Horse Translated

Horse Translated

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There is a degree of horsemanship in almost every country on the planet & we thought it would be fun for horse lovers to see what the word horse looks like in other languages. It’s interesting to note the differences (& similarities) that can be found in each language.

Translation of the word Horse to Languages of the World

Aboriginal yarraman
Afrikaans (south Africa) perd
Albanian kalë
Arabic Horse in Arabic

Basque zaldi
Belarussian (Belarus & Russia) kon
Bosnian konj
Bulgarian kon

Catalan cavall
Cherokee so-qui-li
Chinese Horse in Chinese
Croation konj
Czech Horse in Czech

Danish hest
Dutch (Nethlerlands) paard
Estonian hobune
Finnish hevonen
Flemish (Belgium) paard
French cheval

German pferd
Greek Horse in Greek

Hawaiian lio
Hebrew Horse in Hebrew

Icelandic hestur
Indonesian kuda
Irish capall
Italian cavallo

Japanese Horse in Japanese

Korean Horse in Korean

Latvian zirgs
Lithuanian arklys

Macedonian konj
Mongolian adughun

Norwegian hest

Pashto (Afghan) aas
Pipil kalwayu
Polish koń
Portuguese cavalo

Romanian cal
Romani grast
Russian Horse in Russian

Scottish cuddy
Serbian konj Horse in Serbian
Slovene konj
Spanish caballo
Swedish häst

Tagalog kabayo
Thai Horse in Thai
Turkish beygir

Ukranian kin

Vietnamese Horse in Vietnamese

Welsh ceffyl

Zulu ihhashi


Although we did our research to find these translations we was at the mercy of online translation services & language pages across the web. If anyone has a better translation, or a language we forgot please fill us in so we can provide the most accurate information.

4 Comments on “Horse Translated

  1. Sara

    The word horse in Estonian is HOBUNE. It’s similar to Finnish which may or may not be apparent to a non-speaker. Finnish and Estonian are closely related languages, called the Fenno-Ugric group which include Hungarian and Saami (Lapp). There you are! The pronunciation in phonetic so you would say 
    HO – bu – neh.

  2. Veronika

    Dear Sir of Madam,

    The correct equivalent of the word horse in Czech is k??.

    Best regards,


  3. Thai

    Dear sir,
    The word “Horse” in Thai language in this page spell “ar-cha” and that’s collect in Thai poet language,but in official and normal language we call “ma” in Thai is “ม้า”
    actually in Thai poet language has lots of word for call horse ,sush as “us-sa-wa”,
    “pa-chee” ,”sin-tob”

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