Mangalarga Marchador – Brazils National Horse

A guest post by Lynn Kelly over at Summerwind Marchadors about the National Horse of Brazil. Be sure to follow her on twitter @swmarchador

Mangalarga Marchador

The Mangalarga Marchador is Brazil’s National Horse, first developed in the 1740’s from ancient Iberian stock crossed with Barb and Jennet horses.

Mangalarga Marchador

The Marchador is a beautiful horse of classic Spanish conformation and charm. The gait is remarkable fast and smooth, a gait in which the horse moves its feet alternately laterally and diagonally with moments in which triple support can be verified.

Mangalarga Marchador

Averaging 15 hands, almost every color is found in the breed, although grey is the most common.

Mangalarga Marchador

Mangalarga Marchador horses are outstanding in work with cattle, in sports, in functional trials or in cross-country. The breed is extremely docile and is often ridden by children.

Mangalarga Marchador

The horse has been exported to North America, Italy, Spain, Germany and other Latin American countries.

Mangalarga Marchador

For more information on the breed, visit the association website

2 Comments on “Mangalarga Marchador – Brazils National Horse

  1. Lisa Kemp

    Thanks for the lovely pics on this gorgeous breed! I’d spoken with someone a few years ago, was the first time I’d heard of the breed. A mouthful to say! Nice post.

  2. Lynn Kelley

    We usually just say Marchador (March A Door) and that makes it much easier in English. In Brazil, the words are musical and easy for them to say!

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