Need More Help Drawing the Perfect Horse?

Most horse lovers have made more than one attempt to draw a horse. A complex animal, learning some of the basics is essential to understanding how to create an accurate representation.

Here are a few helpful tutorials to give you a leg up on drawing the perfect horse


Horse Drawing Tutorial

This is an incredibly in-depth tutorial by Cedarseed about drawing the equine animal which discusses the shapes of body parts, how to capture movement and how to incorporate body language and personality into your drawing.


Horse Drawing Tutorial

A cute little tutorial put together by Makani, who has a real knack for drawing horses. She shows how to draw a horse with simple steps and the result is animated but anatomically well proportioned.

Kass Craven

Horse Drawing Tutorial

Kass Craven created a horse drawing tutorial for beginners, and in several note-covered images shows how to shape anatomy and produce muscle definition.

Hazel Rah

Horse Drawing Tutorial

This tutorial doesn’t end with the final picture, be sure to scroll down into the comments where Hazel Rah offers more in-depth written tips and instructions for each area of your horse drawing.


Horse Drawing Tutorial

Not as intense as some of the other options here, this is a guide which uses simple shapes to form the anatomy of the horse, taking the direction to the most basic level. Droemar isn’t long-winded, but this is a simple and effective tutorial.

Vixen The Angry Fox

Horse Drawing Tutorial

For something a little different, check out Vixen The Angry Fox’s tutorial for drawing horse eyes. One of the most challenging body parts, the eye has the ability to convey a great deal of emotion and personality. This is a simple, step-by-step guide to a realistic horse eye.


Horse Drawing Tutorial

Beyond different, into something a little freakier, how about drawing your own centaur? I suggest you spend some time perfecting your horse-drawing skills before you try Mendokusee’s centaur tutorial. But once you are ready it will be a fun way to challenge your skills.

Color Your Own Instead

If you are fed up with trying to draw your own, you can always just print some horses to color in.

26 Comments on “Need More Help Drawing the Perfect Horse?

  1. Katherine

    This page helped out tons with better shaping in my horse drawings. I am an accomplished horse “working artist” but there is always room for improvement. I could never pefect the “Droemar” pose, but you tutorial really helped!!! Thankyou!

  2. maddy

    that doesent really help. i just cant draw a horse very good and im tired of tracing stuff. i want step by step stuff. =)

  3. S.T.R

    wooow !!!!!!!!
    great but there are no thing is beautiful more than
    that allah is create
    but that is very useful to me
    thank you very much

  4. Bob Marley

    FAIL,the horse does not have a girth because the girth is attached to the saddle. I should now as i go horse riding every fortnight.

    1. Snoo

      No, that’s the girth STRAP, not the girth. The girth is the part on the horse’s body where the girth strap goes. The girth strap IS attached to the saddle but the girth is part of the horse. :)

  5. Snoo

    I just had the funnest day yesterday, cantering down the country roads of Dungog. We weren’t really supposed to race (because y’know what happens when 4 horses are cantering and the one in front is a bit full of himself and goes wild) but we did a few, which was very fun. When we visited Fosterton Lodge to visit the owners we saw a friend. My friend has exceptionally good hearing and she would warn us of a car as a quick as a flash.


  6. cazzyyyyy xoxo

    the girth is some tack that u attach to the girth strap its not actually part of the horse ! xxx

  7. HorseOwner&LoverKatie

    Hi. I drew many equine pictures and studies in my day and this doesn’t really help at all, I would consider drawing from your heart. It might not be good but atleast you drew it.

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