as they sold us 2 horses not fit for purpose but I would love to find my Flo and know if she’s ok. Please can u help?

  96. Hannah May

    Hi, I am desperately looking for my lovely first pony. His name is Collins Park Thug Angel, or Charlie, he is a piebald Cob X gelding of about 12.2 to 13hh. He has four white socks, a diamond on his forehead, a big white H on his left side neck, a zebra stripe on his bottom, a white africa shaped mark around his girth area and a bean shaped white mark on his right shoulder. We sold him end of February 2012, but haven’t heard from the buyers ever since and I’m really worried about him! The people we sold him to said he would stay in a livery yard in Wiltshire, near Longleat zoo, but i don’t know if he is with the same family now. Please please please contact me if you have seen him or you might know where he is or you might know how to find him. Any information will help.

    Contact me:

    Mobile: 07411458830
    Home:01297 631865
    Facebook: Hannah May Westdorp

    Thank you very much to anyone who helps:)xx

  97. ashley

    hi my name is ashley and i am getting a new horse and her name is belle and i am getting this horse because i sold my horse and his name is maddie and i getting belle for 750$ and belle is a black horse with no socks on her legs so if you wont to came see me ride belle and you can phone as onmy cellphone 0221537657 from ashley ring on saturday and i well mete you at my auntys house

  98. ashley

    my horse maddie he got sold on friday and i never got to say good bye and plesae i cry ever night and i do not go to school that mach because of the crying at home so if yousee him he is a bay horse a bay horse is a brown

  99. Emery Joe

    I want to find my pony, when I was two my mom bought me a big black pony for my birthday. I loved her so much, I want help finding her again, I was te only person she would let ride or mess with her, she was small, but she was maybe anywhere from 7-11 hands or more or less, I remember 11 but I only had her from ages 2-7 as I still remember the day I picked her out. She is completely black possibly with socks, no blaze but I think she had the tinyest little star way up her forehead right under her mane, I had a special bond with this pony and loved her to death, she should be 12-15 years of age, she was always kind of crabby an grumpy but she could have changed. She never let anyone ride her but me so I don’t know If they finally tamed her, the people who bought her, my mom had to sell her because we were moving and couldn’t take her with, we sold her with a male gelding pony named rusty cause he was a rusty color and he may be dead now, he’d be in his twenties. Her name is clips, and we sold her to people somewhere around roland Oklahoma to a family with a girl and boy child; I lived her so much please help me my number is 1(918)804-8861

  100. chelsy

    Looking for my AQHA mare, she is a chestnut with a blaze and left front sock and a right front small sock, she also has a scar on her face on the left side. Her Reg name is LPF Shellenea Kay, Kay for short, Last seen in Norton, MA. She was born in 1993 which would make her about 19yr. PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY BABY. Email pics or info to

  101. Lily Bolt

    Sold my pony called Spyro, tricoloured, 12.2, welsh section b, gelding, around 9 now to some one up in Elmy Castle area would love to find him :'(

    1. Sophie Collins

      Hi there, my name is Sophie from Kent in the UK, I am looking for a horse called ‘Joshim’, his show name is ‘Time Bandit’, he was orginally from ‘Manston Riding Centre’ in Kent. He was my mums horse, but she had to sell him when i was a baby because she couldn’t look after Joshim and me at the same time, it was too much work. I always ask my mum questions about him and she gets really emotional when having to answer them. Mum thinks about him all the time, sometimes she doesn’t want to know where he is, as she thinks that he might not be alive, but I know he isn’t, I want to know that he is. All i know is that mum sold him to a women in Dartford, and she sold him on. It would really mean a lot if you could help me and look for him, I really want to make my mum happy and stop worring, I just want her to know where he is. Many thanks.

  102. Mindy

    I am looking for a horse that I sold to a TERRIBLE man about 13 years ago. I had no idea what he was going to do to him and I have been trying to find him since. The only information I have is this. He was taken to the Story City Iowa sale barn and sold to someone either in South Dakota or North Dakota. Story City Sale barn has closed. He was registered and I go out on the AQHA website and he is still in my name. His papered name is Northern Twister. He is a bay gelding and he would be around 15/16 years old. If anyone would be able to add any information where I could turn to look for him I would greatly appreciate as I would love to know if he is ok. I would love to buy him back but don’t want to take him away from a good home either. Thanks you.

  103. Gillian Morton (Diamond)

    Hi, I sold a pony about 7 years ago she was grey and callexT-Grey, I contacted the person I sold to but they sold her on to a lovely family in Derbyshre, I would love to visit her once to say hello as I really miss her. The family have renamed her Tia if anyone knows anything please email me at

    Thank you

  104. Diane

    Am desperatley searching for Rall, Nemo or registered name “Shear Happening” from Western PA. He was in a barn in Fombell PA for a few years;had to give away because of injury. He went to ohio and was handed around for the next couple years. I cannot get anyone to help me. His last locations that i can find is near Navarre or Beach city at a maybe private rescue barn. Have called as many as i can. BUt still working on it today. You will know him when you see him because he is beautiful. May have lump on backleft fetlock which did not seem to bother him. He is TB gelding, 16 1/2, with NO MARKINGS ANYWHERE. All brown brown darker mane tail. anyone have any suggestions it is hard to believethat of all the (maybe 4) barns that he has gone through thatno one is responsilbe enough to admit where he actaully is.

  105. Brittany

    Hi, I am desperately looking for a horse I regretfully sold to an auction in Unadilla, NY. His name was Trumpet and he was a 3 turning 4 year old, paint gelding, approximately 14.3 hands. I would love to buy him back but not take him away from a good home. If anyone has any information at all, please email me at Email for pics.

  106. Aja

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I had a lease horse named Redford (Red) and I loved him (still love him) with all my heart! He is red in color (how is name came to be) with a blaze and 1 red dappled sock and my barn manager sold him without me knowing and no one told me until I showed up one day at school and the barn brat showed up and told me that Red was sold for glue so I questioned the trainer and she said that she sold Red and bought Nora at hemphills (a local horse trade), well I went to hemphills and they said that he was sold to a man who bought and sold horses but they would not tell me his phone number and I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about him, it was 4-5 years since he was sold if you have any info please email me for more information or to tell me you know where my horse is!

  107. samantha jackson

    Im searching for my arabian who was sold behind my back when I was 17. I am now 25 years old. My father sold him for a lesson about dropping out of high school.
    I miss him so very much.
    Can you go to his page and share it?
    I miss him sooooo much I had him from a baby to few months shy of ten.

  108. Laurab93

    I am from Ireland. I sold my pony in Cavan Sales in around 2003. He was Grey and 13.2hh. His SJI name here was Little Tommy Tucker. I got a call from NORWAY to say thats where he was in around 2004/2005. I was just wondering if he is still there or where he is now.

  109. Kayley

    Does anyone know a horse, named FLO short for FLORENCE DUKE( name may have been changed) EX POLO PONY, MARE, BAY , ALL BLACK LEGS, AND 2 HIND MID CANNON SOCKS. HALF BLAZE( bottom) AND STAR AT TOP. Please contact me if you think you may know this horse, used to own her and would like to know how she is thank you.

  110. Amanda

    I am looking for my sister’s pony. he was sold about 4-5 years ago, then the lady that bought him was trying to sell him as a Welsh pony, he is not Welsh but does look it. he was about 12-13 hands, light bay with four white socks, outlined in black, one blue eye, I believe it was his right eye, and he had a crescent moon on his face and white on his mouth, looked a little like crooked mountains leaning more towards the left side of his mouth. he has black mane and tail, and he is from massachusetts, that is where we live and where he was sold out of from us. I miss him and would love to either buy him back for my son or at least know that he is ok, be would be about 15 now. if anyone has seen him or knows where he is please let me know.

      1. Jackie Milne

        I was looking for a horse I owned . His name was Saint gabriel. I noticed a horse named Chester tonight that has just been sold in Ontario. He is a Chestnut and might have been at the barn Gabe was at. I saw the add on Horsetopia.

  111. Kassie

    My grandpa sold 2 horses to a trainer in the Hillsboro, OH area. They were both Quarter/paints & bay in color. One is about 8 or 9 and around 15.2-16hh now. He has a spot that looks like a upside down shape of Texas on his right side (almost center of his side). He also has a snip on his nose too. The other one was around 2 at the time so I don’t know his height. His sire and dam were around 15-15.1hh. He has a wide/long blaze and 3 stockings on both back legs & the front right leg. He should be 3 going on 4 this summer. They were sold in January 2011. I really want to see what have they become. I miss them so much!

  112. julie

    hi I am looking for my horse that I use to own his name was Harvey he was a welsh cob section d about 15hh and was bay in the summer and dark bay in the winter he had one white sock one on one of his hind legs and had a little bit on a star on his head i would love to know where he is and how he is doing as I went through a lot with him as when we first had him people said he wouldn’t live as they said he might have wobbler’s and would never ride but he proved them all wrong and was broken to ride like any other horse the person we sold him to said we could have first refusal but in the end didn’t and sold him without telling us i was gutted cause i loved that horse we had , had him for nearly 7 years and it killed me to even sell him but he needed more than what we could give him i hope someone knows him and anything about him

  113. Veronica Bastianon

    Searching for Apache! He was my best friend. I loved him so much. He was the world to me. I still love him and I cry every day for him. He was sold to some trainer out in newbury park. I never owned him. He was red roam with a crescent moon on his head and two white socks on his hind legs. One higher than the other. He was so beautiful. I love him and I won’t give up searching for him. The ranch I rode him at (rocking K) randomly sold him. PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS. THIS HORSE MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME. 310 621 3511

  114. Courtney

    Hey, I’ve had my mare for just over a year and a half, and I’ve recently started looking at her history, I know nothing about her family as she was a rescue before I brought her, but I know she had a foal. I researched her progeny and found out her foal was a filly, born in 2009 and registered as Colinscott Sariah. She is crossbred. Her sire is an Arabian called Eminence and her Dam is my thoroughbred registered as Eminent conquest. I wondered if anyone knew of the whereabouts of her as I was wondering what she was like. It isn’t anything major though. Thanks :)

  115. sophie

    i didn’t own this pony but i wanted to know where she is now her name is zoey she is a mare about 5yrs old large pony and all white she doesn’t like to jump or really do anything but i loved her alot please email me back

  116. Janice

    Trying to locate the whereabouts of a Paint Horse Named Titan in the
    Bradenton FL area …he was sold by his owner to a woman off of Rte. 675 near S.R. 70 ..they sent him to a guy near Verna Bethany Rd. who was going to give him training so that he could be ridden again but they have not got him back and he may not return to them at all …we lived at the place where Titan spent the majority of his life and would like to see him again and know that he is ok..anyone would information on Titan, I would appreciae it.

  117. Chloe Wood

    There is not a day I don’t go without thinking about my old pony Hannah She was my first pony. She was loved by all my family, when u ask her to say please she will lift her leg up and she gives u kisses if you say to ger kisses and put your face towards her. Also now she has a pulled very short mane it might of grown by now though ( this is when she got sold on ). I sold her on 2nd of june 2012 i sold her to a lady called Esmee Jane and 3 months later i fount her on a website for sale she never told me she was for sale she sold her and would not give me the new owners number so i had to find out who had her by myself which i did. i asked the new owner to come see her and i did at the time she was in west sussex she told me her old owner ‘esmee jane’ neglected her when i went to see her she was so skinny and the vet said she was a rspca case she looked terriable and she was such a lovley pony. She showed me pictures befrore i went to see her of her vet they was all crakced she litarlly didnt have a hoof and she had shoes on at the time but when i went to see her they was obviously sorted out she loooks good apart form she was so skinny! the person that esmee sold her to was called ’emma butler’ then a couple of months later i got a text saying she is selling Hannah my old pony on because her daughter has lost intrest i asked her for her new owners number but she will not give it to me i even asked if she could ask the lady for photos that she can send to her that she can send to me but its still such a big deal and its made me very supsious i would do anything to make sure she is ok i loved this pony alot and would do anything to have her back and see her again!. Hannah is missed millions and would do anything to see this pony again and make sure shes okay! if you know anything about her where she is etc, PLEASE PLEASE PELASE email text or cal me. She has two white socks on left side, shes cheshunt ALL OVER with a long white stripe on her nose. When you call her she always neighs back to you. She 13.1h / 13.2hh. Also her passport does not say how old she is in it. She is aged 12 or 13 by now! she could be anywhere over west sussex because that is where she got sold on from but i do not no where! please anything you no to help me find her please text me!!! She was my bestfriend. Email me from pictures if you think you no anything!!
    email me on: or
    home number: 01992 638849
    mobile: 07760994156
    Thanks so much for reading. Chloe. x
    pictures of her r on this website, the picture of the litle girl holding her is when i sold her on but she got sold on from there to some one else and sold on again!

  118. vicky

    I would love to find Impressive Jay Boy, a sorrel my husband and I sold some few years ago, we called him Bo. He’s an amazing cow roping and trail ride horse. We would love to buy him back. Please help him be reunited with us. We got him when he was a baby and gentle broke him ourselves. Please help me find my Bo.

  119. maddie

    George , 17, 2 dark bay tb 10 years old was last put out on loan to a lady called Heather Waterman In Brixham Devon area, who has lost contact. He is not in the livery where she took him and she has taken him somewhere else without anyone knowing.Need to find him asap so if you know where he is or know who or were heather is please let me know. If you know ANYTHING! Please let me know please!

  120. Sarah Weaver

    Hi, I’m 14 and was just looking for my Dad’s first horse named Candy. She would be quite old by now but I was hoping to find her for him (if she’s still alive) my Dad’s been through a lot and he never wanted to sell her in the first place his Father sold Candy without Dad’s knowledge or consent. I can tell he really misses her and that she meant a lot to him, all I know about her though is that her names Candy was born somewhere near Mudgee I think, she’s a chestnut bay, gentle nature well broken first owner would be either John Weaver or Ron Weaver. Sorry I know it’s not much to go on Dad gets really sad when he talks about her so I try not to bring it up but I would really appreciate it if you could help me please.
    Thank you so much, Sarah.

  121. Mackenzie

    I am looking for my first pony named Fire Cracker. He was 6 months old when we got him and we had him until he was 2 years old. I trained him to do everything and we had a bond like no other. However my parents got divorced and we had to sell him to a family that lived in Toms Brook, Va. It was the husband and wife and the two young daughters. (This was about 3 years ago). He was bright chestnut and had a big blaze and four white socks. I had gone to visit him once after they moved him but it was too hard on me and I ended up crying and not going back, but just a few months ago I stopped by the farm to see him and tell the family that if they ever couldn’t keep him to give him back to me, and he wasn’t there, granted though their other horse (a Percheron) was. I went up and knocked on the door and apparently they had moved and were renting out the house. I want to find him and get him back. Please help!

  122. Jessica

    Hi i’m looking for my horse Shooting Star. She is about twelve or thirteen hands tall. A muddy brown coat with black mane and tail. A crescent moon on her forehead and a white sock on her front left leg. She turns seven in May. She loves to run and has a lot of spirit. She’s a quarter horse mix but i never got the other breed. She’s very sweet. I grew up with her but had to sell her when i moved to the city. I heard she went to Heber Valley. Please help me.

  123. Jordan Dee Evalt

    Hi there!
    I tried first to go to the Horse Reunions website, but it appears to be down. I am looking for my Tennessee Walking horse, Little Man (his registered name is Nitewind’s Royal Firefly; he was registered with the TWHBEA when I owned him). I sold him 6 years ago when I was 17, going to college full-time as well as working, and simply didn’t have the time that I thought my baby deserved. All I could think about was how bright he was, how loving, how much potential he had to be great, how I could never get him there with the limited spare time I had, how I knew that someone else could SHOW him the love and affection he deserved by giving him the time and attention he needed; to me, an hour or two in the evenings wasn’t good enough for him. It wasn’t fair to Little Man how much time I had to spend apart from him, so I sold him to a loving family in Eastern Washington. He was to be their daughter’s first 4-H horse, as he was mine. And, after seeing how well she worked with him and how well he responded to her, I knew I had made the right decision for him, even if it was a hard one for me. After the girl left me with a sweetly framed picture to remember him by as well as a promise made by her parents that I could see him anytime, Little Man was off to his new home. A mishap with the email account that I had used to initially get in contact with his new owners left me with no way to contact them or check in on my baby boy. For years, I have searched the internet in hopes of seeing a clipping about a show or posting about him or SOMETHING, but with no luck. I can’t believe that I didn’t find this forum sooner; hopefully someone will know the gorgeous; if not slightly petite, standing at 15.5 HH; chestnut Tennessee Walker that I love. He has a white blaze as well as a small white spot just in front of his right hindquarter.

  124. Jennifer Dathan

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I have been searching for a pony I used to ride when I was younger. His name is joyfull but also goes by Joey. He is a piebald gelding and is about 14.2hh/148cm. He would be about 18/19 by now. He was located in the Hampshire area of the UK with the Burgess family who have now sold him on. I just want to know how he is. He could be in near Shepton Mallet. Thank you so much to anyone who can help.

  125. Nicole

    I am in search of an old quarter pony mare I used to own in Placerville, California. Her registered name is Raven’s Midnight Sade. She was around 14.1hh and is solid black with a blaze, she had a clubbed foot on her right front and had a sort of cresty neck. I had to re-home her due to financial reasons, I believe it was some time around 2007-2008 to a lady named Nancy, she was supposed to contact me if she needed to find her a home for any reason so that I could get her back but I never heard from her and always just assumed that she still had her till I recently checked in with her and found out she sold her without my knowledge. She would be around 20 years old now. I just want to make sure she is doing okay. I would even be interested in buying her back and providing her a retirement home if needed. Here is some links to old pictures of her. If anyone has any information you can email me directly at

  126. carrie

    I know this is a long shot but I sold my blanket appy named casey around 17 years ago in Gorham maine due to being a single mom of three kids and getting out of a violent situation had no choice I miss him everyday not a day goes by I wonder where he is…All I have left is a video of him.. Thank you

  127. Colleen Everett

    Hi my name is ColleenReilly (everett now) I had a Appaloosa that my mom raised from birth. My mom wasnt able to afford her horses and lost the house after my dad died and gave him up.. (Big mistake!) He was given away in Menifee, CA I believe to someone else in that area that was supposed to use him as a kids horse, training kids and such. We moved to Mississippi for years, and I move back here to California, and just looking to relocate my old horse.
    His name was California Weather, we called him Cal. His sire was Weather Watch. He was very tall I want to say 16.3 hands and had very little spotting chestnut color. Long face. Very loving had so much spirit! I dont have property, or a way to have him right now, but if I could just visit him every now and again, or just know where hes at, or maybe that he was passed.. He was born in 1985 or 1986. He was my best friend and I just would love to see him again. My email is if you have any leads let me know!! Thank you!

  128. Taylor Redmond

    In search of a very old TB named LA Hardway. My aunt passed away a few years ago and she raised and trained him herself. Was a reserve for the 1998 olympics with him. Heard he was still in small competition about 3 years ago. Just thought I would see if he was still around. Out of Drexel, MO and Louisburg, KS. Email at with any details. Thanks so much

  129. Chloe Parker

    Looking for this little welsh a pony called Tarry/Tarragon. he was sold from my old pony club to a riding school about 9/10 years ago… I have no idea what happened to him after that.. would love to know where he is/if hes ok. He was my childhood dream pony and would make my day if i could ever see him again. Im not sure on his age as we never knew his age when he was sold. he has one white sock on his left hind leg (shown in picture) and a mainly white face. Mum used to describe him a donkey looking. If you have any info on him please message me on:

  130. Janette

    Is there a website that actually works to look for a long lost horse? is not a relative site anymore.
    I am looking for a Tri-color (Bay, black and white) APHA Gelding named Caspers Lucky Pepsi. I should be listed as his owner on his registrations papers Janette Ramsey. He should be around close to 10 years old now should of finished growing around 15.2 or 15.3. he has a blaze that when he blinks it looks like casper the friendly ghost waving his hands. Any information anyone has on him would be wonderful you can reach my thru

    Thank you so much,

  131. Bailey

    I’m looking for a gelding. Bay paint with exactly half of his face white and 4 white socks/stockings. He had one eye that was half blue in the front half, half brown in the back half (looking at him head on it was his right eye) and the other was blue with brown speckles or brown with blue speckles, I don’t remember which as its been so many years. He was 4 or 5 at the time of the sale (about 6 years ago) and was sold to the owners of “McCary Paint Horses” somewhere in East Texas which has now been shut down or sold or something as I can no longer find any information on them. We were not aware that they were traders, and Rocky was sent to a sale barn less than a month after they purchased him. We found the buyer, another trader though I do not remember her name, and tried contacting her but never got a reply. Rocky was a rescue from TERRIBLE living conditions and unimaginable abuse. He was my first horse. We lived across from him and witnessed the abuse he and a TB gelding (who died of colic just before we finally succeeded in talking the owner into letting us take the horse) endured. I would sneak them feed and clean water and was ultimately the only human he would allow to touch him. I did his halter training in secret of his abuser and my mother in the swamp he stayed in (I know. Stupid choice on my part. I could have been hurt, that’s trespassing and breaking the law… blah blah blah) and was even the first human on his back, and that was bareback with just his halter and a piece of hay twine as reigns. He was very gentle and kind towards me when he was there and the TB (his name was Calypso) was a PERFECT gentleman, even being an old racer standing 17hh tall at 15 years old and going through more abuse than my little gelding had before his tragic death. When we bought him, after much begging and even threatening to call the ASPCA on the owner for a third time, we purchased him and brought him to a friend of ours’ barn and began his rehab. He was food aggressive towards other animals, including the 3 legged, no eared, one eyed goat that hobbled around in the isle of the barn as well as an birds who may happen to perch themselves on his stall wall or gate while he ate and towards people. He HATED being stalled and destroyed the walls and would tear down the gates overnight. When pastured, he didn’t want to be alone and paced the fence lines all day long, no matter the weather and didn’t pause to even drink. He had NEVER been alone until his TB friend died and we believe he was severely buddy soured from it. However, putting him the pasture was always disastrous as every evening like clockwork he would “herd” the horses in his pasture into a tight wad directly in the center of the pasture and they’d fight him and team up against him to get away. He was headstrong and you had to be very very stern with him to make him do as you wanted. When saddled he was fine until the cinch began tightening. He set back every. Single. Time. though that may have changed by now as he’s gotten used to it? Also, he loaded into any trailer you had like a dream, but he reared up and hurt his head every time he unloaded, no matter if he was lead out forward, or backing out. He was very green when sold, not because he didn’t have the hours under saddle, but because he was so stubborn and seemed to “forget” what was worked on between his rides. We had a Brazilian exchange student at our friends who grew up breaking horses in Brazil and he was in the process of getting his reigning down for us and was working with him all day, every day when we were forced to sell due to his behavior in the barn and with the other horses as well as the difficulty we had training him for me, a total beginner horse woman at the time as I was only 12 years old. Rocky bucked a couple times while the Brazilian rode him, tried biting (especially at feed time), head butted people, charged at people over gates/fences, and attempted kicking and, once when I was riding, laying down on people. He was quite the challenge, though if anybody knew what he was put through and how little he was handled by humans from the day he turned 6 months old until the day we got him, they would understand him and maybe have an understanding of why he acted out the way he did. I would LOVE to have Rocky back, even if he still acts so wild, or at least have an update on him and maybe share he details of his rough life with his new owner. I pray his behavior hasn’t had him sent to auction or slaughter, as it truly isn’t his fault. He meant so much to me and I hated my mother and the barn owner for forcing the sale, but I understand why they did so now. If anyone has ANY information on him, please please please email me at

  132. Rachel

    I’m from southern Illinois and I am looking for my old Thoroughbred named Big Dancer. She is a solid dark brown color, no markings. Around 15-16 hands maybe? I remember her being very tall. She was once a race horse that was put into breeding and later given to us from a friend. Her barn name is also Betty. She was around 6 years old before we unfortunately had to give her up around 2008 because we couldn’t afford the money to keep her. We gave her to our neighbor’s son, who owned multiple horses, but he only kept her for a couple of months before selling her. We were all upset about it when we were told and it’s been on my mind for the past couple of years. They didn’t tell us where they sold her. I can’t stop thinking about her and I need to know where she’s at, if she is even still alive, I hope. I heard rumors that the man we gave her to sold her to a slaughterhouse, and I’m in dire need to prove these rumors wrong and find her and bring her back to me. Please help.

  133. sierra

    I had a appaloosa name crystal I had her for 6 months and I gived her away cause we couldn’t afford her I was 12 I’m 18 now I think is was in 2008 I don’t remember but I just want to know she ok i wish i could go see her and just ride her for my last time she my baby and i miss her it’s she use to live on white dog farm where i look lessons but when we gived her to a caring family i couldn’t watch her leave know one wont tell me where she is cause they think it will upset me and it upsets me cause they wont tell me where my baby is i live in Florida and she somewhere in Georgia please help me

  134. Khloe

    Hi.. Back in 2013, because of financial issues, I sold my horse to my friend, who then turned around and sold him for more money and never told me the name or number of who she sold him to. He was a 15.3 tovero paint (tricolor) gelding with one blue eye. He has a KL brand on his (left?) cheek. I would just like to know if he’s in a good home. He’s about 9-10 years old now. Thank you!
    Btw, I’m in Texas.

  135. Jackie

    I am looking for a black-bay Arabian mare named VP SHAI DESIRE (Simeon Shai x Moonstar). We called her DESI and she was born in 1991 and stands about 15.1. She has some gray at the dock of her tail and one “people” eye. I sold her to a young woman in the TACOMA, WA area around 2006-2007. I later learned the woman was behind on paying her board for Desi and that the stable was going to begin the legal process of taking the horse. Has anyone seen this horse or know where she is? I am worried about her and have been trying to locate her for several years.

  136. Isabelle Richter

    I’m looking for a black and white tobiano/overo (registered) paint horse name Im A Whimpy BlueLady. She is 15.2 hh, was born in 2002, is trained in western and english riding, and has one brown eye and one mostly blue but partially brown one. I had to sell her a few years ago in Florida due to finances, and I attempted contacting the woman I sold her to, but I never got any reply. Her sire is M Bar Wimpy Tag and her dam is Ladiespridemisty if that helps at all.

  137. liz

    Has anyone seen a 16, 3 hh horse called Toby, in 2002 i sold him, he was 12 years old, colour bay, welsh section D cross thoroughbred, his real name was austcilff limited edition, If anyone has seen him then please comment back, he would be 24 now, thank you

  138. Debbie palmer

    Please help I have been trying to find out what happened to my two Arabians. Salisbury, MD. I have been very ill but never stopped my search for them. I just need to know that their lives have been good, please help. My stallion’s is Marquis and his son is Sir William (he was named after my son) we called him Little Red

  139. Kacie G

    Please help, I had a dark bay welsh gelding, with one left hind sock and a blaze. His show name was Ides of March but I showed him as I ain’t movin’. His barn name is Ceasar. He was sold without me knowing and I would love to find him again!! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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