A quick post about a handy service called Thanks to Lynn for putting this information together about their equine services.

Horse Clicks LogoHorse Clicks was launched on February 23, 2008. Technically, the site existed before that under the name, and it was founded back in 2002 by a couple from Texas.

Growing Up

Horse Clicks has been in business since 2002. Originally, it existed as Net Equine and later changed the domain name to Horse Clicks. Today, being one of the largest equestrian websites in the world, it generates approximately 15 million monthly page views.

Horse Clicks

Protecting Our Users

One of the biggest challenges in the classifieds industry is online fraudsters who either pay with fake checks for larger amounts asking to refund them the difference, or scammers that post fake ads at a cheaper price and ask for a down payment by cash via MoneyGram or Western Union.

Unfortunately This is a common problem.

To combat this we are in the process of completing a flagging feature which will allow HorseClicks users to flag both sellers and buyers who participate in undesirable activities.

On a collective vote, keeping in mind the reputation of the persons doing the flagging, our algorithm will decide either the ad/user should stay on the site or be automatically removed/banned. This is similar to what Craigslist does.

Horse Clicks Property Listing

Newest Section

A couple months after that, some time in April 2008, we opened a new horse-related section — Horse Properties. This allowed real estate agents and property owner to advertise the equestrian facilities for sale.

In addition, we also made the website completely free for the end-users, which separated Horse Clicks from the competition.

Working Towards A Better Service

Over the last 14 months, by doing a mixture of online adverstising, adding new features, improving usability and opening new categories (Trailers, Saddles, Products), we established loyal following which continues to grow.

Traffic-wise, the site is nowhere near from where it was before — the traffic increased up to 12,000 visits daily with a little less than 200,000 page views per day.

Today, Horse Clicks is the second largest horse classifieds site.

Check Them Out

Be sure to go take a look around at

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  1. Captain Mike Haskell

    What has happened to the site? I was in the middle of buying a couple of saddles…but when I tried to access the site to make the purchase, I got a message that I am forbidden from going to the site….what gives?

    1. Sherley Toth

      That link doesn’t work either, I havesold on and have 2 horses for sale, Got an email about a message on horseclicks about one of my horses and no matter what i have tried and am Forbidden to veiw anything on horseclicks. Did some research and learned that if you tried to scam someone horseclicks does this. I haven’t scamed anyone. I have sold one horse via horseclicks and the new owners are very happy with her.

  2. Jeff Walter

    I found 3 trailers for sale on this site and 1 7H Iveco van. The trailers were 2004, 2004, 2005 and 2007, respectively, and were advertised at $4,000.00 each for the trailers and $8,800.00 for the van. When I inquired about the van and 1st trailer the woman, named Liz Obrien, told me she was working onboard a cruise ship and had recently gone through a divorce and basically wanted to unload these items ASAP. The second woman, Diane Williams, also worked onboard a cruise ship and couldn’t get to a phone to call me. The 3rd woman, Iamila something, that she wanted a “quick sale” as her daughter was very ill and needed the money. These trailers were $4,000.00 each and they said they were in eBay’s lot in Orlando, FL and to send a Western Union MoneyGram to eBay and they would have the trailers and van delivered, and that the receiver had 5 days from delivery to make up their mind whether they wanted the items or not. If not eBay was to refund your money and they would have the trailers/van picked up by an eBay eBay employee. By then it’s too late. Say Goodbye to your hard-earned money if you fall for this scam. I tried calling eBay and sending them an email, but there was no phone number and the email link didn’t work. I also, tried alerting, but there seems to be no way of contacting these people. What is more striking is that they obviously don’t care. Regardless, please don’t fall victim to this scam. Reporting crimes like these is about the one surefire way to put a stop to this so the rest of us can get on with our lives and not have to deal with this. The messages were in broken English and written by a person from India.


      I had the same experience last year with the same kind of “scammer”. I contacted the OSBI and FBI emailed the fool who was trying to scam me, however I was stupid enough to send the money, however after I emailed the woman and told her I had contacted the FBI no one ever went to the Western Union to collect the money gram, I did get my money back and I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Glad you didn’t fall for the trick

      1. kayla wilson

        well Janie, it just happened to ! last monday I sent the money, contacted the person,on Friesian mare horse. must of these bad things happens with 22-237-number but she says shes a Christian, iwill get to the bottom of this! already called google and gmail turned her in with her email address she has people working for her with fax numbers diffrent” phone numbers i did a reverse check on her address she lives in Quote OK. norman is the city she has broken english, looked up her address in OK. its in the middle of some town homes. it is someone else’s house.
        did you find horse clicks, phone number, what did you do? maybe the FBI. she has a person working for her, in seattle wa,marlon OK.peachtree city GA.anyway want to know what you did, if you got anywhere with the little bit of your story that I know…..would like to call Horse clicks? di you ever find their number?
        I am a trueful person, and I just learned tonght she’s
        back on horse clicks with the same pictures, and the samr little ad.. i do have a paper she ask me to sign and send back and their is a statement she will she needed a down payment by last monday and i would have to air ship the horse to texas thats were im from.the story gets even worse. any way feel free to contact me , if you would like. I cant even get all of this !!! scams everywhere.I guess im done with buying
        animals on any just cant get over this!
        thank you,
        Kayla Wilson

  3. Lynn Stewart

    Jeff — we deal with these scams on a daily basis. Every single day we locate and delete 2-5 fraudulent ads (mostly in the trailer category).

    Unfortunately, because the vast majority of those scams originate from Nigeria and Romania, there is not much we can do as far as tracking the fraudsters down. Reporting to the police doesn’t help either (we tried) — it’s not within the scope of the local authorities, and the FBI doesn’t care about the victims.

    Answering Mike’s post above, when we remove fraudulent ads we also ban the IP address of the user who posted the ad. It’s very likely that your IP was previously used for scam purposes, which triggered the forbidden message.

    1. Rod Richey

      Lynn,, we had a recent scam attempt and as of this morning we are receiving a Forbidden Access message,, please advise. Thanks.

  4. amy

    I am interested in a saddle and have left a message to the seller via the from on the ad multiple times, but have not gotten a reply. I have also tried leaving a messsage in the support/contact form and have’nt gotten a reply from them either. I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone on this website. help!!!

  5. alyssa

    hey amy, i have the same problem!!!!!

    i am very nervous and worried about this!

    please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  6. alyssa

    hey amy,

    i have the same problem only i bought the saddle already and it hasn’t arrived at my house…but i can’t get ahold of anyone. no one returns my e-mails.


  7. ann

    I also fell victim to a scam on HorseClicks. When I repeatedly contacted the website asking that the ad be removed I recieved no reply. The flagging feature also did not work. This is a very unprofessional site; I would like to report it to the Better Business Bureau, but registry information is not listed anywhere.

  8. Sherley Toth

    Unable to view any HorseClicks pages.
    In IE, http 403 forbidden, siter requires login, DUH
    in Firefox, Forbidden
    Anyone else having this problem. It seems to have started sept 1st. Though i had not tried to view any pages for a few days

  9. Brenda Atkins

    I would like to advertise a horse trailer for sale . I just purchased a Shadow Trailer from your site. Now I need help selling a 2005 Exiss 3 horse gn

  10. Priscilla Turner

    What is IP ADDRESS,this was on when I clicked my message. Can I trust this person.

  11. Dianne

    I can not get on horseclicks at all to answer my mail it sent me a message I have a message waiting. I was e mailing someone yesterday and answered thier questions using the e mail on horseclicks. I have no info who I was talking to. What is wrong with this site??

  12. Bob Johnson

    HorseClicks has a very large inventory and appears useful at first but the scams are too numerous to accept. We are a trailer dealership and just used them now for three months with not a single legitimate offer coming through. There are numerous fake responses, and a part of me is starting to think HorseClicks and those who are involved with the company are making the information requests on my trailers themselves. In any case Horse Trailer World (it also has a few scams) has been the most useful tool in selling our products and generating leads.

  13. Bob Johnson

    In addition, HorseClicks contact info is non existent on their page and the contact form from the website produces no results.

  14. cindy loughner

    Lynn I see that you are in control of this HorseClicks can you please give me your phone number so we can discuss dealer relations.


    I fell for the same “crap” and called OSBI and FBI it worked, no one tried to pick up the money gram, will never do that again.

  16. Carol

    They advertise right on the home page that you can post free horse or pony ads for free ,but when you use their link on the home page to create an ad, after you create one and use the continue button, it takes you to a screen that only has “options” that require a payment of money and you need a CC or Paypal to check out. If you do not pay, than your ad’s status is listed as “incomplete”. There are no free posting of ads here. They should change the home page and advertising to remove the claim that you can post free horse for sale ads.

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