Horse Photographer Interview – Jessica Duffy

Jessica Duffy

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Where I am
I’m a rising sophomore at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Tell us a little about you, what is your background and where do you come from?
I’m from Sebastopol, California. My passion is for horses.

I’ve been riding since I was 3 and competing in the discipline of Eventing since I was 12. I have six horses, all of whom I love dearly.

I also enjoy reading books of all sorts, running, and singing.


When did you take your first picture?
I took my first pictures when I was at the Point Reyes National Seashore in 7th grade when my class went there on a field trip.

What kind of camera do you use?
I currently use a Canon Rebel XSi, but have also used a Panasonic Lumix DMC- TZ3, and a Promaster 2500PK Superzoom in the past.

Burnside Road Sunrise

If you could pick any camera, regardless of price, what would it be?
I am currently very happy with my Canon Rebel XSi body, but I wouldnt mind having a Canon EF Telephoto Superzoom lense. Those things are awesome. Awesome and pricey.

Who are your main influences?
I really love Keith Carter’s work in his book Ezekiel’s Horse, Equipose by Christopher Makos, Ansel Adams’ work, and Spirit Horses by Tony Stromberg. I also greatly appreciate the work of McCool Photography (Central California) and GRC Photography (Virginia).

Pure Love

Did your love of photography or your love of horses come first?
My love of horses came first, by far. Horses have been a part of my life since I was very young. I’ve been taking photos for fun since I was 12, but hadn’t taken any classes until my Junior year of high school. After taking another class in my first semester of college, I decided this is something that I really want to pursue.

Your Favorite Breed of horse?
That’s a toughie. I absolutely love my Clydesdale/Thoroughbred. I really like Hanoverians and Trakehners as well.


Do you (or did you) have an animal that is the muse behind your work?
My mare Shawnee, who passed two years ago, was one of the first horses I took photos of. Some of my favorite photos are of her, but I lack a scanner and most of the photos I have of her are film, so no digital versions.

Where were you most inspired, but without a camera?
I love music. I’ve never been able to make much progress with writing it or playing it, but I love singing and I love listening to it.

The Road Less Traveled

What effect do you think the Internet will have on art and photography in general?
I think that the Internet has made communication between artists and, more generally, genres of art, much more seamless.

I think this will greatly contribute to communication and collaboration between artists and types of art in the future.


Has it had an effect on yours?
To some extent, yes. So far it is the way I have gotten the most attention for my work (at Also, I have done a lot of self-teaching through reading articles and blogs online by photographers that have done work in a multitude of different fields.

Which one is your personal favorite image?
That’s tough, because I never know what I’m going to shoot tomorrow. Right now, my favorite is “Waterstrider.”


What else are you passionate about?
I love my friends and my family. I love to work hard at something, to put everything I have into it. As I’d mentioned above, I love reading, running, and singing.

And, of course, I’m passionate about my horses. I am sure that horses will be a big part of my life for the rest of my life.

Working on anything new?
I just “officially” launched Jessica Duffy Photography as a sport horse photography business, shooting at local schooling shows around the Rockbridge County area.

Extended Trot

More to Come

Thanks to Jessica for answering the interview and sharing her work. Be sure to check out her photography website periodically for updates about her latest works.

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