Horses That Look Like Celebrities – 3

More fun with horses and celebrities (and the strange similarities between the two). Here are some more horses & ponies who resemble our celebrity faves.

It seems there is an endless supply of famous people who look like our equine friends.

Horse yawningWhitney Houston
Just you try and out sing me
Image from Jaedde & Sis
Horse with a flowered hatCarmen Miranda
My owner has a thing for Carmen Miranda
Image from David Paul Ohmer
Blue eyed foalWentworth Miller
When he opens the fence to feed me I will put my plan into action
Image from .mands.
White horse with blue eyesParis Hilton
Image from dmviews
White, blue eyed horseSaruman
Image from Mariana Ricaud
Horse sitting down with legs splayedTyra Banks
Nope, no self-image problems here
Image from vajester82
Horse with blue eyesUma Thurman
Image from pivannest
Draft horse trottingThe Rock
Horse with big hairBeyonce Knowles
Not looking so crazy now, am I?
Image from Earthneridian
Young foal with wild hairAmy Winehouse
Image from ATIS547
A Friesian horse with big braidsBob Marley
Image from Laura Bell
A very pregnant ponySelma Hayek
Anything is better than that unibrow
Image from Earthmeridian

That’s Not All Folks

If you liked these, there are more. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

I’m always on the search for horses who look like celebrities. If you swear your horse looks just like Brad Pitt (or anyone else famous) send me a note, I’d love to use them in the next horses that look like celebrities post.

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  1. MarkJohnson

    OMG, I laughed so hard !!! This pictures are just fantastic, I can’t believe some people do look like horses !!!!

    So funny…bro, thanks for sharing!

  2. Racehorsesrock

    wat funny pics, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2 all de horse lovas out there.!!!!!!!@@@%_=8769

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