Horse Loving Exerpt From Mazeppa

On Reconnaissance

Today’s inspirational poem is an excerpt from Mazeppa written by Lord Byron in 1819. It’s a long poem and I’ve got another bit to share next week.


“Bring forth the horse!” – the horse was brought;
In truth, he was a noble steed,
A Tartar of the Ukraine breed,
Who look’d as though the speed of thought
Were in his limbs; but he was wild,
Wild as the wild deer, and untaught,
With spur and bridle undefiled –
‘Twas but a day he had been caught;
And snorting, with erected mane,
And struggling fiercely, but in vain,
In the full foam of wrath and dread
To me the desert-born was led:
They bound me on, that menial throng;
Upon his back with many a thong;
Then loosed him with a sudden lash –
Away! – away! – and on we dash!
Torrents less rapid and less rash.

There’s More

This is a very long poem, but if you’ve enjoyed it you can read all of Mazeppa here. Or just stay tuned for another horse excerpt next week. If it’s short and sweet you are looking for you may enjoy Four Things Greater Than All Things Are.